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Tuesday, July 14 2015

Yesterday I stopped at my local donut shop at the bottom of the hill from where I live to get a 1/2 dozen donuts and iced coffee with the secret Asian ingredients they put in there to make me feel like I'm on speed all day.

As I come out of the donut shop juggling my coffee, box of donuts and 2 Power Bars, I noticed that this big piece of shit 30-year-old beat up Chevy Suburban is parked so ridiculously close to my BMW that I couldn't realistically get myself and the armful of stuff into the car using the driver's side.

When the driver got out of his shit box, I said, "Could you have spared me just a little more room?"

He flew off the handle, saying..."What about saying 'good morning' or 'how ya doin'?"  Then..."I'm right on my line."  Then..."Hit me, take your best shot."  All within seconds.

I said, "Have a nice day, sir."  And I proceeded to start ignoring him.

He instantly went into a rant about how I'm a loser and a c*** and a bitch and anything else he could think of.  None of that bothers me.  What bothers me (about myself mostly) is that I had no real fear and I didn't care.  Having been in verbally (and even physically) abusive relationships, nothing anyone says to me as a real effect which is probably not a good thing.

But here's what I saw in this guy.

He's clearly over the hill in age, clearly an overweight dumpy white guy wearing a holey Dodger sweatshirt and a dirty baseball cap, driving a total shit box of a car that hadn't seen a car wash in several years, and...clearly purposely parked his shit box so close to me that he was aiming for a confrontation with anybody so that he could take his unconscious anger out on some unsuspecting sucker.

I think he was hoping for a man to confront him.  Probably a high-power exec in a suit driving the BMW so he could pick a fight by purposely giving me 2 inches on the driver's side to get in.  I think he was somewhat disappointed that it was a chick (me) that owned the car.

He was still hoping for a fight which even further clearly identifies him as the loser that he is.

But the fight wasn't about me.  It was about him the whole time, even before he knew who he was subconsciously picking the fight with.  Especially when he saw how old I was.

Here he was feeling like the complete washed up failure that he is and wanting to take it out on someone.

Since it wasn't a man that he could start swinging at (and would probably lie saying that the "other guy" swung first), he probably figured he could still bait me into a fight as a second-best option.

Except that I'm not going to stand there swinging at a fat ass guy in a parking lot over a parking space or anything else for that matter.

Because of this, he felt justified in wanting to keep calling me names.  I could see that he was getting agitated to the point of breaking out into a messy and gross sweat while he was shaking like a leaf, adrenaline pumping heavily through his veins.

I made it clear that he was just a fat, over-the-hill dumpy jealous loser driving a big piece of shit who needed a new wardrobe and to take a hike.  (Hey, there's only so much verbal abuse I was willing to take.)

But just as any losing fight -- verbal or otherwise -- gets old...

There's only so much "F*** you!"

"No, f*** you!"

"No, f*** you!" 

...that you can do back and forth before, becomes a total waste of time.

Then he had to call me a fat ass, as I was getting into my car.  Hmmm...the sliver of space he gave me between my car door and his POS tank he was driving wouldn't allow anyone other than Twiggy (only those of you 40 and over will know who that is) or someone else just as thin to get in. So, I guess I can't be that much of a fat ass.

What he didn't realize was that he was a fraction of an instant away from getting seriously hurt or dying.  As he got closer and closer to my window after I got into my car, even attempting to reach in the driver's side, he didn't know what I was grabbing for...if you know what I mean.  Any further of a reach in where I would have felt my life in danger, it would have been over.  Not for me, but for him.  (No waste of life as I can tell.)

And it would have been completely justifiable.  A 6-foot 300 lb.+ guy coming at me through my window in a parking lot...and I'm barely 5'8" and around 160 lbs. trying to get away from the situation by backing out.

Case in point, you never know who has what as far as weapons go so...never assume anything; never assume that the upper scale housewife-looking chick driving in a nice car in a nice neighborhood is just a dumb blonde who will back down when in danger.  She just may have an AK-47 in the backseat, waiting to blow someone's head off.

The real point here is this:  I've found that losers will easily get agitated and just plain pissed off at the success of others, as if it's some type of "stroke of luck" that we got to where we are...and they just missed the boat by a stroke of "bad" luck. They don't realize that people like us work our asses off to get what we have and there is no "luck" to speak of.  When dealing with loose cannons like this, it's evident that they don't know (unfortunately) that THEY THEMSELVES are to blame for their shitty circumstances in life and it has NOTHING to do with anyone else around them.

Of course, they'd never admit to something so mind-blowing because (GASP!) they'd have to actually take personal responsibility for being the grotesque pitiful losers that, again, THEY THEMSELVES created for themselves.

It's just easier to blame the government, rich people, their parents, reality TV, rap music or anything else that makes just as little sense to blame for their lack of success and wealth.

Many of these less-than-savory characters carry anger and hatred for (starting with) themselves and then it parlays into interactions with everyone they meet. They have a chip on their shoulder, lash out whenever they can as only one means of perceived "control," and never take ANY responsibility for anything in their lives.  It's much easier to claim that it's someone else's fault that to do anything about their lives.

Who the hell wants to live like that?

Yes, it's a crappy reality check to look around you and realize that you created everything in your life from your house, your car(s), your relationships, etc.

But it doesn't have to be a "crappy" reality check.  It can be an "exciting" reality check instead.

Since you created THIS...what about simply creating something completely DIFFERENT then??

Good news:  You can "wake up" out of your undesirable circumstances or situation(s) any time you want and create something different.  And there's no limit on what you can create for yourself once you open your mind and have the willingness to take action to get your dream life.

And it can start right here:

The Underground Secret Event.

The deal ends today at 5pm Pacific Time.

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This includes the kick-ass never-before-offered BONUS that will blow your mind, but only if you enroll TODAY by 5pm Pacific Time!

Questions?  Call my office between 9am and 5pm Pacific Time at 661-295-5050.

See you in October in Detroit!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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