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Saturday, June 06 2015

Today's my brother Jason's birthday.  He turns 39.  To say the least, we are estranged like you wouldn't believe.

And here's why...

I'm successful and he hates me for it.  He's even expressed how much spite and anger he has toward me which is nothing more than pure jealousy.

Even worse, I've shown him how to make money online and he was doing pretty good...for awhile.  Until laziness got the best of him.

You see, my brother loves to live on the government aid system.  He loves getting welfare from the government and having to take no financial responsibility for his life.  And that's pretty freaking pitiful, especially since I've shown him some online money making methods that were so basic that even his narrow-mind could do it.

But the desire for getting a check from the government without having to do anything for it...well, that got the better of him.

People allow for habits to get the better of them.  It's usually the bad habits that redirect our lives in directions that we tell ourselves that we don't consciously want...yet we fall into these strange and dis-empowering ruts that veer us off into directions we know we don't want to go.

So, why is it that we keep doing (or not doing) the things we know we need to do to get to where we need to go?

Human psychology.  People want the least obtrusive, most comfortable way to live their lives.  Changing requires adding something to the regime of our lives that, perhaps, we don't want to do such as exercising or putting forth a few extra hours a week to launch a new business.  It also requires deleting somethings that maybe we don't want to get rid of such as fattening high-sugar foods or cigarettes...dope or liquor.

This is why I tell my students to envision what I call the "New Life" that they want to ultimately get to or who they want to become.  Then work backwards to find the steps needed to get there.

Yes, there will be some sacrifices that have to be made in order to get to where you want to be.  It's up to you to figure out whether the work/reward ratio is worth it to you.  If it's not, you'll have to start telling yourself (starting now) that your going-nowhere life is okay and just accept it for what it is...forever.  Because it'll never be anything more than that by a stroke of luck or some magic genie that you'd only hope would miraculously enter your life in some way.

This is why there has always been so much contention with my brother and I.  I accept him for who he is even though his lifestyle is the exact polar opposite of what I'd want and accept for my own life.  But he doesn't accept me for me.  He basically tells me what a rotten person I am for wanting to have a better life than most people.  He wouldn't be "happy" with me unless I lived in a 1960s Airstream trailer in the middle of the California desert while living on welfare and consuming massive amounts of alcohol each day.

Just like he does.

Okay, well maybe he doesn't live in a trailer but if he didn't pay for it, trust and believe he'd be moving in as we speak.

Listen, I'm not here to be the one to tell you whether my life is right or not right for other people.  I've always been very good as an entrepreneur and I share my experiences and success methodologies with others with the hopes that you can take this knowledge and funnel it into financial success (and ultimately financial freedom) in your own life.

But you can take it or leave it.  Either way, it doesn't affect my personal life one bit whether you order a course from me and take it out of the shrink-wrap to read it and implement it...or not.

I'd hope you'd read it, listen to it, and apply it.  But if you don't, you don't.  Less competition for me and my other students who want to apply these amazing money-making opportunities.

What I showed my brother for my online money-making strategies was about 1/8th compared to what I teach my students with my Internet Cash Flow System.  For those of you interested in being able to "write your own check" and make whatever amount of Aggressive Income that you want without putting up a bunch of upfront money or waiting around for years for a profit...this is the business you want to get into.

Here's a little audio seminar I want you to listen to because it can change your life.  Click on this link:

Again, making $20,000 to $50,000 net per month isn't for everyone.  But maybe it's for you.

See you at the top

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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