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Thursday, January 28 2016

Last weekend my daughter and I were leaving a store when we were approached by this older woman wearing faux black leather pants and a black sweater.  She looked awkward, carrying this oversized black quilt-looking faux leather bag.  She told me that my daughter was beautiful and if we had been invited to the "Disney auditions."

I'd heard this scam twice before, once in a Target and once in the mall.  It's clear that these "talent scout" scammers troll parking lots, malls, and stores looking for cute boys and girls to try sucking them into some type of "audition" where it's probably some shim-shammy "talent agent" who will sell us on some service, thousands of dollars in head shots, acting lessons, and other crap that will result in no career for my daughter.  So many parents fall for this because they want something so badly for their kids that they never got for themselves.  And they're willing to turn a blind eye to the obvious scam because of the stars and dollar signs obstructing their view as they float around with gold glitter in their eyeballs.

I blew this lady off instantly.  Stop wasting my time, hag.  I can sniff a bullshitter from 10 miles away and you're one of them.

But I didn't blow this lady off because I knew she was part of a larger sham.  I blew her off because I don't want my daughter to be a child actor.  In fact, my daughter asked me, "Mom, why don't you want me to be in TV shows and stuff?" And I answered honestly, "Because about 90% of the child actors who grow up turn into drug addicts.  They become very off-balanced because of how the movie business is and I don't want you to have to battle those types of issues.  Just be a kid, okay?"

This made me remember this young girl in my daughter's kindergarten class who used to talk about how her mom dragged her from audition to audition after school and on the weekends to get acting and modeling parts.  This is when my daughter started asking about this as being a career.  She was only 5 at the time so she got a somewhat candy-coated answer that didn't involve bringing up drugs back then.  But it was basically the same answer with a small addition: "It's a shame that your friend's mom feels that her daughter has to work doing acting and modeling to support their family but...I don't need to put my 5-year-old to work to pay the bills.  I can pay the bills for the household so you don't have to worry about it right now.   Plus I don't want to put you through the stress of taking you to auditions in all of your free time.  I just want you to be a kid and grow up normal."

So many people in California (and many other areas) push their kids into acting and modeling, probably as some kind of sick and demented means of living their lost dreams through their young children while being able to brag at cocktail parties about how Little Mary had a walk-on roll in some stupid movie or TV show.  Or how Little Sarah got some shitty plastic trophy because she won a cheer-dance competition.  So f****** what?!  At what price is this costing the child in psychological damage?  All this pressure on being the best, the prettiest, the most athletic...their self-esteem suffers drastically.  All to cater to some super shallow issues of the parent(s) that would be best addressed with heavy doses of head meds coupled with endless therapy on a shrink's couch.

What's the point in all this?

Everybody who hits this earth plane is here on their own journey.  Living through somebody else, especially trying to live through your child...NOT GOOD!  Let them select what their path is.  Guide them the best you can, keep them safe, fed, and clothed.  But let them guide their own way.

And for's NEVER too late to do anything.  Never!  There's no reason you would ever need to live through someone else because you can live your own dreams, your own life.  You can have everything you want and more. The problem, of course, is that many times we just talk ourselves out of the dream.  "Too late for me."  Or..."It's not feasible, doable, reasonable...whatever."  Fill in the blank on any excuse you can think of and it's there.  But it doesn't need to be.

I recently (as in the last week) found myself in the same predicament that I teach others how to avoid.  I've had a lifelong goal to pursue a dream that I always just knew in my bones was a part of my spirit and why I'm here.  But I've been throwing it on the back-burner...FOR DECADES.  Why?  Because I somehow convinced myself that it's just not feasible compared to the other business activities I've been doing for many years now.  So why waste my time?  My plate is full.  I don't need to add more stuff to do.

But this nagging dream just keeps whispering into the back of my brain.  "Do it.  It's time."

Then I realized.  All of my life has been preparing me for now.  And because of my business and investing background, I am much more capable to deal with the competition in a world mostly for "artists" because I understand business, being commercial, and what customers want.  I can use this as my very prominent competitive advantage rather than talking myself out of it because...too many years have gone by to dust off the dream.  In fact, never before has there been a more perfect time.

Now is perfect.  Now is the time to start moving forward on the things we've always wanted to do but never did for one reason or another.  Those reasons...they're gone now.  Time for a new life.

I have a very special seminar event coming up on March 3rd and 4th in Beverly Hills, California.  The first day of this event will be groundbreaking.  On this first day I'll be talking about how to finally get to that Total Transformation point to where you will dissolve ALL obstacles/barriers.  This will include all of those fear points which can be the devil on your shoulder that talks you out of going after your dreams.  We're killing the devil on Day One.

Then there's Day Two:  The Money Funnel Event.  I'll be showing you exactly what you can do to create a highly profitable online business so that you can quit that day job and pursue whatever you want because you'll only be working 20 hours a week, making anywhere from $1,000 a day (as a Money Funnel "failure") to upwards of $20,000 a day!

If you want to make those significant life-changing dreams come true, you're not going to miss this event.  In fact, you'll find a way, starting with registering now by CLICKING HERE or calling my office to arrange a special payment plan at (661) 295-5050 right now!  You can't miss this event.  You can't keep putting your dreams on hold anymore.  The time is now.  Because the universe is whispering, "Do it.  It's time."

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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