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Tuesday, March 08 2016

I've been a faithful subscriber of since around 2007 or so.  And it seems that with each passing year, their fees get higher and higher while offering the same crappy service, even changing their platform altogether a few weeks back to make it more difficult to use.

So, about 2 weeks ago they sent me a little notice saying that they were jacking up my quarterly fees.  Again.  This would be the third time in the last couple of years.  "But don't worry," they went on.  "There will be no interruption of your service.  We'll just automatically (screw) bill you at the higher rate on your renewal date."

Nope.  I went into the system and canceled my renewal.  So, effective on the 26th of March, I'll no longer be a Premium LoopNet subscriber.  Somehow it doesn't seem worth the $400 plus per month for their less-than-helpful platform.

Further, when talking to an ad rep at LoopNet recently, I was told that they're no longer allowing for national and international advertisers to place header banners on their websites.  They're going more with "regional" and "local" brokers now.  Hmmm.  Wonder how that's going to work out for them in the long haul?

So, if you have stock in (who also owns, maybe now is the time to dump it.  After all, I'm pretty certain that they're quickly becoming the next DotCom horror story in the making.  When you're losing your Premium subscribers left and right while disallowing larger companies to advertise...this would be a recipe for bankruptcy if I've ever seen it.  All they'll have left to pay their Premium Service fees are a bunch of brokers and listing agents.  And if subscribers (investors) can't see ALL of the listings (because they're only "standard" subscribers), they'll just go elsewhere...

Like  Yes, that's right.  A completely FR*EE website that you don't have to pay over $400 a month to see all the good listings.  Of course, there's a lot you can't do with this service but here's why I don't care anymore...

I started to think about this Premium thing.  Truth be told, I haven't really been using it at all.  I generally hook up with a listing agent in any specific farming area I'm focusing on for my real estate transactions and investments so...they then start bringing me deals and I don't do my own online MLS property research anymore.  I use my agent to get me all the property details and even do title pulls when needed.  I guess I've kept LoopNet all of these years "just in case" I needed to look for something as some type of false and useless (and EXPENSIVE) crutch.

But as it stands now, f*** them.  Not only is their pricing outrageous (a monthly car payment per month) but their customer service is rude every time you call.  They think they're God's gift to the MLS world.  So let them sink in the quicksand abyss of destitution and devastation they created for themselves and STOP USING THEIR SERVICE.  It's not worth it.

One more thing, years ago they used to give my students discounts for me sending them there.  Then they got to big for their britches.  Probably thinking...who is this Monica Main bitch anyway?!  Well, big enough to tell over 100,000 students of mine that they should cancel their LoopNet service.  Immediately.  Like today.  The last payment you made to LoopNet should be your last payment to them...FOREVER.

There you go,  Screwballs.  Keep sinking.  Then someone will be able to buy your company for pennies on the dollar.  Hopefully by Christmas.  Maybe then they'll be put back together as the "grass roots" mom-and-pop company they USED to be while coming back down to reality-land on their subscriber fees.

Basic Business 101, folks.  You can't bite BOTH the hands that feed you and expect to stay in business.  They're screwing their subscribers AND their advertisers.  So...basic math says that can only last so long before the empire inevitably comes crashing down.

Here's another reason why I don't care about  When you are putting cash into deals, you're not concerned about "creative financing" methods.  This means that I no longer care about finding the seller's LLC name and mailing address to send a proposal.  The deal is cut-and-dried.  I put 20% cash into an apartment building.  And...that's it.  The real estate agent executes most of the deal.  I just write a freaking check and do some due diligence. Neither of which assists me with.

This is where YOU need to be with all this.  Another reality of today's real estate market, you need CASH to compete with your other investors now.  You need CASH for your down payment of at least 20% to be able to make your deal cash flow since performing properties are commanding top dollar.  That's the cold hard reality of investing in passive income real estate in 2016.  Told ya it would end up this way IF you were listening to me for the past few years.

So, what do you do now?

You get that cash rolling in.  That's what you do.  And you do it as fast as humanly possible.

Most of you know that I just got back from my Beverly Hills event.  My voice is still hoarse and I'm tired as hell right now.  I'm seconds away from lying on my desk and taking a 5-hour nap.  But before I tell you all that, I have to tell you how freaking awesome the event turned out to be.  So...hours before I was supposed to start driving down to the Beverly Hilton, I decided to do one more presentation on this amazing, incredibly profitable method of money funnel marketing that you can do without a product, without doing any product fulfillment, without dealing with product liability factors (including legal issues), and without doing a lick of customer service for the product.  You don't even need a website.

So, for all of you who have been waiting for the Money Funnel System, THIS is what the hold up is.  I briefly explain this new strategy on page 45 (and on) on this killer, kick-ass, game-changing new strategy.  And then I was thinking..."Well, why not present it at Beverly Hills?"  Except I had NO SLIDES and NO TIME to do the slides and NO SLOT in which to present this new information.

But...I shortened my Success Transformation and started presenting this absolutely AMAZING strategy at the end of Day One of the event.

All on video, of course.  And this strategy ALONE is worth anywhere from $100 to $5,000 A DAY to you, depending on how small or large you'd like this "operation" to be because, remember, this isn't selling your own product AT ALL.  So there's no "nothin'" to make this strategy work EXCEPT FOR ONE THING you must do.  And this is thoroughly outlined in my last presentation of the day on Day One of my Beverly Hills Event.

Even more awesome yet, I'm doing ONE LAST Money Funnel Event EVER in Las Vegas on May 13th and 14th (and the 15th if you're Platinum) to include both consumer-direct AND distribution money funnel stuff.  This is if you want the BIG TIME, people.  If you're looking to hit it big with a multi-million-dollar product line to hit stores nationwide with distributors and wholesalers, you CANNOT miss this event.  It will NOT be repeated.

Okay, so what's the DEAL then?  For St. Paddy's Day...I'll be offering you these kick-ass Beverly Hills event videos for F*R*E*E if you register for the Vegas event at the lowest early-bird discount price I'll be offering for this event (before it goes up, soon!).

Why is it imperative that you get these Beverly Hills videos?  Because that opportunity I was just talking about that was presented on Day One of the event...that precise money-making opportunity WON'T be discussed in Vegas.  So, if you want to know what it is, you MUST get the videos of the event I just finished.

And if you don't want to register for Vegas but you want the videos, you can do that too.  I'll get you the videos, the event materials, and 3 money funnel template clones.  Because that's how awesome I am.

CLICK HERE or go to to take me up on this offer.  Yes, this is a kick-ass offer.  No, I've never offered anything REMOTELY close to how powerful this is.  This can and will change your life if you let it.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Just to give you an idea of just how awesome this strategy is...never mind.  You'll just have to see the videos.  Remember, it's the presentation at the end of Day One.

P.P.S.  For those who ordered the Money Funnel System, we have them in our office now.  They're being packaged up as I type this and they're all going out this week.  Sorry for the delay but there's an entire section (starting on page 45) that I did NOT want to miss out on giving you because it's a game-changer.  So, forgive me for being late on this but it WILL be worth your wait.  Trust me!!  ;-)

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