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Saturday, October 31 2015
There Was a Devil in the Corner of My Bedroom!
How to Get Rid of a Devil in Your House...Or the One in Your Life!
A couple of years ago, I noticed this very dark energy that decided to permeate the lower level of my house.  I swear, my brother brought this demon into my home with his low energy and left it to linger in my house for several months, ever growing each day into a larger and larger size.  This is when my daughter started feeling scared in our home and I never mentioned my awareness of this dark entity.  I think I may have been in denial about it.  Or maybe I was hoping it was just my imagination.
What bothered me is that this being started getting larger in size slowly but surely.  It looked like a black cloud and had a very cold and evil feel to it.  Then it started "hovering" in the corner of my master bedroom upstairs, just staring at me all night. My cat Pineapple noticed him; he would stare at this dark figure all night long, even creating a protective "dog-like" barrier between me and this dark being in the corner.  And my cat would sit there all night, making sure it didn't move.  It must've been a tiring task for the little dude but he did it without flinching and without walking away from his self-appointed job.
Your Lowered Energy Fields Can Bring in Beings From Lower Levels of Existence
I started to feel severely depressed on much lower levels than normal. This made this demonic being grow larger and more frightening, as they tend to feed off of depression.  Out of desperation, I asked a religious friend of mine if he knew anyone who could exercise this demon out of my house.  And fast!  Like TODAY fast!
My friend obliged and had a pastor come over to get the demon out of my home.  And it worked. The demon didn't completely leave my home right away but it was weakened enough to where it drastically diminished in size almost instantly and then, by raising my own energy levels to "high positive," I was able to see this demonic creature completely disappear over the months to follow.
This is when I realized that lower levels of existence (some call it "hell") does exist.  When those of us on this place of existence (called "earth") have lower energy levels either by depression, despondency, drug dependency, etc., we can actually INVITE these demonic beings to "hang out" with us.
And that really sucks because none of them are up to any good.  In fact, many of them are desperately stuck on these lower energy levels and thrive on sucking away your energy to make themselves stronger. And they only target the weak, the depressed, and those of us who feel so despondent that we can barely see past one night to daybreak.
I know...seems very far-fetched, doesn't it?  And I wouldn't believe in any of this if I hadn't seen these lower energy beings myself, first-hand.
Did you know that perpetual and chronic depression could actually be certain lower energy fields or beings actually feeding off of your energy?  And what if that's really the case, as freakish and ridiculous as that may seem?  Then what?
The Best Way to Overcome ANY Demonic Spirit, Depressive State of Mind, Negative People & Happenings, or Barriers to Getting What You Want In Life Is...
Raise your energy levels!  Raise them high.  This can be very challenging if all you want to do is cry in a corner or if you're in a rut where life is spit-balling challenge after challenge in your life without giving you a breather for even a half-second.
I'm not going to lie.  I've been there, many times.  And it's frustrating as all hell trying to get a one-up on your life by being happy, energetic, and enthusiastic when it seems that there's just another mud pie to splat square on into your face when you turn every corner.
Lower energies (including those of the living) absolutely hate happiness, enthusiasm, motivation, and the light.  They like darkness, depression, misery, and the dark.  If you are none of those things then they will move onto the next person who can give them what they're looking for.
And I did mention that this applies to the living as well.  There are soul-sucking, negative, dark-thriving people who are not much different than non-physical beings.
"But Monica, It's HARD to Be Happy, Enthusiastic, and Full of Life When There Are So Many Obstacles, Barriers, and 'Bad Things' Going on In My Life and In the World As a Whole!"
Yes, I know.  So many "bad things" going on.  In the world.  In your life.
But I found a secret strategy for what I call HTP or Hypothetical Thought Process.  It's allowed me to make some phenomenal personal breakthroughs that have been nothing short of miracles in my life.
And this can help you, too.
Any change or transformation you want to make, this will work.  It works for success, wealth, relationships, weight loss, pain relief, permanent attitude changes, happiness, ANYTHING!  It works.
But I think the best part of all this is that it works NEARLY INSTANTLY! No having faith that it'll work while struggling to stick with some nonsensical regimen that only makes you doubt it'll work every time you do it.
You FEEL and KNOW the breakthrough and transformation has happened in less than 3 minutes!  GUARANTEED!
Nothing I've seen anywhere at any time can completely transform a human being as fast as this can.
For the first time ever, I talked about it in great detail during the first half of the first day of my event in Detroit last weekend.  And how my students at the event received this mind-blowing strategies was overwhelming.  Students approached me the next day telling me that they felt different, they knew a shift had happened, and they felt freaking amazing like they've never felt in their life before!
And I warned them that this would happen.
Having Been on the "Self-Help" Metaphysical New Age Path for Most o My Life, I'll Be the First to Admit That MOST Stuff Out There DOESN'T WORK Except for a Very Small Handful of Secrets...And THIS is One of Those Secrets!!
Yes, this is a jolting revelation, isn't it?  After all, many of us want to believe but, unfortunately, I've found for myself that unless there's something to it or something behind a strategy that you can link to hard science, I haven't had much luck with it as a tool for personal change and transformation.
And THIS is why these secrets are so freaking powerful.  There is HARD SCIENCE behind how and why this works so well.
I talk a little bit about this in my audio seminar.  CLICK HERE for more power-packed details on it.
The cool thing about this is that not only will it change every aspect of your life and yourself that you want to change -- and fast -- but you'll also get rid of the demons in your own life...whether they're real people...or not.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Be safe out there!  And just know that this may be your last Halloween where you can wear that mask that's been hiding your true self.  Once you start implementing these secret powerful transformation strategies, your mask will finally come off and your highest and best self will finally be revealed!  CLICK HERE!
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