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Tuesday, July 28 2015

If you must know, I'm playing hooky for a week so I'm not in the office.  I'm actually in the Caribbean right now.  But I can't help but to check my emails every day that I'm gone.  And I just got an email from my investor partner stating that they just closed on a $4.85 million deal with one of my students.


So...congrats to my students (it was a husband/wife team) and my investor for making this amazing deal happen.  It was a beautiful deal...a once-in-a-lifetime pocket listing that was found by my students who put the time and effort into doing a mailing campaign to find it.  This deal will net my students' $8,560 per month in their pockets for their partnership percentage.  Not bad!

Between some of the overflow from last year's Detroit event and the deals that came in from this year's Vegas event, in this round we now have 6 deals under contract, 1 that just closed, and there will be another 22 to 25 that will go under contract in the next 30 days to come. Out of 254 deals that came in, 121 were sent over to my investors with complete CFEs and mini biz plans.  So...we'll see how things play out in the weeks to come.  I'll keep you posted.

I have to admit, I'm exhausted.  (Hence the vacation I'm on right now...and my LAST get-away until mid-December.  Poor me.)  Doing partnership deals...well, sucks.  Really and truly.  I hate it just because of the amount of work it entails.

Truth be told, I have something that's been on the table with one of my investor partners for a short while that could make a few of my students very wealthy.  But I'm being selfish. I don't want to do the work.  I'm burned out.

This is part of the reason for my vacation right now.  I'm doing some well-needed soul-searching to find out if I want to continue dealing with the frustrating and sometimes disturbing elements of working with my students...or not.

In the meantime, I am committing to at least one more event.  This 2-day seminar is coming up in Detroit on October 23rd & 24th and it's ALL ABOUT Aggressive Income!

Powerful stuff.  Stuff that can make you very wealthy in a very short period of time.

And stuff I've never presented on before!

My early-bird rate is ending soon.  I'm offering an opportunity for you to be able to lock in that early-bird registration rate with a small $100 hold deposit.

But, even better, I'm giving up a mind-blowing bonus that is worth $197 by itself.  And you'll get it shipped to you without paying a dime for it once you put down your $100 hold deposit for the upcoming Detroit event!

What is this bonus?

It'll give you a glimpse into the last 2 real estate investing opportunities left that happen to be about Aggressive Real Estate Investing Strategies.  This set includes a heavy-duty mind-blowing report, a video, and a complete audio seminar that only a handful of my students have been able to listen to.  And it tells you all about the real estate investing trends in 2015 and in the years to come including what to expect and, most importantly, how to profit hand over fist.

Click on this link to find out more:

In the meantime...

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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