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Sunday, August 16 2015

I first met Donald Trump back in 2003 at a real estate expo in LA.  He didn't leave a good impression.  I found him to be arrogant, acrimonious, overly aggressive, and bossy.

He hasn't changed at all.

But the moment that really told me who he was as a person was this:

A very attractive young woman asked him what she should do first since she was interested in getting involved in real estate investing.  He told her, "Don't bother.  Find a rich man to take care of you instead."

I've hated him ever since.

This morning I thought about this:  What if I had the opportunity to ask him ONE question on national TV?  What would I ask him?

And I thought about it.  I would ask him ONE thing:  "Mr. Trump, can we see your birth certificate?  We, as Americans, have the right to know for sure whether you're an American or not.  After all, you don't expect us to simply take you WORD for it, do you?  So, when can you show us all your birth certificate?"

With that, I started laughing, providing me with about 10 seconds worth of cheap, cheesy entertainment for myself in the shower.

This question serves one purpose: to ruffle his feathers.  After all, he'd be thinking, "How dare you?"  Point served.

Well, you COULD be from somewhere else like Canada or England or Australia.  After all, maybe his mother was pregnant, they took a family vacation, and out popped The Donald.  We don't really KNOW where he was born, do we?  And we can't really just take his WORD for it, right?

Personally I don't care where he was born.  I'm not planning on voting for him anyway. He could have been born in...Kenya...for all I care.  While I'm all for finding a smart business man or woman to run the country -- as I think it's what the United States needs -- Donald Trump wouldn't be the guy.  He is full of ego and this is solely the intent for this race. Ego. A feather in his cap.  He has no interest in helping people except for himself.

One thing I try to relay to my students OVER AND OVER AGAIN is that it doesn't matter who is in office.  Nobody who ends up there -- whether it's Trump or Hillary or Sanders or Rubio or anyone else -- is going to help you better your life in any way.  The national debt will still keep getting higher, the middle class will keep getting squeezed out, the value of our dollar will keep dropping, and things will keep getting "worse" on the political front as they continue turning on themselves.  Read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell if you don't know what I'm talking about.

You need to look out for yourself.  You need to see every advantage that there is in our great country while taking every disadvantage and turning it around for yourself.  Nobody will EVER magically come into office, wave a wand, and make everybody's life full of rainbows with overflowing pots of gold in their backyards.  Never gonna happen so stop thinking it will with the "next guy" (or gal).  Bottom line: they're all the same and they're not in politics to make YOUR life better.  They're in politics to make THEIR lives (including those who belong to the "elite") better.

With every disadvantage in this country, there are still a lot of advantages that you can benefit from.  But it all starts with understanding WHAT you need to do and, most importantly, getting off your ass and doing something!  Nothing happens by dreaming, wishing, and praying.

Click on this link and listen to a 10-minute audio seminar right now:

Action is the ONLY way to make changes in your life.  Having a plan and then taking action can change anyone's life completely around within only a couple of months.  You have every advantage.  You are (presumably) in the United States and you speak English. So, the only one stopping you from having everything you want in life is...YOU!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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