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Sunday, July 19 2015

I'm in a bad mood.  I'll just come right out and say it.  No need to candy-coat anything.

Over the past week I've been getting emails from a whiny, bitchy, complaining GUY in one of my mentorship groups.  I seem to be attracting the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the male species lately and I think it's time I take cover in a cave for awhile 'til this madness passes.

Not that these stupid idiots will disappear or anything (unfortunately) but at least it'll give me time to collect some mental, physical and psychological artillery to continue with this never-ending battle.

It seems that this one thorn-in-my-side mentorship group student who will remain nameless not only is a complete dummy but seriously wants to create his own obstacles in life...out of nothing.  In fact, the majority of the time when people bring "problems" or "challenges" to me, it's nothing more than something they created out of thin air as a complete figment of their imagination.

Such as this dope in my mentorship group...

First of all, in addition to complaining about every single assignment, finding some type of fault in it (when the "fault" is his laziness and lack of desire to complete such assignments), and creating reasons as to why he can't or shouldn't do his assignments (because apparently he's PMS-ing and needs a tampon stuffed up his ass) seems that he is insistent on inventing phantom reasons as to why life needs to be difficult.

For example, he keeps telling me that a "double-close" is illegal.  Hmmmm...I've indicated SEVERAL TIMES that a "double-close" is simply SLANG for something that's REALLY CALLED a "back-to-back" close.  This means that you buy the property then resell it to someone else within a day or so.  Nothing illegal about buying and reselling a property unless you're in a state like Texas that requires you to hang onto your newly purchased property for a year before reselling it. Otherwise, there is NO LAW AGAINST buying and then reselling your property to someone else.

It would seem that he's too busy doing all this "online research" finding all the "facts" through online bloggers (who know pretty much nothing about nothing anyway) instead of being proactive in the business of investing as he SHOULD be.

Next, he's claiming that doing letter campaigns by U.S. Mail is considered SPAM and that's illegal too!

Holy shit!  Now the guy is claiming that mailing letters to people is SPAM.  Hate to break it to you, pal, but ANTI-CAN SPAM laws apply to EMAIL ONLY, dummy. Has nothing to do with buying mailing lists and mailing a letter to a property owner. If this was the case, every catalog company sending catalogs to people from a mailing list would be cited by the FTC for violating SPAM laws and every mail order business would be bankrupt by now.

Again, spending a lot of time chasing his tail doing hours and hours of meaningless and baseless online "research" (INSTEAD of doing his mentorship group assignments) just to fall into the throes of a blogger website which, again, is written by a know-nothing "writer" who makes money entrapping people into his/her site just to make money on Google Adsense.  So, they essentially write about ANYTHING just to attract traffic and many of these blog sites have very inaccurate information.  And for those who think they're doing "studious smart research" by doing "online research," I'm telling you now that at least 75% of the stuff you'll read online is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

So, stop doing it!  Stop getting your "facts" online because they aren't facts!!

This is PROOF that people simply create their own obstacles...obstacles that simply AREN'T THERE TO BEGIN WITH.

Here are a few more examples of people who I've recently dealt with in the past couple of weeks who simply want to create obstacles that were never there, clearly designating their "path to failure" completely by their own doing and unnecessarily at that!!

1)  I was trying to put in an ALL CASH offer on a property deal.  I had the offer in hand, legit proof of funds by showing my bank statements, and I wanted to offer 95% of what the asking price was and...well, the listing agent simply said that she'd "prefer not to deal with an out of state investor" and stopped returning my phone calls.  Huh?  Who gives a shit if I'm from Mars?  It was an EASY COMMISSION for her, she'd get the entire commission without a split with a buyer's agent because she was just dealing with me direct, and all she had to do was take my email (with POF and LOI attached) and forward it to the seller without getting off her lazy ass!  And she refused to do it.  Again, creating obstacles that simply aren't there.  She lost about $40,000 on that deal because of creating "issues" that only existed in her pea-brain mind.

2)  I'm in the process of booking a special professional for an event I want to do in the first quarter of 2016.  It's a very unique event that I've never done before so I took the time out to put my feelers out for an additional professional on top of the one I already have secured just to have a "back up" in case I need it.  I let her know that it was a corporate event that that she'd stand to make thousands of dollars off it.  When she found out that I'd have at least 25 Platinum VIPs (that she'd have to consult with), she decidedly told me that she was booked.  Mind you, I never told her when the event was but that it would be 10 months out. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to make a minimum of $5,000 on the event, she decided that she was "busy" instead.  Easy money that came to her...yet she created a reason as to why she didn't want it.  I guess she's happy making $50 here and $100 there, struggling her ass off with each one of these "hits" when they come instead of getting the motherload dropped in her lap.  Hey, some people just can't stand getting an easy opportunity like that so they have to create invisible obstacles.

3)  I have a handyman who bitches and complains about his boss who is a general contractor.  So, I give him side jobs here and there just to help bolster his side business.  I gave him a very simple job that's right in his wheelhouse: landscaping.  Easy job.  Just dig some holes and drop some bushes in here and there.  He quoted me almost $2,000.  Fine.  I didn't argue.  I'll pay it.  Seems kind of high but I'm trying to help the guy out.  So...what did he do?  He fell off the face of the earth.  Week after week after week -- for 6 freaking weeks now -- I've been waiting for him to plant the bushes.  No call no show.  (And no, I didn't pay him.)  Next time he wants to bitch about his boss, I'll tell him he's lucky he's got a job and he clearly needs the structure of an asshole telling him what to do all day because it's evident that he doesn't have the self-starter ability to get things done on his own. Again, creating his own obstacles to success.

Are you blocking your own success in some way by inventing reasons for failure??

I hope to hell that you're not.  Opportunity is everywhere now.  The economy is taking off like gang-busters and, like Woody Allen says, "Eighty percent of success is showing up!"

So...where are you at?  SHOW UP ALREADY!!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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