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Wednesday, March 23 2016

This month we've been hit with 2 major and powerful eclipses The first was a solar eclipse on March 8th.  The second is a lunar eclipse...TODAY!

So, what happens during an eclipse? 

I'm sure this is different for everyone but with me, I've found that the "bad" will be brought to light and then immediately discarded (usually on its own) while the good new things are also brought to light with opportunities on bringing them to fruition.  Again, this can differ for everyone.  The key is to pay attention to what is happening in your life this month because it'll usually be tied to some other part of the year (later on). What may be immediately perceived as being "bad" is, in all actually, good in some way.  (You can't clean out your house unless you see the dirt.  Get it?)

What usually happens for me is that I'll discover an employee not performing up to par and I have to fire her...or they automatically walk off the job without notice and I don't have to do anything at all.  Or I'm warned one way or another about some person or threat to whereas I can counteract or ignore it.  Usually these things have a funny way of taking care of themselves through the karmic balances of the universe.  For you, just look for signs, pay attention to what's happening around you, and listen to the "whispers" of new opportunity that you can take advantage of right now.

Yes, unfortunately negativity does come to surface because otherwise you can't clean it out if you can't see it.  People around you who are already negative individuals will rare up with their ugly head, like a dormant serpent that suddenly decided that it wanted to be pissed off because his tail got singed by a flame or something.  This allows you to clearly identify the issues that need to be addressed and ultimately cleaned out of your closet, if you will.

You can't take ANY of this personally even though many times it will seem personal.  When people choose to lash out at you, it's because they have a low self-esteem or personal hatred within themselves.  They might look in the mirror and see someone who is ugly, unattractive, old, grossly overweight or maybe feeling that their time of usefulness on this earth plane is long gone.  

So, instead of finding a positive new outlet for themselves to be productive and powerful members of society, many times they'll decide to hurt others, mostly out of anger and fear within themselves, especially when they know that their future is so damned uncertain AND particularly when they're jealous of you or your success.  (Yes, being successful in and of itself will turn people against you, believe it or not.  You'll see!  But, guess what?  These are the losers that you don't want around you anyway.)  

This coming-to-the-surface happens a lot during eclipses like these and usually with the weakest and most pitiful individuals out there who believe their power is in hurting others.  This is much like why a rapist rapes...for the power to hurt others and not for any personal sexual gratification.  Remember, you can't control others but you CAN (and should) control how you feel about what's happening to you and in your life.

What's even stranger about this time is that the very same people who seemed "normal" before will start acting "out of character" during this time...but, in actuality, they were just wearing a mask before and the eclipse made them take it off.  These people remind of me of robots who start electrically shorting out.  One second they are acting like good people then something...weird...starts to happen with their behavior, almost seemingly uncharacteristic but it's really not.  It's who they really were all along.  Their true colors start coming out and they can't hide their demonic behavior anymore, at least not during an eclipse.  Again, this is something to be thankful for because right after it's over, they put that mask back on to hide from the world who they really are.

Use this as a time of strength and awareness for you.  Instead of getting sucked into the nonsense, use these moments of "flare-ups" with these people as, again, warnings of the bad people with bad intentions out there who you need to avoid while paying attention to those who reach out to you in a positive way as your true allies and friends.  There's nothing better than those who truly suck as having bright red blinking warning lights on them while those who are awesome glow with a steady white light, ready to reach out and help you in any way they can.  This ONLY happens during eclipse season and it takes a powerful person to rise above the negative swirling cesspool of devil-like creatures to fly high above and see this experience for the awesomeness that it really is.  After all, you can't play with the lower-level energies otherwise you will rack up double your negative karmic points (by doing things in retribution that you probably wouldn't otherwise do when thinking more clearly) that you'll ultimately have to pay back...and karma is always a bitch. Think about it: seeing everyone for who they really are...can you see how freaking awesome and powerful that is??  THAT is what happens during eclipse season, my friend. You get to see everything/everyone for what/who it is!

Here's the positive flip-side to these eclipses: if you listen to those "whispers" I eluded to, you'll be given some tremendous business ideas and profit opportunities like no other time of the year.  Many of you know about this mind-blowing opportunity that came about this past September which, coincidentally was, in the middle of three very powerful eclipses that took place in the lateral third of last year.  (I talked about this in my October Detroit Event last year.) But over the holiday season, I decided to put it on the back-burner for a short time.  I knew that the plan wasn't 100% right and I wasn't going to force it until it became clearer in what I was supposed to do.  So, during this very strong eclipse season, I got the new "reboot" of ideas that I had been waiting for to move this business project forward in the precise direction I had originally wanted.  (I'll be talking about what this is in my Vegas Event on May 13th & 14th so I hope you're coming!  CLICK HERE for a 10-minute audio seminar on Vegas!)

So, today on this special lunar eclipse day, I have an opportunity to help YOU with!  It took me awhile to get all my "ducks in a row" on this one but I finally have it all together now.  Just in time for the success in your life to take off in full force!

What is it that I have for you?

I'm starting my first Money Funnel Mentorship Group on Tuesday, April 5th.  As I stated here and there before, all of my new groups for 2016 and beyond will be webinar-based.  For this group, you'll get 8 weeks of webinar trainings.  I'm going to be doing LIVE trainings at the same time each week.  (If you miss them, no big deal.  They'll all be recorded so you'll be able to view them later on.)  After each webinar segment, you'll receive an "Action Sheet" of things you MUST complete before the next week's training session.  All easy stuff.  Just a lot of steps.  You'll also receive email "tips" during your week to give deeper clarification on the items in your Action Sheet.

I'll admit that my mentorship groups have the HIGHEST success rate over any of the other educational platforms I have including my courses and seminars.  Don't get me wrong.  My courses are great because they give you a thorough understanding in how to do something.  Seminars area also fantastic because it allows you to get the most cutting-edge information on building up your biggest and most successful business and investing model possible.

But my mentorship groups...they're in a class in and of themselves.  They literally TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and force you to do the tasks over an extended time.  You get help, you get attention, you are told exactly what to do, and there's no second-guessing anything.

What's most exciting about the NEW mentorship groups is that they are all Webinar Training and Action Sheet based.  This is a completely NEW model that I've never done before.  This will allow you to have an even DEEPER understanding of how every "part" of doing something works.  In this case, the group is all about creating a Money Funnel.  In 8 weeks, you'll be able to set up your complete business AND your first money funnel.  By the end, not only will you have a fully functioning money funnel, you'll also have an exact marketing plan in which to take off with so you can start making money with that funnel.

CLICK HERE to get into this group!

Now, here's the deal.  I'm doing an Easter Blow Out on this where I'm offering a discounted rate.  BUT...I can only accept another 18 students.  The group is getting kind of full because the students who attended my Beverly Hills Event filled a lot of slots.  So...once this group fills up, you'll have to wait until I run another one which probably won't be until late August or sometime in September.  (Sorry!)  So, even though there's a date deadline on this opportunity, unfortunately I'll sell out way before that date and you'll be left with only one of two options:  (1) get the Money Funnel System and figure it all out by yourself, or (2) come to the Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas on May 13th & 14 (which you probably want to do anyway).

CLICK HERE to register now.

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I'm offering some pre-made money funnel templates that I've never offered to ANY of my students.  For those who sign up, when it's time to start putting together your funnels (about mid-way through), you'll be getting these funnels from me.  And these are some AWESOME funnels!  CLICK HERE to register now!

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