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Monday, September 21 2015

Raccoons are ripping up my front yard in the wee hours of every freaking morning.
Coincidentally, I just paid $2,000 for a landscaper to make my front lawn all nice
with new shrubs, bushes, plants, etc.  Now it looks like the Tasmanian Devil tore
through my front grass.  WTF??

Funny.  I was just talking about scavengers recently and now I have a band of
furry ones that are now making my lawn life miserable.  I guess I should just stop
complaining now because it's getting me exactly nowhere.

So today I went on Amazon and bought some coyote/fox urine crystals because I
found out that these little critters are deathly afraid of these animals.  I'll let you
know if these urine crystals do anything.  Or if it was just a ploy to extract $30 off
my credit card for the purchase of...basically hard crystallized piss in a bottle.

Back to perspective...real perspective!

Okay, so I had a scare last week.  You haven't heard from me in a little while and
there's a reason for that.  My daughter was very sick last week.  She had a fever
that just didn't go away that fluctuated between 101 and 103.  All week!  It was
the sickest I had ever seen her.  Finally her pediatrician gave her a super strong
dose of antibiotics that, by Day 3 (yesterday) started kicking in.

Man, was I worried about my little girl!!  (Even worse, her dad didn't see her the
entire time she was sick.  He called once or twice but never came to see her.  How
that will play on her psyche in the years to come...the piece of sh**.)

And all that puts things into perspective really fast.  When your child is really sick,
well-being dangling in the balance.

Forget about the creatures ripping up my lawn or how my boiler's pilot light went
out this morning and I had to take a cold shower...or how I'm on the verge of being
fined by my water company because of using too much water in a drought.

Or how since Lea left I'm still trying to find a balance within my office here.

Or the 900 other things eating away at my personal life like a vicious cancer.

Maintain priorities.  Stay focused on what's important, whatever that is to you.

As we pan out from our minuscule personal lives and start looking at what's going
on nationally then, panning out again, globally...seriously.  Do any of us really have
it that bad?  Yes, I have pesky varmints ripping up my grass every day and a variety
of other things that I'd rather not have going on in my life.

But is it ever that bad?

This brings me to some important things that you should know.  First off, I'm
almost done with my book.  I technically "finished" it late last night and I'll be
adding a few things to it that I want to make sure is in there.  I hit 305 pages.
There will probably be more but that's what I have so far.  I'm looking at
releasing this book in October and it's my best work, by far.  Very informative.

In the meantime, I'm looking at moving my office/warehouse by the end of
the year, as I can't take another minute in this cramped space anymore.  So,
being that I decided there will be a 2016 update on most of my courses, this
means that 2015 inventory has to go, especially before we start boxing stuff up
for the move.

And that means a deal for you.  Click here for huge discounts on my inventory:

Now, even though there is an "end" date to this blow out which is next week,
I have quite a few super hot courses and seminar video sets that I only have
VERY FEW in stock.  And the way the system is set up, once the last one sells
out, you get a nice SOLD OUT notice and you will be unable to purchase it.

Whenever I put up these blow out links, I usually sell out in a few days.  Some
items will sell out today.  So...if you're one of those Last Minute Charlies who
wait until 4:59 p.m. on the day of the deadline, I can guarantee you that most of
the stuff will be gone and ALL of the good stuff will have been sold out by then.

If you have any questions, please call 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you're one of those people who haven't been able to purchase some of
my courses and seminars on DVD because of the higher price tag, now is the time.
In 2016 I'll be increasing the prices (for some courses the increase will be dramatic)
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