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Thursday, March 10 2016
I Miss My Buddy!

It's rare that I have a real connection with any type of animal except for the ones that live in my immediate household.  And a fish, well...that doesn't even fall into the "animal" category at all. Yet during each of my breaks at the Beverly Hills event, I would wearily walk up to the elevators, find myself waiting and staring into this massively large and gorgeous saltwater fish tank that was right there, and began to fixate on this one fish in there.

He's a puffer fish of some kind, as I was told by the guy feeding the fish one day. This dude loves shrimp and almost took the guy's fingers off when he was eating it.  Yes, this puffer dude has some heavy-duty teeth, enough to do some major damage. 

Look at those teeth!  Intense.
So, this was my buddy during the entire event at the Beverly Hilton.  I'm sure he still there, swimming around.  Hopefully happy and content.  I really do miss this little guy. It's amazing what we connect with.
It was an excellent event for those of you who missed it.  CLICK HERE for a 10-minute audio seminar on what's next on my plate and how to get the videos from the entire 2 1/2 days of my Beverly Hills Money Funnel Event!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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