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Friday, August 14 2015


Some of you are wearing me down to the bone, let me tell you.

Like this one f***** idiot in one of my mentorship groups -- a freaking GUY, of course -- who wants to make every excuse as to why he "doesn't understand" something or why he "can't do" something.  I've gone above and beyond with email consulting, even had him call into the office several times to get the special hand-holding he needs for using the Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE), it's too easy to keep complaining rather than taking the help that is offered because, the reality is, he doesn't want to be successful.  He just wants to complain.

Again, I seem to notice this pattern with these very weak, no balls men who keep showing up over and over again.  I can't even remember the last time I had any of my female students flare up with a complex of apathy or outright excuse-making.  

I'm thinking of buying a very large box of oversized tampons and I'll start sending these 10-inch tampons to every guy who complains about every little thing...telling him to jam it up his ass. That'll definitely "cure" their complaining, as they'll finally have something a little more pressing and legitimate to complain about.  Hell, I'll even offer to fly out on my dime to shove it up his ass FOR him.  And no, there won't be any lube offered in this complimentary tampon-ass jamming service.

Years ago (circa 2001) when I would do direct mail campaigns, I would actually pay extra to have all women eliminated from my mailing lists.  This would cost me an extra $5 per thousand names.  Back then I found that very few (if any) woman I would market to had almost no interest in building any kind of investment empire for herself and including the ladies in my direct mail campaigns proved to be a total waste of money.

Fast forward to about 2006 where there was a complete 180-degree change in the attitude among women that happen to get my mailer inadvertently; I found that there was a huge change in how they felt about wanting to take the bull by the horns and take a crack at doing the business.  They would call me, enthusiastic and ambitious, willing to do whatever it took to change their lives.

What a difference only 5 years makes.

Since then, this "girl power" has gotten more and more aggressive as more women are ready to make their financial lives happen. You go, ladies!  No, life isn't about finding some man to take care of you.  In order to truly empower yourself, you can make money on your own and then you rule the roost.

Did you know that I've made more money than all of the men I've dated and have been married to you...combined?  And it's relatively effortless as far as I see it.

You see, back when I was a know-it-all teenager, I used to tell my parents (in a rather snotty manner, I might add) that it's "easy" to start a business with nothing.  My dad, of course, argued the latter with me, stating that this just wasn't the case in the real world.

Now, most teenagers are wrong about...well, most everything.  But one thing you have to admire about the teen spirit is that their heads haven't been overly brainwashed by too many outside influences, namely the burden and disappointment of life...not yet anyway. There can be power in blindly thinking you know something when you're 15 years old, even if it mostly isn't true for the majority of how the real world works.

And that's ALWAYS been my belief system that just gets stronger and stronger by the day. It's EASY to make money and it's EASY to start a business with nothing.

I've proven this to be a REAL FACT over and over again.  This started as a "foolish" and blind belief system I somehow got into my head in my early teen years and it's been substantiated as a fact time and time again, reinforcing this believe even stronger.

My first multi-million-dollar business cost me a few hundred dollars to start, in which I earned working as a waitress.  I was 19 when I started the business.  By the time I was in my early 20s, I was making about $60,000 a week.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I averaged $60,000 a f****** week from a simple mail order business.  This was BEFORE the Internet, BEFORE social media bullshit, BEFORE email marketing, and even BEFORE I could get a merchant account to take credit cards.  I didn't even have a phone number for people to call.  I had them send me the order in the form of a check or money order.

And in case you're wondering what $60,000 a week ads up to be, that's over $3,000,000 a year.

I was barely 22 years old when I was hitting these numbers.

Of course, being as naive as I was at that time, I ended up losing everything including my business.  So what?  I just started over.

My next business was, again, started from scratch a handful of years after that.  I had a low-limit credit card ($1,200) and I started another small mail order business with a few hundred dollars borrowed from that credit card.

And within a year, I had that business up into the millions...grossing over $4 million in its second year.

Again, it was started from "nothing."

But I am a different person than these whiny students of mine who want to make every excuse in the book as to why they CHOOSE to be mentally challenged.  

Instead of seeing an obstacle, I see a way around the blockage.  I figure out a way that it CAN be done instead of lining up a legal page full of reasons as to why something can't work.

And I guess that's the difference between ME and some of my bitching, complaining male students that I seem to have daily struggles with these days. (This is going to end very soon, by the way.  I'm making some drastic changes that will be announced in December.  Those of you coming to Detroit will know sooner, as I'll be announcing my exciting new plans there.)

This is also the difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE.  You create your own failure by finding reasons as to why something isn't possible in your life.  But when you stop telling yourself, "I can't" and replace it with, "I can" then everything starts to shift.

Then be willing to roll up your sleeves and get on with it.  Start doing something. The universe can't send you checks from the clouds.  You have to sell something to people or get out there and do something to get the money rolling in.

Pretty simple, right?

One of my most successful teaching tools are my mentorship groups because they force my students to go out into the real world over the course of several weeks and actually start doing things out there.  These groups are 100% online but they make you do things to get your business kicked into gear.

Since it's "back to school fever" right now, it's time for you to go back to school too. Time for you to learn something new and to get the life you've been talking about for real this time.

Check this out:

You'll be able to get yourself back in school with a variety of mentorship groups I have going on between now and through January 2016 at a basement-bottom deal!

You don't learn anything new unless you make the effort and you are willing to do something about your life the way it is now.  If you're not happy with it, MAKE THE CHANGES.  The changes don't happen by themselves.  Wishing for a better life will never happen unless you DO something about it.

And that starts today.  Start doing something about it right now.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have room in our Detroit event in October.  Platinum VIP is sold out but there is still room for Gold VIP:

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