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Saturday, March 19 2016

I was talking to the guy who sold me on yet another camera system at my house.  Yes, more cameras were installed.  That brings it up to 18 cameras now.  I know...I'm a little twisted on this camera thing but let's just say this is the type of thing that happens when you're a neighbor scorned, if you will.  After all, I trust absolutely no one anymore, and rightfully so.

So, back to the security guy, he was asking me small-talk questions about if I had plans for spring break and other nonsense that nobody really cares how you answer.  In fact, most people aren't even listening when they ask you stuff.  I know...what a shocker, right?  And I hate talking about myself anyway so I was asking him about himself.  Come to find out that the guy owns a couple of small dealerships and he's working with the security service as a higher-level sales rep just a little longer until he can move on when he's able to add another couple of dealerships.

He went on to tell me that he has 3 sons, all of whom are working at the dealerships now and that in 9 months "max," he'd be joining them and working within his own businesses rather than for someone else. I was so impressed with his precise plan that I had to tell him this:

"I've been teaching students for years through seminars and mentorship groups; most don't make it because they don't have a PRECISE PLAN.  They're floundering about through life, not having any idea where they want to go, who they want to be, and what they want to do.  Some of them actually ask ME to choose their future for them.  And how preposterous is that??"

But I kept thinking about it long after he left.  People are so distracted, busy, tired, and not enthused about life anymore that they just never do anything significant.  They lose their greatness by losing themselves somewhere along the way, perhaps early on in life.  Perhaps much later.  Who knows?  Who cares?  It almost doesn't matter really.  They just lose themselves in the mix somewhere and many just never get themselves back.

There have been different times in my life where I felt lost, maybe even found myself adrift and confused among trying different things but failing to launch anything.  Some projects I'd launch but they'd never fully get off the ground.  Others were highly successful yet I pulled the plug because I realized, after all, that it wasn't my true calling.  But how do you know really if something's for you or not unless you try it?  Life is a smorgasbord or a buffet table.  You always have to dive right in, try as many things as possible, and only then will you really know what is for you and what totally sucks.

Unfortunately for you, my friend, is that you've been too wrapped up in doing things for everybody else that you forgot about yourself.  Do you even remember the last time you were able to do something for yourself?  When was the last time you engrossed yourself in a good fiction novel?  When was the last time you had a massage?  When was the last time you went on a trip to a place where YOU really wanted to somewhere on your Bucket List?  I'll bet it's been a long time.  For some of you, it's been never.  That's when.

You can't blame anyone else for stealing your freedom but yourself.  And the reason you can blame yourself is because you have options.  You're just not DOING the options.  And when you don't DO the options, you get exactly nowhere!

And for students of mine like this, I can't help you.  You can't even help yourself.  And I'm not sure anyone can help you either until you DECIDE to get off your ass and actually start WORKING some type of realistic plan that can get you the life of financial freedom that you've been seeking all of these years...or decades.

I'm doing my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th is a bonus workshop day for Platinum VIP only).  The deal for this event is ending on Monday.  Then you'll get to pay a higher price PLUS lose out on the $497 Beverly Hills Event Videos that I'll be sending to you for F*R*E*E for those who register for Vegas by the close of business on Monday.  CLICK HERE or visit to get the deal before it's too late.

What's so weird to me is that I have a cross-section of students who whine and complain about how they really want to start making some significant dollar amounts but yet they're not willing to learn how.  They're just waiting for that Publisher's Clearing House van to come whipping around the corner to bring them their $7,000-a-Week-for-Life check.  Outside of waiting around, they're willing to do nothing.  And when you're willing to do nothing, you'll get exactly that.  Nothing!

Why is this my last Money Funnel Event?  Because these events are very difficult for me to pull off.  They require a lot of energy on my part.  But here's the REAL reason:  I create too much competition by sharing too many of my exact business plans and blueprints because some of my students actually get out there and start doing the stuff I teach.  Then I make less money and have to find another cutting-edge money-making opportunity.  And I'm kind of tired of doing that.

What's cool about the Money Funnels I've created for myself is that they're working.  And very well at that!  So, my own strategies that I teach are working so well to the point where I can really slow down on some of the parts of my business that is draining my energy including trainings and some of the investments I've been working on that I really don't care for too much.  This Money Funnel Business stuff gives me options where I can work less, think less, and scale up to make MUCH MORE MONEY.  So...why do anything else, right?

CLICK HERE to register.  Stop making excuses already and see me in Vegas in May.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  By registering for this last-ever Money Funnel event in Vegas, you'll be getting the Beverly Hills Event Videos for F*R*E*E.  This is a $497 value which could be worth millions to you just in the strategies that were taught during that event from Total Success Transformation Strategies to a very unique online money-making strategy that I've NEVER talked about before...that will BLOW YOUR MIND!  Don't miss out on this.  The deadline for this offer is on Monday, March 21st at 5pm Pacific Time.  CLICK HERE NOW!

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