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Monday, May 25 2015

Today my 2 furry daughters turn 12.  Yes, I have to furry daughters: Scooby and Bobo.  Both are daughters of the feline kind and came together as a pair, being the only 2 girls in a litter of 5 back in...damn, 2003.  

My office manager at the time, Jodi, gave me these 2 cats.  She was the one who told me I was going to hell because I didn't read the Bible.  She was also the only one who has ever worked for me who actually quit.  We didn't see eye-to-eye on many things, clearly.  But she did give me a gift of 2 little kittens who have, over the past dozen years, seen the best and worst in my life during that time.

Bobo is a black cat and I took her because nobody else wanted her.  Apparently people think black cats are bad luck.  So I took her along with Scooby, my gray and white little lover girl who never lets an evening go by without sleeping within the closest proximity of me as possible.  Both of these little angels have been through so much with me and I believe that, without them, my life wouldn't quite be the same.

I have a theory about animals and why they co-exist with us here on this earthly plane.  I think they're here to help us feel love, understand how to receive love, and help calm us down when the going gets tough.  Everything seems to be okay when they're there around us and many times they bring out the best of our spirit.

This is why I have no understanding as to why anyone could be cruel to animals because the essence of why they're here is nothing short of angelic, healing and loving.  It just means that, simply, people who hate animals or hurt them are way off the path.  After all, what type of person would take a sledgehammer to an angel?  Or God?  Ridiculous if you think about it.  Again, they're only here to help us, love us, heal us, and make us feel better.

So, with that said, I say Happy Birthday to my 2 furry girls and I thank them for being part of my life for the past dozen tumultuous years.  They are truly considered to be an integral part of my immediately family including my furry son, Pineapple, and my human daughter, Brie.


~Monica Main

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