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Tuesday, October 27 2015

I just keep going, and going, and going...

That's what I'm feeling like right now.
I just got back from the Detroit event.  Now I'm moving my office.  Yes, moving it as we speak.
(Please note: my phones are going to my answering service.  Due to some wiring problems with
AT&T, my phone system won't be up until either late tomorrow or Thursday.  They suck!  So,
don't call my office until Thursday afternoon or Friday if you need to.  And if you've called
already, don't expect a call-back until late this week.  Sorry.)
But the even was freaking amazing!!  It was definitely one of my top events, for sure.  Of course,
I always say that.  Right?
What was amazing about this event is that I started it off with my latest and greatest strategy
on Total Transformation and your personal breakthrough.  Over the years having trained and taught
thousands of students, I've found that only a small percentage actually follow through.  I finally
found a secret strategy (only a few weeks ago) that I not only discovered to help me overcome some
of my psychological shortcomings (which I thoroughly explained at the event) but I realized how it
actually can drastically alter any student of mine and their entire future with regards to wealth
and success.  In fact, it's the only technique out there like it and if you don't learn what this
is, you may find yourself running on an endless treadmill, not seeing or realizing the success you
have always wanted in your life.
I then went into my Aggressive Strategies for business.  All of it...CUTTING EDGE.  These are secrets
that have NEVER been revealed before and, if you implement what I've showed you, can be worth millions
to you within a very short period of time.
Moving onto Day Two of the event...

This is when I talked about Aggressive Real Estate Strategies but only after giving a thorough crash
course on passive income investing as being the Bigger Picture of why we're doing all of this.
Please note that the strategies presented on Aggressive Income for real estate are SHORT-LIVED and are
only going to be good for the next 6 months -- the next 12 months TOPS (if we're lucky) -- and you need
to (a) know what these techniques are, and (b) be willing to swiftly move on them otherwise they'll
evaporate before your eyes!
At the close of the seminar, we had a champagne party because, to me, this was symbolic of the closing
of one chapter (for myself and many of the students at the event) while celebrating our next chapter
as we edge into 2016.
This year coming up will be amazing for all of us who take these strategies and kick ass with them in
the real world but, unfortunately, is only for those of us who actually USE these techniques.
Maybe that will mean you'll have to become a pink bunny too.  But at least you'll be a very rich one.
The videos for this 2-day event are now being released and you can see everything that was revealed at
this event as if you were there!  And I'm giving you a deal for my Halloween Blow Out!
How awesome is that?
Click on this link to get the deal:
And if you have any questions?  Don't call my office.  At least not until the end of the week.  Phones
aren't working and we're working on having them fixed as soon as possible during our move to our new
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I forgot to mention that I'll be including a very special list on the CD-ROM that will come with
your video set of the seminar.  This list is a brand new wholesale property list of super good deals on
properties that you can either buy and hold for cash flow profits or you can quickly rehab them and lease
them up to flip to out-of-state investors.  You'll get this powerful and hard-to-get list with your videos!
And that's how awesome I am!  ;-)
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