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Thursday, April 14 2016

It's extremely rare when I get a rude and disrespectful message from someone but, yes, one came through my main website system recently...through this website on my Contact page to be exact.  This particular email was hateful by a person who went on and on about how she was a "professional" and basically how intelligent she (falsely) believes she is as she went on in a half-baked attempt to, in her mind, try to make me feel bad because...well, it's clear that she really doesn't have a high self esteem.  If I were her, I probably wouldn't either but UNLIKE her, I'd be using my time to become a better person rather than choosing to hurt other people.  But that's why I'm me and she is, well...HER!

What I found most interesting about this is that this "professional" in this "profession" of hers is that she is supposed to know something about today's digital and technological age, based on what her profession REQUIRES.  Yet apparently she still doesn't know what an IP address is...and how every email and message sent through the Internet (even when putting in a BOGUS email address in the email section) has an IP address attached that allows us to know exactly where the message came from, right down to the EXACT ADDRESS of where this person is located...which is how/why I know it's a SHE who sent the message.  And, of course, I know exactly who this person is.  And so do the appropriate legal authorities now.

It makes me wonder how someone who claims to be as intelligent as she is, first off doesn't know the interworkings of the Internet and, even worse, how she reads blog posts online written by uneducated losers who can't type their way out of a paper bag and actually thinks those things are true.  It reminds me of people who read the National Examiner and think that Elvis is still alive while Tupac is living it up in Cuba to this day.  Some twits who believe EVERYTHING they read and hear can't possibly be that "educated" now, can they?

If she only knew the REAL facts about things.  Most of the mess online about me stemmed back from when I was locking legal horns with a competitor of mine (and you can verify this by seeing the DATES of these supposed "postings").  CLICK HERE for more details about when it all started and WHO it was with.  During that chunk of time, he had his office staff write some pretty crude (and very untrue) things about me under the guise of "average Joes" (all with fake names) in an attempt to make me look bad, probably thinking he'd be able to encourage people to come over to his camp.  He ended up having his case against me thrown out but some of the damage he perpetuated online is still lingering, like burnt toast.

BOTTOM LINE:  Only true idiots and the mentally challenged believe everything they read online, especially since we all KNOW that literally ANYONE with a computer and Internet connection can write anything they want about ANYONE.  And especially when they're blog "postings" written by people who don't look like they got past the 3rd grade.  Who actually BELIEVES stuff like that?!  Only complete idiots, THAT'S WHO!  

You know what the worst part of all this is?  This is how EASY it is to completely destroy someone's reputation online: If I really wanted to write about this person I'm referring to, using her full name in several blogs online, writing ANYTHING I WANTED about her under different fake names around the Internet, it would be a very short matter of time when the search engine bot/web crawlers would pick it all up. Then when people type in her name into Google, there would be ALL KINDS of crap about her which would be inconvenient at the time when she is forced into switching careers.  And since I am a TRUE professional in what I do (being an expert in web design and SEO), I can actually make it look like she's a sex offender (mug shot and all) with a rap sheet as long as the Great Wall of China when people type in her name, which would conveniently end up at the top of the first page in Google!  (That may not come in handy for her when she finally gets replaced by college kids for 1/3 of her salary who actually KNOW what an IP address is, finding herself back on the job market and unable to secure a position anywhere as the felon and career criminal that she is!)

But, truth be told, I'm not that cruel.  I don't play childish games like that (unless pushed to my maximum tolerance capacity, of course).  I'm actually a much better person than she is.  I actually have other productive things to do than, say, typing "annoymous" messages, calling and hanging up on a blocked number, spreading lies around and talking behind her back, etc. My plate is WAY TOO FULL to be wasting time on anything but my path right now, especially since I just opened another business earlier this year that's already well on its way to $2.3 million in sales by December 31st!  So...maybe I'm the one who actually LET IT REST and she clearly has not due to her own uncontrollable internal insecurities that she can't quite get over.

For any of you who want to know my REAL body of work and how I help people,  I have hundreds of testimonials from students who are thrilled with the life I can provide for them.  Here are SOME of them:  CLICK HERE!  I haven't had a chance to get ALL of them up there yet but they're all video testimonials about my work, which I take very seriously and I absolutely LIVE for!  Yes, I am helping people.  Yes, I am changing people's lives and I'm proud of it.  And THAT is what I am about!

I was looking at this person I'm talking about just yesterday.  She probably didn't realize that I was staring at her.  She looks so unhappy and miserable to the core of her being.  It's sad unhappy and hate-filled some people are, and how destructive they're being to themselves and their families simply by choosing to spread their repulsiveness around to others in the most juvenile way in a meager attempt at making themselves feel better, more powerful in some sick way.  Except they're only racking up the karma and eventually that karma comes crashing down on them in the worst possible ways, usually when it's LEAST expected...when they don't see it coming.

I find the psychological nature of some people to be odd and strange human behavior but it's more prevalent you think; believe it or not, it happens those who are supposed to be older and "wiser."  I just feel sorry for people like this.  They're so insecure with themselves, they hate what they see in the mirror, so they really find it to be necessary to lash out and hurt others in a way to somehow elevate themselves on some sick and twisted level.  This is what a shrink would call psychotic behavior.

Then I thought about it.  

I realize why people act this way.  It's because they're insanely jealous.  They're jealous because they're struggling, working ridiculous hours, driving endlessly DAILY in traffic back and forth to work with not a freaking thing to show for it.  They'll be jealous if you look better, do better, and ARE better in any way than they are.  So, the logical choice for them is to be cruel, spread their hatred around, and act like junior high school kids rather than growing up, taking adult responsibility, and being better people in the process.  That, of course, is the harder choice.  Being mature...what a concept!  Why choose to be an adult when acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum is easier?

If this notion of people hating you out of jealousy because of your success bothers you, don't bother becoming successful then. Otherwise you too will have haters like I do.  You may be better as a member of the herd of sheep out there instead, never rocking the boat and never doing anything relevant to stand out.  And your existence never being noticed by anyone either.

But...I know you better than that.  And I know that's NOT what you want to be.  But I do want you to know something in all due seriousness.  There WILL be haters when you're successful.  It'll be your neighbors, family, friends, former co-workers, associates, old school mates...they come in all shapes and sizes.  And it'll hurt in the beginning until you understand and realize WHY they're hating on you so bad.  They hate you because they really hate themselves, and you're reminding them of WHY they hate themselves...because of what you have or who you are...and what they're not and what they'll NEVER be. 

Remember, you'll have to quickly kick these losers to the curb otherwise they'll bring you down like the Titanic.  Just as heavy and fast.  You cannot afford to let that happen to you.  You cannot let this happen to you otherwise you'll have to resign to being a failure and be content with a "normal" life.  Just think of it as a blessing when you have a falling out with certain people. Chances are, they were not meant to be in your life.  If anything, by their staying around, they would have ended up being more destructive than you could ever imagine.  So, tolerate and ignore the haters at the same time.

And then you need to say, "Screw it.  I don't care how many people hate me.  Bring on the money!  Bring on the success!!"

And that's what I plan on continuing to do.  Hopefully you DECIDE to join me soon!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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