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Friday, December 11 2015

Yesterday was just one of those days...maybe it's the new moon.  I don't know.

I had to work through a variety of issues at the office that I wasn't particularly happy with.  Plus I'm tired as hell because of a series of business trips so I feel like I'm about to drop dead.  But that's just in the course of being an entrepreneur, I guess.

But I think what really set me off was getting home to realize that a customer (or prospect) called my home phone number and left 2 messages.  He apparently had gotten a postcard on the Apartment Building Cash Flow System and wanted to know how much the course was and how to buy it.


Except that my home phone number isn't on the postcard he was calling about and I'm unlisted.  Or at least I thought it was unlisted.

All that's on the postcard is a website.  On the website is information about my office address and a phone number for my office.  Not my house.

And the website that all my prospects end up going to clearly has the price of the course and how to purchase it.  And why any moron would think it's okay to call my house...or why they think they'd get a welcoming response from me if I actually picked up the phone is beyond me! I am thinking that the stupid phone company doesn't have me as unlisted as I thought I was all this time.  As you can imagine, my blood pressure was at peak levels and I was bumbling to locate the customer service phone number for AT&T so that I could call them and start yelling at them.

After dialing the number and waiting on hold for...oh, 20+ minutes with the cheesiest music ever, making elevator music a welcome alternative, FINALLY I end up talking to someone...

In freaking India, of course.

I could barely understanding this woman.  At first, she insisted I had no account with AT&T.  So, when I told her to bust out her checkbook to pay back all the monthly bills I had been paying on for the past several years, all of a sudden she finds my account.  Then she told me that I did not have an unlisted number and that I'd have to pay $10 a month to add that to my account.

Snap, crackle and pop!!  This is when I exploded, quickly realizing that I hadn't been this freaking upset in a very long time.  I thought the massively protruding vein in my head was going to explode once and for all.

I demanded to speak with someone in the United States so she told me to call the same freaking number I had JUST called to...magically get someone in America this time?  I asked her to tell me how the hell I was supposed to get someone in the United States the second time I sat on hold for another 20 minutes when, I had a feeling, that the ONLY call center their number was pointed to was an offshore call center.

(This is when that commercial -- "This is Peggy" -- was replaying in my head over and over again.)

She had no answer.  I hung up, pissed off.  Called back, demanding to speak to the cancellation department.  (If you want to speak with an American in ANY company, just call and tell them that you want to cancel your service.)

Interesting because when I talked to an American, they not only found my account immediately but told me that I was, in fact, unlisted and had been since the beginning of my service with them.  So I asked..."How does one get someone's unlisted phone number?"

Apparently 411 is available to medical service personnel and law enforcement.

Basically, this customer (or prospect) will go through all of this work to get my home phone number, call it to leave several messages, but is too dim-witted to easily and effortlessly scroll to the bottom of the screen on the website he was sent to for my office phone number for further assistance.

Even worse, and perhaps MORE dim-witted is that he was sent to another part of the site where the cost for the course and instructions on how to get it were clearly provided.

This is, perhaps, one of the most frustrating things I have to routinely deal with.  No matter how step-by-step my strategies can be that I provide, there is always a moron who can't or won't follow the easy provided instructions.

Speaking of instructions, have you followed the 4 steps I've laid out yet?  If not, go to this link now:

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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