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Tuesday, August 25 2015
I finally found my way back to my favorite donut store at the bottom of the hill where I live.
For those of you who remember, last month I had an altercation with a psychopath in that
very parking lot over a parking spot...and I lived to tell about it.   Barely.  That's how out of
control it ended up getting.
I hadn't been back since thinking that the less-than-savory loser who accosted me was a
regular at that donut joint.  Turns out, the owners (who I know pretty well) had never seen
the guy before or after that day and even remembered the incident.  (Who could forget it?)
I figured the guy couldn't have been from my 'hood.  He was clearly from the other side
of the tracks both physically and mentally.  Again, one of those derelicts who blame life
for how and why his life sucks so bad.  After all, it can't be his own fault that he's such a
loser, right?
It reminds me of my brother who, many of you know, hates my guts for no other reason
than that I'm successful and he's not.  Instead of learning how to become successful, he
consciously chooses to hate me if that miraculously will change his life in
some positive way.
Just last week my brother texted me some rude, mean, and disrespectful message about
how I help everyone but him yet I never hear from the guy.  Lea said she was driving and
actually saw my brother the weekend before last.  Hmmmm...he lives 2 hours away from
me.  I know he went to the local amusement park so...he couldn't drop by to see me just
down the road from the amusement park?  Oh,wait.  That's right.  He doesn't come to me
for ANYTHING unless he needs or wants something.  (Sorry, I forgot.)  And I'm the jerk-off
in this relationship, apparently.
I find it very odd that there are so many people unwilling to do anything for themselves as
they wait around for the next "god" to drop down and save them from...themselves, of all
things.  They won't do anything for themselves.  They won't even take personal responsibility
for their lives.  It's somehow somebody else's job and responsibility to do something FOR them.
Case in point, I described an experience that I had with Donald Trump back in 2003 about
how I saw him humiliate and mortify a beautiful young lady in front of thousands of people;
you wouldn't believe how many hate emails I received for telling my experience about what
had happened way back then.
All from whining, bitching, complaining men no less.  (What a freaking surprise!)
How dare I cut down a guy who is going so "save" America?  (Really?  Do you really believe
that ANYONE can single-handedly "save" America?)  Do you think anyone will actually come
down from the clouds to save you?  As if YOU and ONLY YOU are all that is on their minds?
(Is anyone out there really that stupid to believe that??  Well, based on the emails I received,
I guess so!  Sad...very sad!)
First off, I never "cut down" anybody.  I merely stated my experience which is 100% true and
And second, I have to say that I'm offended by the emails I did receive because it just goes to
show that there are so many men still out there that are perpetuating racism and discrimination
against women.  Here I described a TRUE EVENT of what I personally witnessed and I'm
somehow the "bad guy."  I described how someone who is running for president had mortified
a woman in public and I get hate emails.  From men, no less.  (Again, no surprise.)
What century are we in?  I guess I forgot because it doesn't seem like we're progressing as a 
species yet.  I think we're actually going backwards!
But back to what's really happening here with these weak-minded people...
This goes back to what I keep saying over and over again.  Opportunity is here.  It's ALWAYS
BEEN HERE!  If you're going to keep focusing on what's wrong with everything while
foolishly waiting around for one single person to make your life personally better, you're
going to die a very disappointed individual.  Nobody is going to "save" YOU except YOU!
Period.  No exceptions.
Nobody is going to make your life better or successful EXCEPT YOU!  You're an adult.
You're a grown up, aren't you?  And if your mama never told you that YOU are the one 
who has to look out for yourself then I'll be your surrogate mama and tell you:  YOU have
to look out for yourself.  YOU are responsible for what happens in your life.  YOU have to
decide and take action to make the changes you want in life.  Nobody is going to do anything
for YOU except for what YOU can personally do for yourself.
And stop blaming other people and outside circumstances for how or why your life isn't the
way you think it's supposed to be.  Success is an INSIDE JOB.  Start working from the inside
if you don't like what you see on the outside.
Politicians run for office because they care about themselves.  They're in it for their own
selfish reasons whether it's ego, greed, power, control...whatever.  They're certainly NOT
in it for YOU.  And you're pretty f****** naive if you believe that ANY of them are doing
anything for YOU without their own selfish motives in the way first.
YOU have to create your own cause FOR YOU.  And waiting around for someone else to
create the life you want FOR YOU is a fool's waiting game that results in exactly NOTHING
for you!
I should mention that 2016 is going to be a big year for me...and maybe you too depending
on where your head is at.  I'm on a campaign to weed out any deadbeat tire-kicker do-nothing
"students" so that I can take the cream-of-the-crop with me to do great things together.
(I noticed that sending emails out that easily offend the whiner-bitcher-complainer crowd is
doing wonders on getting rid of these deadbeats off my list in and of itself.)
And I'm kicking off 2016 a little early by setting up during the last quarter of 2015.  That
quarter, if you have your calendar, is starting in October.  (I may let out "clues" to what
great things are ahead slightly before then.)
For those of you who want to take advantage of some million-dollar ideas, plans, and
strategies for 2016 and you haven't registered for the October Detroit event, please note
that Platinum VIP is SOLD OUT.  I have a handful of Gold VIP seats left.  And I opened
up General Admission to make it super affordable for those of you who want to come but the
VIP tickets were too high.  Go to this link to find out just how affordable General Admission
You only have a limited time to get these seats.  I'm putting a strict deadline on it before the
price goes up...and that is IF I still have any seats left by the time the deadline comes around.
Regardless of whether you are the one who takes the time to empower yourself or whether you
just complain about how bad things are, take note that you are more in control of the success (or
failure) that you experience than you think.  Changing everything around for yourself is nothing
more than making a decision to change and then to implement some type of workable strategy to
get the life you want.  It seriously is no more difficult than that.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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