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Thursday, December 31 2015

Last week I finally heard from my "star" Internet student, Gregg.  (He kind of disappeared for awhile.)

He sent me an email and was kind of frantic.  Apparently there has been quite a few changes in eBay and Amazon (which I've been aware of) that have drastically affected his income.  He went from making an average of $85,000 a month from both eBay and Amazon to...fluctuating between $15,000 and $18,000 a month.  While that's not bad, here's the ALARMING part:  It's DROPPING like a lead balloon with each passing month.  Pretty soon (and I'm guessing around late spring), he'll be hitting the big fat $0 mark.

So, what happened?  What's going on with eBay and Amazon?

With eBay, it's been difficult to make money on that site for awhile now without selling things for dirt cheap.  Which is what Gregg has been doing.  But competition became too fierce (probably since I introduced too many students to the same money-making strategies in the past couple of years).  In the herbal supplement space, there is just too many sellers selling the same types of products.

With Amazon, things have changed a lot just in the past 6 months.  Certain sellers have taken the reigns as the "big boys" while smothering everyone in the "little guy" category completely out.  Gregg got lazy in his business and decided to "coast" on his success.  Yes, he was a "big boy" on eBay but never really took Amazon on as a big seller.  (Huge mistake!)  When Amazon quickly became about 50% of his business, this is when the economic shift took place at the exact same time.  And it happened pretty quickly, too quick for Gregg to be able to ramp up to get into that top 3% category.  He missed the boat. Probably by a mere weeks at that.

Now that eBay is the "MySpace" of the online selling universe and Amazon is the "Facebook," if you're not on Amazon as an Internet seller and didn't stake your claim as a "big boy"'re screwed.  Start packing your bags now because it's only a matter of time before your income becomes $0 too if you are selling on Amazon.

Back to Gregg, his email was two-fold:  (1) Blaming me for being the one to take away his most awesome opportunity by sharing it with everyone and, (2) what can he do now?  And fast?!

In my defense, remember that I was the one who got Gregg on track to his $85,000 monthly income from nothing.  How soon he forgets that he learned everything he implemented from one of my 2 very rare New Wealth Ninja trainings I had done in the summer of 2012.  So, why he blames me for teaching MORE people past him is just a stupid excuse for him to be able to live with the fact that he got lazy.  At least he bought a few properties with the money he made but certainly not enough in property to give him a retirement cash flow.  (That's probably my fault, too.  Somehow.) what he can do now.  He needs to CHANGE HIS STRATEGY.  Quickly.  With focus.  And speed.  Like RIGHT NOW!!

I told him about my upcoming trainings.  I have an in-office training in January where I had a couple of students transfer to another training session so I have 2 seats for that.  He said, "I'll think about it." Hmmm...securing a new income must not be THAT important to him, I guess.  Then I told him about Beverly Hills.  He said he'd probably come to that.  Fine.  At least we're getting somewhere.  But still.  That seminar is in MARCH.  Gregg claims he wants to do something NOW.

And I can't realistically explain how all my Money Funnels work in an email exchange back and forth with this guy.  I can't explain how it all works that way.

There is only ONE reason you'd ever use Amazon as a money-making device and it's NOT by selling things ON Amazon.  (I recommend you watch my video by CLICKING HERE.)  And I'll be covering this method in Beverly Hills (and at my January in-office training which, I just found out, I have 1 seat left in because a student moved to another training session later in the year; call if you're interested).  Again, this has nothing to do with actually selling on Amazon.  Those days are OVER!

(As a side note, I'll be doing a major course upgrade/update for my Internet Cash Flow System.  I'll be combining New Wealth Ninja and ICF together with a brand new course that will show you exactly what to do in TODAY'S Internet market.  Kiss eBay and Amazon selling good-bye.  This new course will be available sometime around Valentine's Day.)

Back to Gregg again...I was getting a little irritated with his lack of interest in wanting to be trained in doing something new online while wanting all of the answers instantly injected into his brain, possibly while he slept or watched television.  And I simply have NO patience for that.  I think everyone knows that about me by now.  (Seems to be a reality that Gregg got a little lazy!)

Most of you know about the Money Funnel.  If you haven't considered it for an amazing Aggressive Income Business, you still can since there's nothing better out there right now.  But you only have a few hours left before the general admission deal ends.  It ends at NOON Pacific Time today.  Here's the link:

Again, the deal ends in a couple of hours.  DO NOT MISS OUT!

So, what did I tell Gregg to do?  Either show up to Beverly Hills or pound sand.  I don't have time to specially lay things out for him or anyone else by doing back-and-forth emails that cannot possibly get close to illustrating everything that needs to happen to set up a highly lucrative Money Funnel.

Oh, and one more thing...I'm not sure how long I'll be showing my students about this Money Funnel opportunity.  I committed to doing trainings and events through the middle of May on this subject.  And that's it.  That's where the road will end on these specialized trainings.  Don't be kicking yourself in the ass for being left out.

And Happy New Year!!  (See you on the other side of 2016!)  Trust me when I say that this New Year will be MUCH BETTER than the one we're now leaving behind!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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