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Thursday, May 28 2015

Yesterday I gave you 3 reasons why it's awesome to be a real estate investor...

Except that I forgot one.  Maybe it's the most important one there is.

Many people don't know but this business will weather the worst recessions unlike any other business out there.  When investing in multifamily assets, this asset class weathers better than other commercial asset classes.


Even if the economy is tanking, people still need a place to live.  Nobody is giving up their house, condo, townhouse or apartment unit to live under a bridge in a cardboard box.  Okay, maybe some people do but that's not the norm.

They'll give up their small office, storage unit, warehouse, retail store, or any other type of asset except...

Mobile home parks.  They also do exceptionally well during recessions and will be the next greatest real estate trend.

Why is this?

Baby Boomers.

This encompasses the largest segment of the population right now.  The problem is, inflation is rising (and will being rising at a more rapid pace in the next couple of years), prescription medication costs continue skyrocketing, and people are living longer.  Nobody can live on a paltry Social Security check...for those who actually get it because now, the Department of Treasury is seizing what little bit people are expecting as their end-of-life income to pay back student debt (either theirs or that of their child).

And did you know that the scum-sucking Feds can even take Social Security over-payments from surviving children now...and they are for the first time in history?  Look it up if you don't believe me.  Apparently there's some small one-line part of the law that states Social Security can collect from surviving spouses and children if Social Security has overpaid an individual during his or her lifetime.  Bastards!  And for the first time in history, they're starting to collect from surviving spouses and children on this debt through people's owed tax refunds.

I think people are going to realize that there will be more and more stories like mine where the government will begin seizing tax returns for this reason or that excuse, regardless of whether it's valid or not.  This will leave people with even LESS income than they previously thought they would be receiving.

So, cheaper and more affordable housing will be the thing of the future for both college kids and Baby Boomers alike because of NECESSITY.  This includes small apartment units and MHP units.

Both types of asset classes were thoroughly discussed at this past Vegas event including how to get involved in either (or both) types of passive income assets with no cash and no credit.

By the way, I will no longer be talking about MHPs as a profit opportunity for 2 reasons: (1) inventory is getting low, and (2) I'm not interested in creating anymore competition with this asset class anymore.  Aran Dunlop, my star MHP student, did a full presentation on how he was able to get started in MHPs and retire financially free in his early 30s by using this sole asset class as his money-making vehicle.

And this presentation is available on my Vegas DVD set.

But perhaps even more mind-blowing than that, I talk about this new profit opportunity as the real estate market, yet again, shifts beneath our feet.

And I think this opportunity will blow your mind since I've NEVER talked about it before. It's what I'm doing right now and through the summer 2015 for my new real estate profit center.  Yes, it's worth it just to hear this presentation ALONE and for nothing else.  I talked about it in full detail at the very end of Day 2.

Here's the link to watch a ridiculous amount of testimonials from the seminar, to listen to my short audio seminar, and to take advantage of this deal before it ends tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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