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Tuesday, June 09 2015

I just got confirmation that my investor partner from Texas just accepted one of my students' deals from the Vegas seminar event.  It's a $1.24 million deal.  That marks the first one!

What's disappointing for me, though, is unlike my group from the Detroit event last year who submitted over 300 deals, this Vegas group is lackluster at best.  I think I received a total of 12 deals so far.

And that's not good.  Not good at all.  At this rate, it'll take us years to get through that $7 million pot.  Even worse, I don't plan on offering this type of opportunity to my students anymore because it's so taxing on my personal time to facilitate all of this.

So...oh well.  All I can do is present the opportunities and it's up to my students to follow through.

In the meantime, I should let my students know that property inventory is getting low. Competition with other investors is fierce as properties are starting to sell for top dollar now.

And that freaking sucks.

But the good news is that, if you follow a solid path to one of my Aggressive Income Business models then you'll be able to throw down that 20% cash on a property with the best of them, giving you the same footing as any other investor out there.  Even better, if you learn my latest Passive Income Strategies (to come later), you'll have a very sharp edge against the competition while using your Aggressive Income to funnel directly into these very low-cost, high-profit real estate assets.  (Again, more on this later.)

I had an email from a student last week who says that she's been to a couple of my events and swears up and down that she's not lazy (and I don't believe she is) but that she's having a hard time wrapping her head around some of the mechanics of business.

Please understand that business is a process depending on what you're doing and where you plan on going with it.  Once you understand the process, it's fairly easy to get all the "workings" of the business to work for you in the form of blessing you with piles of cash.

Investing in real estate, as you know, is fairly simple.  You find an area in the country to invest, start running the numbers for cash flow, structure your financing based on your resources, submit an offer, and (ideally then) close on your deal.  Not much to it.

But when it comes to business, it's a little more in-depth on what you need to do to be successful.

What this student was mainly talking about was the Internet Cash Flow Strategies.  Her issue?  Not understanding the marketing aspect of it.

Listen, we're all consumers.  Some of us "consume" more "stuff" than others.  I think the reason I'm so freaking good at marketing is because I buy a lot of stuff.  And when I'm buying stuff, I internally identify with what is making me want to buy this product.  It's called a "trigger point" that makes you want to go forth and make the purchase when only seconds before you were on the fence about it.

It's about time that you started analyzing your own trigger points when you make a purchase of any product or service; your trigger points are much the same as everyone else's.

And then there's the concept of "emulation."  How difficult is it to find a successful product and basically rip it off?  You rip off the marketing, you rip off the product, and you just set out to do it on your own?

Now, when I say "rip off" I mean "borrow," of course.  You can't steal someone's product name or their exact word-for-word copy in their marketing piece.  But you can get pretty close, even making their piece pale in comparison to your "new" piece (which is really theirs but better since you "edited" it for you own business practices).

We're coming into our New Economy at full throttle now.  You'll either take a back seat and be happy working for "the man" or you'll jump in the front and grab the steering wheel, taking full control of your future and how much money you make.

It's really your choice.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the news which I don't do often anymore.  A newspaper called the Pennysaver went out of business.  There were all these employees, some of which who had worked for the Pennysaver for 30 years, standing outside picketing the place because it was so "unfair" that they suddenly went bankrupt.  Many didn't know if they'd receive their last paycheck or not.

I immediately started to explain to my daughter that working for a company and expecting them to be around forever for you (and, even worse, thinking that they owe you to stay open forever) is a really irresponsible way to live.  Talk about not taking any responsibility for your future!

My daughter knows, as she instantly said, "Because they should own their own business."

Damn right.  Damn freaking right!!

And this is coming from a 6-year-old.

If you've been thinking about starting a very powerful, highly profitable home-based business, there hasn't ever been a better time than RIGHT NOW.  You have the technology that we've never had at such amazing levels of opportunity to allow you to work only a few hours a day and make 3 times more than what you're probably making now working full time.

Listen to this audio seminar about it by going to this link:

There are a lot of economic changes on the horizon.  Times are about to get really exciting here as we enter into a period that will be better than the Roaring 20s.  It'll take someone as dumb as a board to not be able to profit from this new wave of wealth.  However, you will have to have something to sell to people when they show up with bucket fulls of cash.

And that's what I'm here to show you.

Check it out:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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