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Friday, March 25 2016

Last year I did a very rare seminar where I talked about 20 years of my marketing experience and painfully squeezed into 2 days.  One of my seminar attendees -- let's just call him Billy since many of you know who he is and I don't want to "out" him in any way -- came up to me after the event.  He had started with me back in the summer of 2012 when he got a hold of the videos I had done over 2 very in-depth in-office trainings I did for something called New Wealth online business building strategy for those who were interested in starting their own highly profitable home-based business using exclusive online marketing strategies.

Anyway, long story short...he started a small online business but was actually COMPLAINING because he couldn't scale it up in profitability from the $3,200 a month he was profiting.  Yes, PROFITING.  I asked him what the problem was.  After all, it shouldn't take but a little more elbow grease and time into the business to double or triple his business activities.  So...herein lied the problem:  I instantly uncovered his unwillingness to put in more than the 5 to 6 hours a week he was willing (or rather able) to sink into the business.  You see, he had a pretty intense job in what we used to refer to as "middle management" back in the 80s and the first part of the 90s before it basically disappeared. 

I dug a little bit more into Billy's life to see where he could find more time to triple his business so that when things fell apart at the office, he would be financially okay.  Because -- spoiler alert -- the end was coming for Billy.  This is when I discovered that he was wasting his time -- yeah, I'll say it, WASTING his time AND money -- going back to school online to get an MBA degree. Because "they" told him that all he needed to do was get a master's degree and they could move him up the ladder.  So, this is what Billy was wasting his time on...on this stupid degree so he could further secure his position at this too-big-for-their-britches multi-billion-dollar company that could care less about Billy's future.

I already revealed the ending if you were paying attention.  Billy got his MBA degree.  They gave him his pink slip shortly thereafter.  And they didn't tell him that it was because he was too old and not technologically sharp enough to compete with the "kids" of the Millennial generation but that's what it was.  They could hire 3 college graduates who could create code in circles around him for the same amount of money it cost them to watch him slowly sip coffee for the first couple hours of the day until he could get to the water cooler by noon.  In other words..."Nothing personal, Billy, but here's your severance package, Old Geezer of luck to you.  Oh, and that gold watch?  We don't offer that for 'retirement' anymore because, in all due reality, we're actually sh** canning your ass.  We're not retiring you out."

And that's how it is in our New Economy.  In fact, that's how it's been for the past solid decade or so, at least!

So, what happened to Billy?  Sad news.  After all the complaining with his back-and-forth email exchanges, I felt like had to try to disconnect Billy from his psychological attachment to feeling like he needed to get another job (with his MBA) for that elusive sense of "security" and work on building up his Internet business.  He was, after all, able to replace the income he had from his job but...sometimes you can't teach an "old dog new tricks," if you will.  He was so adamant about that empty and unpredictable "job security" thing that was pounded into his head (probably since birth), that after about 6 months he ran out to get another job.  Thinking that he had an MBA (making him feel like he was special or something), he assumed that he could just get any job that would pay him a lot more than what he had in his last job position.  Apparently he doesn't realize that anyone can get a degree from some online school. They dish these diplomas out like they do at an automatic candy-dispenser machine...only it costs A LOT and gets people into A LOT of debt for something that turns out to be next to worthless when everything is said and done.

He got a job doing something with film archiving...which pays about 1/3 of what he got in his "secure middle-management" position.  Since then he's let go of his Internet business, not willing to keep up with the changes in technology here and there. (No wonder the middle-management job in technology disappeared for him.  He got to old to change with the tied and they didn't see the value in paying him anymore!)  Poor Billy.  What he DOESN'T realize is that the technology keeps changing to make things EASIER for us...not harder!

This is what I revealed to my students at my last event in Beverly Hills is that there is a brand new platform to build what I call your "money funnels" on.  This platform is outstanding, easy to use, and is so freaking AMAZING that you have to see it to believe it.  And no, it's not my platform.  Come on, people.  I'm just like you.  I'm an entrepreneur...not a "techie" person by any stretch of the imagination.  So, I use the full benefit of other platforms that give me the elements I need for success.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Makes no sense to do that and it's a complete waste of time.

Unfortunately for Billy, he decided to let his entrepreneurial spirit die while recessing into a deep depression over working in a soul-sucking cubicle and probably wondering what went wrong in his life (even though HE was what "went wrong" with everything).  His wife had to go out and get a job just to fill in the lack of income that they were used to seeing coming in.  Strangely enough, the reason I know everything that's been happening with Billy is because it was HIS WIFE who reached out to me via email giving me the scoop on what's been happening with him...and wondering if I can help HER get started with her own online business because she saw how much money Billy was making when he was serious about it.  So, yes, I'm helping the wife now.  (Interestingly enough, she mentioned that she doesn't want me to tell Billy about what she's doing.  I'm thinking that maybe things aren't going so well with them and perhaps divorce court is in their near future?  Just a prediction.)

So...she already took a slot in my upcoming Money Funnel Mentorship Group (which starts on April 5th).  These are 8 weeks of weekly live mentorship trainings followed by an Action Sheet of every step that you MUST complete before the following week's training.  Yes, these are VERY different than the mentorship groups that I ran between 2009 and up through then end of last year.  I promised myself and my students that I'd do a major technological upgrade with my mentorship trainings from 2016 and beyond.  This means I'll be doing weekly live trainings and presentations where you'll be able to understand every step you're supposed to be doing with every element to build your business.  And the first mentorship of its kind is the Money Funnel Mentorship Group.

Yes, you'll understand from beginning to end how to create your entire money funnel from scratch, even having your first completed money funnel (with a marketing plan) after this 8-week session.  But I'm only allowing for a certain number of students to sign up and, unfortunately for you, a lot of those slots were taken by the students who came to my Beverly Hills Event.  They had the first crack at signing up for this.

CLICK HERE or go to for a mini-audio seminar on why this is so life-changing and powerful!

Who should do this?  Those of you who need to be taken by the hand and shown every step in how to do this PLUS who need my direct attention and assistance in getting this done.  THAT is who should register for this!

One more thing...

After the beginning part of this year comes to a close, I'll be swinging hard back into Passive Income Strategies after I emerge from my partial summer hiatus.  So...I may run only one more of these Money Funnel Mentorships...MAYBE.  I don't know yet. Time is limited if you want to learn and, more importantly, wildly profit from these strategies.  Because, after all, you don't want to be a you?  (I didn't think so.)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  What to expect from me in the lateral part of 2016...everything having to do with Passive Income Strategies including multifamily and residential-commercial real estate investing, business credit strategies, and raising capital among other things. Aggressive Income teaching are rapidly coming to a close for a couple of reasons.  (1)  I'm creating too much competition with my own highly successful Aggressive Income Businesses by teaching exactly what I do to my students (and competition sucks), and (2) I have some tested-and-proven Passive Income Strategies that I FINALLY ironed out that can be used in our New Economy, even though the majority of our opportunities are gone.  These strategies are...freaking awesome.  More to come...later.  ;-)

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