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Saturday, March 12 2016

A long-time student of mine, Paul S., was telling me and my recent Beverly Hills event group of students about how he was able to get rid of a drug dealer out of his new MHP (mobile home park) property he recently acquired.  And he did it in less than a week.  Long story short, he vetted the drug dealer out by asking everyone on the property who the "problem child" tenant was, quickly found out that it was this drug dealer (and bad tenants MUST be removed if you are to keep your tenants while attracting good tenants), and offered him $200 if he'd move out by the weekend.  He agreed.  And moved out a few days later!

Everybody has a price, apparently.  This guy's price was only $200.  Amazing what you can do with the leverage of MONEY.

No, money doesn't buy happiness but it's a whole hell of a lot easier to have money than to be broke.

And I hope you have a higher price tag on yourself than $200.

One other thing that Paul and I briefly discussed is how he's really doing it.  He's doing the business.  Many of my students show up event to event, almost as "groupies" in a way.  And then they end up doing nothing.  They use me as a crutch, never want me to retire because they know I always delivery the goods, but what about THEM delivering the goods?  To themselves?  In the form of actually getting off their asses and working the business??

Not that hard to do, folks!!

Paul was a little surprised that more people aren't doing the stuff I teach because he knows how easy it is.  And we're talking real estate stuff which is MUCH HARDER to do than the money funnel stuff.    Paul came to my money funnel event in Beverly Hills because he is now understanding, as a successful real estate investor himself, how much more difficult it's getting to do creative financing deals anymore.  So, he'll be starting a money funnel business for that Aggressive Income he needs to inject some cash into these properties as down payments so he can acquire these cash flowing properties now.

The coolest thing about the Beverly Hills event (aside from the puffer fish in the saltwater tank by the elevators) is what I presented at the end of Day One.  And I did this on purpose, too.  I had a few students who didn't see the value in learning about all that "success transformation" stuff I was teaching on Day One so they thought they'd float in on the second day to just get to the money-making stuff.  Little did they know that they had missed THE most profitable strategy that I ended up presenting during the entire event.

And it won't be repeated.  (Sorry!)

You can order the videos though.  For my St. Paddy's Day Blow Out deal, I have 2 options for you:

1)  Sign up to attend the Vegas event on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th for Platinum ONLY) and you'll get these Beverly Hills videos for F*R*E*E.  CLICK HERE for the deal.


2)  Just get the videos without signing up for the Vegas event.  CLICK HERE.

Now, with Vegas, this event will be different.  First of all, it'll be my LAST EVER Money Funnel event.  But Vegas will be about using the money funnels for BOTH consumer-direct AND distribution profits...for those of you interested in making millions of dollars by seeing your products in stores nationwide.  (And using the ease of the money funnel to get wholesalers and distributors to carry your product INSTEAD of cold-calling, going to trade shows, and doing the "typical" groundwork to get your products out there.)  This is where the big money is, folks!

I'll also be talking about very PRODUCT SPECIFIC money funnels for the consumer-direct side by using online-only marketing strategies.  (You can always expand out to use offline-to-online marketing strategies later on.)  In the Beverly Hills event, I combined both online and offline strategies.  This time, we'll be concentrating almost exclusively on online strategies with only a brief mention of the types of offline strategies available to you.  About 99% of the time, we'll be focusing on the very-easy-to-implement online marketing strategies to drive prospects into your funnels.

CLICK HERE or go to to get the deal.  This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY offer then the price goes up.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  All Money Funnel Systems HAVE BEEN SHIPPED.  If you didn't get yours yet and you ordered one, you'll get it lickety-split.  Just wait.  Be patient.  I worked hard on this course and it's my best one yet, by far.  So, it's well worth the wait.  ;-)

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