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Monday, December 07 2015

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in," Michael Corleone from the Godfather III in 1990.  (One of my favorite movie trilogies of all time.)

Okay, so I was never really "out."  Not officially, anyway.  But I was getting out.  Of the real estate training side, that is.  With the exception of a couple of hands-on workshops I'm doing for the first half of 2016, I seriously had no plans on doing any larger real estate training venues for all of next year...or even the year after that.  Or ever again, actually.  (Surprised?)

But then there's always that odd twist of fate that happens when you least expect it and, in some cases, when you don't want it at all.

You see, in the midst of going back and forth with my investor partners on these deals that came in from the last event in Detroit that are exclusively bird-dog deals (only), I got an email over this past weekend that said, in not so many words, "I can bankroll an infomercial for you.  What do you think about going nationwide with this?"


Then, flippantly, I told him that we're talking well over a million dollars just to get it up and out on the air before we'll see a single cent and...maybe we won't see a single cent.  In fact, we probably won't make any money; we'll probably lose money, as the chances of doing well with an infomercial is...very small.  You'd have a better chance at making it in the restaurant biz with your 50/50 success/failure ratio than in the infomercial biz.  I was actually hoping that he'd tell me to forget about it then.  Except he didn't.  And that kind of sucked.  I hate not being able to predict or control what's happening based on pulling my psychological puppet strings with people.

But he said, "Fine.  How about $1.85 million?  But it's for real estate."

"I'll think about it," was my final email back to him.

Real estate?  WTF??  So...I'll be another Carleton Sheets, Ron LeGrand, Tommy Vu, Dave del remember all those guys, right?  Furthermore, I don't think a woman has ever ventured into the works of real estate course gurus/hucksters before.  Loral Langemeier got close but that's about it.

And I thought about it, even decidedly would take 0% of the proceeds of it if he would pay for everything, provide full order fulfillment, a telemarketing center, and deal with all the admin crap including refunds.  I'd just get 100% of all the back-end proceeds.  To me, that would be a really sweet deal.

Then I stopped myself.  Wait a minute!  Is this what I really want to do?  (Answer:  NO!)  Remember, I'm working on Aggressive Income stuff for 2016 so there's no room for tacking more "stuff" on my schedule with real estate investing.  Aggressive Income is where it's at for 2016 and the next handful of years.  Yes, you should always take your proceeds/profits from your Aggressive Income and funnel it directly into Passive Income real estate already know that.  The mechanics of this ever-changing Aggressive Income Business stuff -- especially in relation online marketing -- changes drastically almost every 6 to 8 months.  So, what you thought you knew last year is already obsolete right now.

Then there's that other pesky problem: the more people I funnel into my system outside of my small inner circle that I have right now will know all my secrets.  Most of you know that I'm a real entrepreneur and not some course and seminar peddler so what I really do in business is what I teach.  And everybody knowing my exact blueprints...well, that's a problem, folks!  That creates competition for you (my loyal followers) and it creates competition for me, too!  So, other than more money for me...there's really no benefit outside of that.

But here's the real reason I'm not really interested in "all that glory" being a real estate infomercial "guru."

Many of you remember when I sent out a pic of me and Ron LeGrand taken only last month at a marketing expo in Denver.  I saw a portion of Ron's speech and realized...he's still using the same slick used car salesman pitch to sell his outdated course that you can get on eBay on CD-ROM for less than $50...and his price was far from $50, as you can imagine.  But, here I'm thinking, is that going to be me in 20 years from now?  Standing in a hotel looking old, white and pasty-looking peddling the same old products to people?  Is that where I see my future?

HELL NO!!  I don't want that for myself.

But, truth be told, I have other plans for 2016 that I only partially revealed at my last event in Detroit.  I'm working on a surf wear/beach wear company.  I plan on submitting for the highly coveted television writing workshops through Warner Bros., NBC, ABC/Disney, and CBS.  Those submissions are due in the spring of 2016.  And right now?  All I'm about is my Money Funnel stuff because it's not going to last forever.  It's best to rake in as much as possible before the online marketing environment drastically shifts again.

I like moving with the tides.  And that's the only way you'll stay a profitable and relevant entrepreneur.  Changing with the tides.  Doing new sh** all the time.  Reinventing yourself annually, sometimes more often than that!

But what do YOU think about the informercial thing?  Do you have an opinion either way?  I'd be interested to hear about what you think.  Here's my direct email:

Back to the changes and why I do so well in our current economic environment: I keep changing, doing new things, and I'm flexible.  That's what YOU will have to be if you plan on staying in the game now and in the future. You have to understand that entrepreneurship isn't about doing one thing or having one type of business or doing one type of investing.  In many cases, if you're smart, you'll have -- in the VERY LEAST -- something that looks like a 3-legged stool.  Each leg represents a solid stream of income.  You can't have a 2-legged or 1-legged stool.  Never works.  It's unstable and almost crashes to the ground after a relatively short period of time.

Since I'm so active in so many types of businesses and I have endless energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for what I do, I'm all about sharing this treasure-trove of information for those of you who also want to stay relevant and profitable in the game.  How powerful would it be to know exactly what I'm thinking, doing, planning, plotting, and profiting from at all times?  As it stands now, you don't know even a quarter of what I do.  Realistically I don't and can't create courses, seminars, materials, and other training tools for everything I do.  I just can't.  I have time to do the stuff.  I don't have to teach people some of this stuff.

I have something new that will keep you in the loop, if you so wish to be there.  And if you hesitate then I question whether you're truly cut out to be a profitable entrepreneur and investor to begin with.  Nobody else out there is ever going to give you every type of map, blueprint, and piece of knowledge on what they're doing in business, marketing, online opportunities, real estate investing, and other things that come up as money truckloads.  Nobody. Why?  Because the Big Boys are too busy doing it and the blow hards who claim they're doing it aren't really doing it.  And you can't learn anything usable from a hack who isn't doing what he's teaching you.

So...what am I talking about here?  What's the point?

Time for you to enter the World of Monica: CLICK HERE!

Watch the video, then click on the button under the video for another video.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you still haven't followed those 4 instructions including watching The Money Funnel, you're a damn fool.  But it's not too late.  CLICK HERE, get ON your ass, watch the video.  Stop making excuses.

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