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Friday, August 28 2015
So...for those of you who know my assistant Lea, today is her last day.  Again!
Yes, she "retired" last fall only to come back to work at Global Success in January of this year.
Then suddenly yesterday she springs it on me that...well, today would be her last day, as she's
starting a new job on Monday.  At double the salary she was making here with me and with all
of the benefits, sick days, vacation pay, and all the other stuff that she wanted and I didn't give
to her.  Mostly because we run a very small company here and I aim to make my stuff affordable
for everyone so...that means cutting corners, unfortunately.
So..."Good-bye again, Lea."
And onto greener pastures she goes.  This time it's for good.
What Lea doesn't realize is that she had a specific wealth attraction technique at work.  And
she was none the wiser to it.
You see, in the past month I noticed a "shift" in her thinking.  It may or may not have been
conscious on her part.  Who knows?  All I know is that she went from an "Average Joe" thinker
who believed that, perhaps, outside influences were responsible for the type of life that she
was living.
And then, maybe I finally rubbed off on her because she started to think a little differently.  
I realized this in a conversation I had with her about, well...none other than one of our
"brilliant" students who absorbed a ridiculous amount of time with her on the phone that
was probably 100% in vein.
I realized that she finally understood how success works when she said to me, "Doesn't he
realize that he has to put the work in and DO SOMETHING to get the success that he is looking
for?  Some of these people are lazy and don't want to do the work.  If they don't want to do the
steps, they can't be successful."
Amen to that!
She, like me, have found despondent levels of frustration with some of my students who
simply want someone to send them a check for doing nothing or for watching TV all day.
And dealing with a lot of people like that all day well...SUCKS HARD!
So...where is Lea going?  She's going to work at a commercial bank in the 1031 Exchange
department.  All they do is worth with commercial accounts including commercial real estate.
In other words, she'll be dealing with the movers and the shakers of the real estate world now.  
She's leaving behind the lazy tire kicker students of Global Success who call her up because
they can't figure out how to turn on their computer to search for properties online or they need
an explanation as to what Excel is because they've apparently been living under a rock for the
past 20 years.  (And maybe they should just STAY under that rock!)
Lucky Lea!
And pretty soon, lucky me.  (You'll understand what I'm talking about as I reveal clues and
details between now and the end of this year.)
Of course, that doesn't constitute ALL of my students.  You know what they say, though:
The rotten apple spoils the bunch.
So, as I move into the last leg of 2015, I'm creating ways where I can work with my smartest,
most dedicated, willing-to-work-for-success crowd while alleviating EVERYONE ELSE from
the pack.
And I mean everyone who doesn't fall into that mentality.
This means that anyone who is NOT on board with being fully committed to finding
success in their lives will be given the boot.  Period.  No exceptions.
For those of you who want to stay on board, you're going to have to start from the bottom.
You have to start from scratch.
Listen to this audio seminar explaining everything RIGHT NOW:
This is where success starts.  And like with any systematic approach to anything, success
and wealth has a systematic approach as well.  Click on the link above to understand
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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