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Thursday, March 31 2016

I can't help but to notice that the government form I-9 expires today.  This is the form that allows (and requires) employers to ask for identification and verification to be able to work in the United States.  Except that I was reading som-ewhere a few months back that the reason they are "retiring" this form is because it's considered "discriminatory" to enforce certain types of ID.


So...I can't ask someone to verify their residency status here in the United States because I'm "discriminating" but yet if I hire an "illegal alien" then I get fined $10,000 by the government?


This is, yet again, another reason why you should want to own a traditional business with employees, lots of forms to fill out, endless rules and regulations, and the chronic headache you'll be getting from ALL of it...all while it sucks your profit margins dry for the "honor" of dealing with it all.

If I could start all over again (and secretly...I actually am, with a brand new money funnel business I just launched), I would do it without employees and run the operation out of my spare den downstairs. Then I wouldn't have to worry about these new government regulations and other issues that put me in a "damned-if-I-do-damned-if-I-don't" situation.

Like what my new Money Funnel Mentorship can do for you.

This group starts on Tuesday, April 5th.  And as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can AND SHOULD participate in this group.  Over 8 weeks I will show you everything you'll need to do to start a highly profitable online business from scratch...and have it fully up and running in 8 weeks provided that you give me your full participation (which is mandatory) in the group.

I have a deal on this group...for a short time only.  In fact, it's coming to an end soon.  I suggest you check it out by going to or CLICKING HERE.

Questions?  Call my office at 66-295-5050.

This is a life-changing group that I probably won't have time to run again for this year...and if I do, it won't be until August or September.  Why wait that long to start generating a solid Aggressive Income Cash Flow when you don't have to?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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