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Friday, April 15 2016

Happy Tax Day...Sike!  Actually, I think the REAL tax day is on Monday but, who cares?  'Tis the tax season and it it's an all-around suck-fest for MOST of us!

So, let me tell you about ANOTHER thorn in my side in an attempt to make you realize that maybe your life isn't sucking as much as you think it is right now.

I have 2 college kids living with me.  One is my former step-son.  The other is a young lady who is the daughter of one Ron's Detroit partners on his highly successful distribution product or BeanBoy.  Those of you who have attended the past couple of seminars would know the BeanBoy product.  So, I wanted to help out, allow this young lady to study in Hollywood to finish up her B.A. degree in Creative Writing, I believe.  She's taking something called a "Semester in L.A." for television writing.

And, of course, this is the part where I get to tell you that my kindness has been taken for weakness...starting on DAY ONE when she "moved" into my house.  (The word moved in quotes signifies that this IS a temporary situation.)  I was under the very clear understanding that she was coming out for 6 to 8 weeks and then she'd return back to Chicago where's she's going to school.  And then off she'd go after that.  So, needless to say, it was a total shock to me to find out that days after she "moved" in, that she had planned on staying until, oh...say the FALL of this year?  Or possibly LATER?!

This was laid on me a day before my event in Beverly Hills was to begin and I knew I had to retain my energy for the event, and NOT screaming at anybody for the bait-and-switch in the live-in plans for this girl.  I would reserve the screaming for later, AFTER the event concluded.

Once I returned from the event, I asked her point-blank what her plans were.  She told me that she wanted to move back to Chicago in the fall.  Okay, well..."I agreed to a 6 week deal, MAX 8 weeks.  So...are you living elsewhere?"

I'm still waiting for a REAL answer, as I haven't received one yet.  Needless to say, I had to put Ron on task to square things up with her pops in Detroit because, yet again, it was crystal clear to me and everyone involved that she was staying a MAX of 2 months.

But that's not the worst part of all this.  Yes, it gets worse.  MUCH worse.

She asked if she could take a part-time job in my office to make a little extra money.  "Sure," I said.  "I could use the extra help."

Except her and I have different ideas of what the word "help" means.  Because she apparently thinks that "helping" is doing 5 minutes worth of work, texting friends for 15 minutes, then going back to work for another 5 minutes...and back and forth it went.

To add insult to injury, she turned to Rose one day and said, "When I'm your age, I'm not going to be working in an office like this."

In which case if I was there, I WOULD have told her, "No, honey.  You won't be.  You'll be standing in the welfare line instead."

Because NOBODY will hire someone to sit and text their friends all day, especially when she's Rose's age and minimum wage is, say, $30 an hour by then.  F*** that!

But here's the WORST part in all of this.  I went to Hawaii over spring break and I usually have a guy take in my dog for $25 a day.  I prefer that she's in a home environment instead of being boarded, especially since she's still a puppy.  So, I figured, instead of paying the dude $25 a day (totaling $250), I'd pay the college chick $200 to take care of my dog AND my cats for the time I was gone.

When I got home (at midnight, no less) to see that the litter box hadn't been scooped AT ALL, that my dog had NO FOOD and NO WATER, and the cats BARELY had food at all, I f****** LOST it!

Let's back up for a FRACTION of a second here.  Before I left, I created an itemized very comprehensive LIST complete with empty check-boxes (because that's how anal I am) for EACH DAY I'd be gone.  A severely mentally handicapped person could follow the list EASILY and check each box when each item was completed for the day.  But not her.  She's lazy, I've come to find out.  Extremely lazy.  In fact, I could have probably gotten more from a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair with 2 missing legs and a missing arm than what I got from her.

At that moment, I let Ron know that he had to let his buddy in Detroit know that his lazy daughter had to be out by the time I got on my summer hiatus.  If not, I'll be packing her shit myself and throwing it in the street the day before I leave.

