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Sunday, September 13 2015
More than a couple of years ago I was in Michigan around the holiday season shopping at a Kohl's.  I was checking out when I had an encounter with a student of mine who happened to be a cashier at this particular Kohl's location.  He asked if I was the "real" Monica Main.  I suppose I could have screwed with him and said..."No, I'm the fake Monica Main" (whatever the hell that would mean) but I didn't.
So after I left the store, I started thinking about it.  I made a "public" email blast offering to this fellow (who was wearing a name tag that suggested that his name was Victor) a free seat at my then upcoming Boot Camp Seminar which happened to be in Detroit.
But he never responded.
In fact, when he was talking to me, he stated that he got "all" of my emails.
So...why was it that -- after about 3 or 4 public email blasts to get this "Victor's" attention -- he never responded.
For a FREE seat at the then-upcoming seminar event??
Did he not really read all of my emails as he claimed?
Or was his name not really Victor and he was borrowing somebody else's name tag that day for his cashier shift at Kohl's because he forgot his name tag at home?
Or was he just shy and didn't want to contact me?
It's very rare that I offer opportunities like this to people but, for a brief second, I thought that there could have been some universe synchronicity going on for this Victor guy.
I mean, nobody recognizes me in public.  I've had only one other person approach me and recognize me in my entire life.  So I figured...this must be a sign.  Right?
All these years later, Victor never contacted me.  Never called my office.  Never emailed.
So I decided, just for the pure hell of it, to call out to Victor one last time all these years later.  I'm looking for the Victor that I met who is (or was) a cashier at Kohl's in the Westland Mall to see if Victor would like to come to my upcoming Detroit Boot Camp Seminar on October 23rd and 24th for free!
Victor, where the f*** are you, buddy??  If you're Victor, email me at and tell me where the hell have you been, dude!  (And by the way, the REAL Victor will be able to tell me who I was with that day so I'll be able to weed out any non-Victor free-seminar claimers who try to email me. ONLY VICTOR from THAT Kohl's needs to email me please.)
For the rest of you, I still want to see you in Detroit on October 23rd and 24th.
Here's why:
This is an Underground Secret Event.  At these events, I ALWAYS give out way more powerful, exciting and kick-ass information than I do at other events because -- not only do I talk about never-before-divulged information -- I present once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to ONLY those who attend these events.
Now, you're probably thinking that this is going to be yet another event where I'll have a partnership opportunity.
But that's where you would be incorrect.  At least there isn't going to be an opportunity that you're USED to seeing.  This is going to be...TOTALLY DIFFERENT than anything presented before.
Then...I'm doubling it up and offering ANOTHER opportunity that has NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL ESTATE that is a HUGE money-maker.
Again, only for those who ATTEND the event.
This event is about Aggressive Income ONLY.  We'll be talking about non-real estate Aggressive Income Businesses (Day One) and real estate Aggressive Income Strategies (Day Two).
Some of this will blow your mind.
I was going through a PowerPoint for the event that I created yesterday and I'm like..."Holy sh**!  I've never actually COVERED this strategy before."
And I thought I had.  Years ago.  Buried among other very powerful real estate investing strategies at the time.
But it was never covered, never revealed.  And I was shocked!
And this strategy for no-cash-no-credit real estate investing will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF completely and totally!
Now the bad news:  I am SOLD OUT on Platinum VIP (although I'm taking a waiting list).
But the good news:  I have General Admission tickets for an ultra-low price that will blow your mind.
Unfortunately, this pricing deal ENDS on Tuesday, September 15th at 5pm Pacific Time.
That means you have to ACT NOW or you'll lose out!!
Here's the link to jump on this low pricing deal now:
Remember, YOU change your life.  You can't wait around for life to change your circumstances for you because you'll end up nowhere while dying of old age, hating life all the while.
And it doesn't have to be that way.
The economy is heating up and it's getting easier and easier to make money have to get out there and do something to collect what's due to you. And it all starts with understanding and implementing a SYSTEM for success which is exactly what I'll be revealing to you on October 23rd and 24th.
See you there!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.   A lot of things are going to be changing for 2016.  There will be fewer opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs who didn't start now to get into the game.  We both know that you have to get out there if you want your slice of the financial pie.  What are you waiting for??  Let's do this now!  CLICK HERE to get started!
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