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Friday, September 11 2015
I get so tired of people who complain about this great country of ours.  Sure, there are things that could use drastic improvement but...we live in an awesome country with LOTS of opportunities, benefits, and freedom that simply don't exist in many other areas of the world.
And we can never forget the trials and tribulations we've been through together as a nation, including and especially 9/11.
Whatever you think of the United States and Americans as a whole, you can't help but to see the resilience we have as a people while, even still, always extending kindness to others.
Instead of looking at the things we aren't, look at the awesome things we are as a people.
Instead of looking at our faults, look at our courage, innovation, and power that we exude as a nation.
Instead of finding everything wrong with the USA, recognize the things that are right with our country.
And always feel blessed that we get to be a part of something so extraordinary that, ideally, will just keep getting better and better as our young country manages to figure out how to do things a little better with each passing year.
Let us honor the past while feeling grateful for the present and having the highest of ambitions for the future...
As only WE can.  As Americans.
God Bless America!
And May God Bless YOU!
Monica Main
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