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Wednesday, July 08 2015

It never ceases to amaze me on how stupid some of the emails I receive from some of my students.  

So...after I sent my email out about how I'm abandoning the Detroit area for good (in reference to property/real estate deals), I get a bullsh** email from one of my students who started following me back in 2001/2002...long freaking time!

And what does he say exactly?

Something that makes very little sense to those of us with actual brain cells in our heads...

He says, in a nutshell, that I basically deserved taking a loss by being in Detroit because I must be "greedy" by having been there in the first place.


First of all, I didn't take ANY kind of loss.  In fact, I made a ton of money in that market.

Second of all, like everyone else who wanted to see one of America's greatest cities come back to life, so did I.  Detroit was one of our nation's great cities and, believe it or not, was actually one of the most affluent cities in our country at one time.  If you've ever been to Detroit, even recently, you'd see the most amazing architecture in all of America since it is the largest surviving collection of late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century architecture.

In fact, it's the last city in America left with such an incredible and large array of Neo-Classical, Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, Art Deco, and Italian Renaissance (among many other types) of architecture left standing.

Having been in real estate as long as I have, one of my weaknesses is seeing a decrepit building and wanting to return it to its former glory, especially a building that is so beautifully designed and built.  After all, what a waste it is to see these buildings fall apart and remain standing -- barely -- without any hope of every being restored?!  It's like letting all of the hard work of our long-gone ancestors be pissed away in vein.

It should be a crime, really.  This is history.  Our history.  American history.  And it's almost like letting items in a museum be exposed to the elements, ripped apart by local citizens, burned down by bored and unproductive idiots...what a shame!  A crying shame really.

So, that's what I saw in Detroit.  I saw its former glory and I wanted to do my part to help restore it.  This is no different than taking a broken down, oxidized Model T Ford and wanting to restore it.  It's about preserving the past and, at the same time, trying to pave a way to a better future.

But I guess that makes me greedy.  Well, that's according to ONE Numb Skull anyway.

Forget about the fact that I took on a HUGE risk, even brazenly and blatantly ignoring one of my base cardinal real estate investing rules (of never investing in a city of population decline) so that I could make an attempt to make a difference in some small way.  I, like the other millionaires and billionaires investing in Detroit, fantasized about helping to bring a city considered beyond the point of return back onto its feet and even into a state of thriving as it once was back in its heyday.

But, according to Numb Skull, I guess I'm just greedy because I was trying to help make this city a better place for its citizens and for our nation as a whole.

Oh, and by the way, this highly judgmental Numb Skull Dinosaur (who is just too mentally outdated to understand that maybe some people want to do something to help better society) hasn't done a freaking thing himself to (a) create nice yet affordable housing for lower class citizens, (b) done anything to help anyone at all, including himself it seems, and (c) hasn't even purchased a tiny bit of real estate since he's been a student of mine...for fourteen f****** years now!!

Please!  Tell me now...who is being greedy?  If you're not helping, you're hurting.  If you're not contributing to society then you're wasting the resources simply by breathing and drinking all the water.

To top it all off, I get an email from another equally as mentally challenged student who calls me a "drug dealer" because I have a company that sells supplements.


If I really was a drug dealer, I wouldn't have an "open" email inbox to receive his bullsh** emails to begin with.  I'd be running Pfizer instead, making $10 million a year not including annual multi-million-dollar bonuses and stock options.  And I wouldn't be dealing with the likes of him on any level.  My secretary's assistant's secretary wouldn't even be dealing with him.

Strangely enough, I stopped at the store on my way home from the office yesterday to find that, not one but TWO greasy unsightly loser-types in total shit-box cars that were circling my Lincoln Navigator...probably looking for their crack dealer in the grocery store parking lot.  After a few double-takes, I think they quickly realized that I wasn't holding any dope between reading my really lame vanity plate and/or seeing my daughter in her booster seat.

Maybe it's time I move.  Seems like the upper-class neighborhoods are getting just as dicey as some seedy areas of Detroit.

Love the irony, don't you?  ;-)

Speaking of irony, I have my last event for the year taking place in Detroit.  It's an Underground Secret Event and it's all about Aggressive Income Strategies.  Day One is about non-real estate related money-making strategies.  Day Two is about real estate related strategies.

And this will be my last real estate event for at least one year...if not longer because, well people, I'm freaking sick of talking about real estate AND because there's nothing else after October that I'll be able to talk about.  You're either in...or it'll be too late.  Very simple.

Click on this link to listen to a powerful audio on why you need to come to this event:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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