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Wednesday, September 23 2015

I had an email altercation with probably one of my oldest students in my student clan.
And not old by being around the longest but old as in...well, old.

Not that I have an issue with people of ANY age trying to re-direct their financial
path into something that is better than what they have now but old is MORE than
a state of physical well-being.  Old is a mental thing too.

As with this student who...pissed me off beyond belief.

I wrote a little thing in memory of the tragedy that happened on 9-11 just to offer
some console in remembrance of that horrible day that we all remember like it
happened yesterday.

So...what do you know when I have ONE student -- and let me be clear -- this was
only ONE student who actually had a problem with what I wrote that day.  Please
note that when I send email blasts out, they go out to over 60,000 people.  But
there's always that ONE that wants to create havoc with any given thing I write.

Normally it doesn't phase me when people chime in with their nonsensical
comments and opinions about things.  I've found that it's much easier for people
to blast back to me from the safe secure location of their keyboard behind their
computer screen, saying things that they wouldn't dare say to someone else's face.

Which is a little ball-less, if you ask me.

But anyway, this one particular student had said some things that I find to be
repulsive at best.

You see, when I sent out that email blast, it suggested that we are the greatest. in Americans.

Because no matter how many trials and tribulations we have as a country including
all the little things that we like to bitch about (politicians, the economy, etc.), we
don't have a bad deal being lucky enough to live here if you really think about it.

And let me remind you...NOWHERE is perfect, to be perfectly clear.  There are 
some places better than others and I would classify living in the United States as
one of those "better-than-most" areas to live in the world.  For many of us, the USA
is "better-than-all" places to live but...of course, that's just a matter of personal

But here's what pisses me off.

When you have someone living here in the United States and actually stating that
the USA ain't so great.  Yeah?  Then get the f*** and don't let the door hit you when
you leave.

As was exactly what I told this student of mine who had the audacity to state that
we suck as a country.  That's great.  But then get the hell out.  Like right now!

What did she say exactly?  A lot of things that I'd rather not repeat here otherwise
you'd get just as mad as I did, maybe even worse...possibly forming a lynch mob
fully equipped with lit stumps of wood to seek her out to hang her.

And who is this woman?  Well, she lives in California and speaks with that slight
Madonna-esque accent as if she's from somewhere else except, in this woman's case,
she actually IS from somewhere else.  (Madonna, on the other hand, is from the
Midwest but just pretends she's British.)

After I told this woman to get the hell out of my country if she wanted to sit there
and criticize everything about it, she sends me some other such nonsense of some
history lesson dating back to the 1300s about...some irrelevant bullsh** in which
case my response to her and every other time-waster is...

This is what I told her:

If you only spent more time on growing your business including (and especially)
real estate'd be a freaking multi-millionaire already!!

I think this relates to all of us now in that how much time are we wasting?  With
thinking about, acting on, researching things that aren't designed to get us anywhere
in life?  We're all guilty of these time-sucking activities whether it's Facebook,
playing Candy Crush on your iPhone...or worse offenses like signing up for
and prowling on Ashley Madison.

People aren't lazy.  Well, some people are.  But most people are just easily distracted.
There's a reason for this, as far as I can tell.  It's easy to lack focus when you don't
really know what you're supposed to be focused on.

You see, recently I decided that I'm ready for a major 180-degree overhaul for
what I've been doing lately with Global Success.  I've been putting it off, shoving
it to the back-burner annually for years now...and now realize that it's time to start
re-directing myself.

In a nutshell:  It's time to focus on those who want to do something and get rid of
everyone else.  And when I say everyone else, I mean everyone else!  Tire kickers.
Gone.  Time wasters.  Gone.  Bad apples who want to insult me for no other reason
than because they hate themselves and want to exude hatred toward everyone.
Double gone.

For those of you who know you want to do something but don't know what that
may be, seriously...FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY!

As we roll into a highly profitable booming economy as the upcoming years unfold,
making money will become easier and easier even for those who have the most
mundane and mediocre product and sales pitch to go along with it.  But the bottom
line is that you actually have to have something to sell people, units to rent to
tenants, and a workable way to make money otherwise you're not going to profit
like the rest of us.

The cool thing about right now as I start lining up to enter 2016 with a new set
of products to offer only my most serious students, I'm starting to let go of a lot
of my inventory for 2 reasons:

1)  I'm moving my office...again.  I downsized from a ridiculously huge building
of more than 4,000 square feet more than a year ago.  But I took the downsizing
way too far and now I'm super cramped in this small office.  Time to up-size again.
Therefore, before I have my staff start boxing stuff up, I want to get rid of it out
of my warehouse.

2)  I'm starting to create the 2016 versions of my best-selling courses, namely the
Apartment Building Cash Flow System and my Build Business Credit FAST!
which will both have different names come next year.  I realized as I'm upgrading
these courses that I want to do a major overhaul on all of my courses and products
which means that the ones I have now must go.

Enter your "last chance" opportunity to get any of my products this low...

I'm offering an Inventory Blow Out which will allow you to get the last handful of
products that I have left in my warehouse for a basement-bottom discount.  Here's
the link:


Please note that even though this promotion doesn't end until next week, we've
ALREADY sold out of a couple of our courses.  So, check out the link above and
get your hands on what I have left at a steep discount before it's all gone!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you want to profit from our upcoming booming economy, you need to get
your action plan moving forward right now.  I have the tools you need to make this
happen.  CLICK HERE NOW!

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