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Thursday, October 29 2015
As I mentioned, we've been moving this week.  And it's still not done.
Well, most of it's done anyway.  All of our stuff is now in the new
office but there are boxes everywhere.  Today is "organization" day.
So, for those of you who have been calling the office, you may have
noticed that you've been leaving messages with our answering service.
Our phone service STILL isn't working, thanks to the highly effective
and efficient AT&T.  So (fingers crossed) I'm hoping that the phones
will be on today sometime, no later than tomorrow morning.
And yes, we did get your message.  But no, we have no means of calling
you back right now so if you called, hang tight.  We'll get to you soon!
I feel like I've been going NON-STOP since BEFORE the Detroit event.
My goal is to slip into a semi-coma after Halloween, not to awaken until
maybe Thanksgiving or the first full week of the New Year!
As you can imagine, I've been under A LOT of stress so, again, please be
patient with both me and my staff right now.  Since I'm moving into a 
"zen-like" office environment, your patience will pay off in a good way
since I'll be in a much better mood as the weeks drone on.
For those of you who didn't attend the Detroit event, you missed out.
I mentioned that we're in the process of duplicating out the videos for
that event and for that I'm offering a steep discount for my Halloween
Blow Out.  For more details, click on this link:
My goal is to get the testimonial videos up...soon.  Once I find my
computer in the sea of boxes and can actually accomplish something without
tripping over cords, files, printers, etc.  (Moving sucks!!)
I think I already mentioned that you missed a lot if you didn't come to
the event.  I had the most awesome time but, most importantly, I divulged
some business and real estate investing secrets that I've never revealed
Also, many of you already know that I'm taking a speaking hiatus on any
large-group real estate related events for a minimum of a year, if not
longer.  This is because all of the information and opportunities I just
presented are basically your last chances in making huge profits and
cash flows in today's inventory-depleted market.
If you want to get involved in real estate investing and you want to know
what these "last chance" opportunities are, you must get these videos.  I
should also mention that these opportunities I presented are good for about
6 months...maybe a year if we're all super lucky.  So, you'll either jump in
with both feet or you'll keep doing what you're doing: nothing.  And, of
course, getting no results either.
Maybe now is the time for you to sit yourself down and ask if you're going
to be satisfied with living the life you are living now in another 5 years
or 10 years.  Because if you don't start doing something now to change that,
getting the same result you have been is all you can realistically expect
from here on out, especially now since many of these opportunities are all
but gone and remaining a Paycheck Charlie may very well be something you will
have to find a way to be "happy" with.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Try not to call my office until Monday.  My staff is running around with
their heads cut off trying to get a phone line working, trying to organize, and
trying to stay sane so...unless it's an emergency, please just send an email.
And if it is an emergency and you're trying to call my office, please hang up
and dial 9-1-1 instead.  ;-)
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