Yes, she DID get an earful from me the morning after I returned from my trip.  Yes, I did yell at her.  She just looked at me, blankly, and probably impatiently waiting for me to end my rant.  I know for a fact that absolutely nothing sank in.  And it made me realize something that I sort of suspected all along.  This generation coming up, the "Millennials" as they call them, are a freaking joke for the most part.  They're lazy, self-entitled, and have this "Walter Mitty" alternative universe that they live in within their brain that doesn't reflect the reality of the real world.

And it's SCARY.  Really freaking scary, folks.

Now my former step-son Tyler who lives with me.  He's not at bad.  He's half-bad but I think he may be "resurrected" in some way because he is willing to work and I'm pretty strict on him.  He does everything he's told because he doesn't want me to send him back to Detroit.  So, therein lies a heavy dose of motivation.  Maybe that's what these kids need.  MOTIVATION.  Otherwise they're just floundering about through life, not having a clue about anything and thinking, "Well, at least I can live with Mom and Dad and have them pay my way through life if things don't work out."

I didn't have Mom and Dad to help me with anything.  That wasn't an option.  So, survival was my motivation.  In a lot of ways, it still is.  So I keep moving forward.  I keep going.  And never once did I ever expect one single person to do a damn thing for me.

I'm training my daughter to be A LOT different.  I figure that the percentage of lazy-ass, self-entitled, hand-out-expectant percentage in the Baby Boomer generation is probably below 5%.  I think it may be slightly higher in my generation with the Gen Xers.  Maybe it tops out at 15%.  Maybe higher.  But with the Millennials?  I'm think that this attitude is somewhere in the 60% to 75% range in the United States.

And these are the kids that will be running our country in only a handful of decades from now.  Can you believe THAT?  Scary.  Now you know why I'm concerned!  I should be.  So should you!!

The good news is that competition in the future will be NON-EXISTENT.  If you're a Millennial like my daughter, doing any type of business or investing will be a piece of cake because...well, who will you compete against?  The rest of her generation will still be playing video games while living in their elderly, barely-coherent Gen X parent's house in the 'burbs.  Probably waiting for their demise so they can sell the house and live off the equity until something else comes along.  Like winning the lottery, for instance.

This is why I labor into my students who have kids that are young...even teenagers.  Teach them business.  Teach them investing.  Teach them how to sell.  Teach them about marketing.  If you don't know, read a book or go to an event then pass the information onto them however you can.

One of the hings I resent about my meager Midwestern upbringing that I realize is still commonplace in those parts of the country is that some people in those areas who have kids think their ONLY job as a parent is to just get their kids "across the line," I call it.  Just keep food on the table, keep them clothed and a roof over their heads.  And that's it.  Nothing else.  Then at 18, tell them to start making plans to get the hell on.

But that is NOT the only job of a parent, especially in today's day and age.  It's irresponsible to think that parenting is all about feeding, clothing and housing your kid.  And that's IT.  If you do think that's all it's about then you'll be paying the price down the road when they're 40 years old still living with you because they've never been taught any useful life skills (other than receiving food, clothing, and shelter FROM YOU) that they can utilize to support themselves.

So, maybe bring them to an event.  I have my Vegas Money Funnel Event coming up on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th for Platinum Viper Wealth).  If you want to bring your kid (age 18 or under) to teach these Money Funnel Methods to, I'll (a) clean up my language and lose all the swear words, and (b) I'll make you an offer you can't refuse (but you'll have to call my office to enroll them) where it'll only cost them $97 to bring them along.  CLICK HERE to check out my upcoming Vegas event!

Or, you can check out my videos.  Watch them WITH your child.  It's all about the most cutting-edge and really the ONLY methods left in Passive Income Real Estate Investing for 2016 and beyond...until we see another dip in the economy, which I'm not expecting until about 2022.  I have a Tax Blow Out Deal on those which you can check out by CLICKING HERE.

You can learn anything you want.  Learning and education is REQUIRED if you're going to pull yourself out of your current circumstances to create a new life for yourself.  I'm here, dedicated in helping you create the financial life you want for yourself.  But it takes two to tango.  You have to be willing to do the work which is LEARNING then APPLYING what you've learned.  

Then you can be like me.  Paying a lot of taxes...with a smile on your face.  Yes, a smile.  Because what you pay is a small fraction of what you earn.  And the more you pay, the more you made.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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