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Thursday, October 01 2015

I was in New York City this past weekend for a phenomenal and amazing miracle breakthrough that I'll tell you about in a minute.

But as I was getting out of the taxi, there was a personal implosion in my office that I had to deal with (via phone), some of which was about a former employee who, quite shockingly, I learned was a back-stabbing bitch and found myself extremely lucky that she decidedto move onto different pastures.  This was heartbreaking to me but it seems that this is pretty much what I expect from people these days.

No matter how extensive my kindness is, it seems that nobody returns the favor.

Hey, you know what they say, right?  That karma...boy, she's a real hormone-raging bitch.  So I have faith that the universe will correct her at some point in the near future.

At the same time, I have this other bitch sending me notes via Facebook about how I'm a bad person because she can't download one of my courses 1,000 times for the next 100 years of her life.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  She apparently bought ONE download and now she believes that she's entitled to numerous free copies for...forever, I guess.

I basically called her a thief because that's basically what she is.  It's like walking into a bookstore, buying ONE copy of a book, turning around and taking another 12 copies, and leaving the store without paying for those 12 copies.  And then coming back a year later for the newly released version, taking ANOTHER 12 copies of that version, and not paying for those either.  Then coming back another 5 years  later and doing the same thing, not paying for those either.  And on and on and on.  For the record:  Yes, that's thievery.  And yes, that's 100% illegal.  People get thrown in jail for less these days.

But I'm the "bad guy" because I told her that this is NOT okay.  [Sigh!  Why do I keep trying to help people??]

At the same time as all this shit hitting the fan, I still seem to be getting emails (which I refuse to answer) from that OTHER hag who said, in so many words (plus much more), about how 9/11 in our country was not a big deal and who f***** cares?  (Those were HER words, NOT mine!)  This was after I sent out my email about 9/11 and honoring those who had passed.  She's another useless piece of shit on our planet who I refuse to waste anymore time on because she's a foreigner, lives here in the United States, fully benefits by having a life here, yet does nothing but talk crap about our great country.  Yes, she's about as useless as they come.

And remember, this was all during the time with the Asian Cockroach debacle at my office and those damn raccoons digging up my yard (and they STILL are, damn that worthless crystallized coyote urine that DIDN'T work AT ALL).

All this left me feeling a little...depressed.  Actually, let's be honest.  It all came to a head and I cried before I was able to get to the nearest NY Italian restaurant where I loaded myself up on LOTS of Grey Goose then I felt a ton better shortly thereafter.

But you know what they say:  Tomorrow will be a better day.

And it was.  It REALLY was!

Saturday was the first day of some unusual seminar event that I attended by a publisher called Hay House.  This is a California-based company that was started by a lady named Louise B. Hay.  It's basically a non-fiction publisher of New Age metaphysical self-help type of books.  In fact, Wayne Dyer started publishing with them later on.

I thought it was odd that I booked and attended this event.  Even sitting there on that first day, I started asking myself..."Why the hell did I sign up for this event?"  In a nutshell, it was all about how to publish New Age self-help books.

The Pope was in town.  New York was crazy busy.  There was a rare eclipse with a Blood/Super Moon that happens VERY RARELY.  The "vibe" was so...strange.  All of it.  Even the nippy-ness of the crisp air as fall started coming in on the east coast.  It seemed very surreal to me.

On Sunday, I met a lady who was there when the first tower collapsed on 9/11.  She said she wasn't even a football field in distance away when that first building gave out.  She was thrown into a metal fence, mangled within the metal and a bunch of bushes.  She went deaf in her right ear, couldn't walk after the incident, and went through a myriad of personal, physical and psychological struggles for the past 14 years since the attack.  (Yes, feeling-less hag/bag.  There are REAL stories with REAL people who struggled through 9/11 and still do to this day. So when you say "who f****** cares" about 9/11, I care.  All Americans care.  And yes, that day WAS a big f****** deal.  And, as I always keep saying, you know where the exit door is if you hate our country so damn bad!)

On that second event day, I started feeling...a little different.  No, I didn't see the Pope but he was about 3 blocks away from me during his closest proximity.  No, I'm not Catholic but I do believe in blessings.  I believe I was blessed that weekend.  But I still didn't know why I made the trip to New York.

But I did start looking around and noticing that there were other people in the world.  I sometimes get so used to dealing with rude, sucky, selfish people that I get used to people stabbing me in the back, saying mean things, or just being ass***** all the time that I actually forgot there are different people, awesome people that exist in the world.  I looked around the room at the seminar event and even though the people  in attendance were mostly seed-eating, tree-hugging, beatnik-banjo-playing hippy types...they were nice people.  They were honest.  And they were actually pretty freaking awesome, truth be told.

Not until Monday morning when I finally got back home did I figure out why I was "prompted" to attend that event and end up in NYC.  It was about 1 a.m. my time.  A little while later, not being able to sleep, I looked at what was now a full and bright white moon.

Then it hit me.  I realized at that moment what I'm supposed to do.  And I've never been more certain in my entire life about anything.  Not ever!  The mantra of what I learned that weekend -- "What can you do to be of service to others?  What can you do to help people?" -- that all hit me like a ton of bricks!

Now many of you know that I've been planning on some major changes as we end 2015 and enter 2016.  And yes, those major changes have already been going into effect without any of you really knowing what I'm doing.

Most of you know that I've been working on a book for the past year.  And I happened to have finished the book (with the exception of a few changes here and there).  It was due to the publisher on September 30th.  That was yesterday.

And I didn't send them the book.

I decided that I'm going into a different direction altogether and that the book that's due to come out in 2017 isn't going to be conducive to what I'll be doing at that time in my life.  A friend of mine gave me a really good idea as to what to do with that book.  You'll know more next week.

But it'll be a really powerful and nice way to end this chapter in my life, once and for all.  (Again, more on this next week.)

In the meantime, hold tight as I reveal more and more about what's coming up for ALL of us as the weeks tick on.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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