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Monday, August 31 2015
Today is trash day.  I rolled my barrels out last night because the trash dudes come early on Mondays.
So, what do I see when I come out this morning?  Trash everywhere!  I thought about the crows who
like to pick through the trash but a crow, as far as I can tell, is way too small to pull up and shred
a bag with 25 lbs. of trash.  Unless the crows are on steroids, I'm thinking that there are these trash
scavengers that dig through people's trash in the wee hours of the morning looking for...who the hell
knows that they look for?
This is between me having to dodge my maids who come to service my house and in when I put
donation items out in my driveway for the local charity group that drives around.  If I leave anything
on a day the charity joint comes to get the stuff, they usually have nothing to get since the maids
will generally steal the donation pile in its entirety.  And I'm out my tax write-off.
What a way to live!  Digging through trash, taking other people's left-overs, taking the crumbs left
over by society.
Yet there are so many people who settle for the "crumbs" in life.  Maybe that describes you.  No,
you probably don't go digging through somebody else's trash like a raccoon and 3am but instead
perhaps you are working at a job where you're not getting paid enough...and you know you're
worth much more.
Or maybe you've been dabbling in real estate investing or trying to start some home-based business
yet it's not getting off the ground for a variety of different reasons and obstacles.
There's a reason you're not where you want to be in life.  And it may or may not be your fault,
depending on the facts in your case.  It's neither her nor there.  Who cares if it's your fault or 
somebody else's fault.  The fact is, YOU have to fix it.  And now you can!
Years ago when a new student would find me, they would ask: "Monica, you have so many
different courses and options for success.  Where do I start?"
I USED to tell people to start with looking at your personal credit.  If your mid-FICO isn't 700
then fix and rebuild your personal credit.  THEN build your business credit so that you can start
accessing unsecured BLOCs and business credit cards.  As long as your FICO is over that 700 mark,
you'll quickly be able to collectively access $100,000 in unsecured business credit.
Then I'd tell my students to get involved in acquiring their cash flowing real estate OR start a
home-based business for cash OR BOTH!
But...that's not what I tell people anymore because I noticed a trend that has been disallowing
a good chunk of my students from realizing their dreams of financial freedom.
I explain all of this in an audio seminar I put together.  CLICK HERE to access it now!
If you have blocks and obstacles including (and especially) the one's you've put there yourself,
you have to get rid if them otherwise you'll never be successful no matter what you do.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  We have VERY FEW seats left for the Detroit event.  CLICK HERE for more information
including a kick-ass video that my video guy, Jesse, put together for me last week.
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