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Wednesday, May 27 2015

There are very few businesses that can give you the financial freedom that you're looking for without the load of headaches most other businesses will bring.

Many of you know that I'm in the process of minimizing Global Success because it's like most businesses.  It sucks.  The overhead sucks.  Having employees sucks.  Dealing with loads of government paperwork sucks.  It's a headache that I'm looking at minimizing then ultimately eliminating from my life.

The good news is that I can eliminate this business because I've built passive income streams for myself.  And that is the top reason why having passive income real estate...passive income!  You get money every month whether you're on a beach in Tahiti or lying in a hospital in a coma.  Hopefully it's the former and not the latter.

The second reason: fewer headaches.  In fact, if you do it right, you can get it down to no headaches by implementing the correct management strategies in place.  My only rule about real estate really is that, if you're taking over a property that needs "work" (either rehab, lease-up, or both) then you do the work then pass the responsibility onto someone else who can run it on autopilot so you don't have to deal with it anymore.  You just collect the money.

The last reason is that you're getting involved in a business (real estate investing) that allows you to make more money as the economy inflates.  Every 15 to 18 years, rents double.  You are gaining appreciation value on your properties, even though you're getting a huge tax write-off for depreciation (for 27.5 years) because of the aging of your building(s).  Awesome deal if you ask me.  There is no other such retirement pay-out as powerful as the financial structure I've just laid out above.

So, what's your freaking problem?  Why haven't you started investing yet?  Is it fear?  Do you think you don't have the right resources? What is it?

I've polled many of my students when I do phone consulting sessions and the biggest fear is that they don't have the money to be able to pull of these types of deals.  So, they never do them.

The problem is that your window of opportunity to get involved (before the economy takes off like full gangbusters, leaving ZERO property inventory left) is closing by the end of this year.  If you don't get your initial properties now, you'll be left out 'til about 2022-ish before you may see a lull in the market that will allow you to get something at a deal.  That "lull" will be at a MUCH HIGHER PRICE than what you can get a property for today still.

Coincidentally, I did an entire 2-day seminar event a couple of weeks ago in Vegas that talks exclusively about No Cash No Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Investing Strategies. It's the first, only, and last of this type of event that I'll ever do.  You'll either learn and run with these strategies...or you'll be left out in the cold.  It's your choice.

What's awesome about this event is that it takes you from basic to advanced investing strategies from Day 1 through Day 2.  I had a variety of different guest speakers, probably the most I've ever had in one single event.  

I had a successful student, Paul S. from Vermont, speak about how he got started acquiring his first 2 apartment buildings.  I had credit building expert, Nick Dilegge, speak about strategies I've never revealed before on personal credit secrets.  

I had Aran Dunlop speak. He's my star MHP investing student who hasn't spoken at any of my events for several years now so it's a treat when he speaks about how he got started in one of the most profitable asset classes out there: mobile home parks.  He also spoke on the second day about his secrets in funneling in investors for raising quick capital on deals.

Ron Espinoza spoke about the changes in the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program as well as the brand new 60/40 program.  This is where his bridge lenders will fund 60% of the LTV and the rest (40%) can be held as a private mortgage by the seller.

Of course I spoke at the event.  I covered several hours on the first day and the second day. I've also revealed different secrets about the 100% LTV lease-option strategy that I've never revealed before, including providing templates and contracts that my students can use for their own deals.

As the years roll on with real estate investing, finding your own properties through letter campaigns and ultimately doing lease-option deals with property owners will be your best (and probably your only) option as we roll into 2016 and beyond.  This will be because inventory will be scarce and/or overpriced in most areas of the country, making passive income real estate acquisitions hard to come by or very difficult to do at best.

If you're looking for that "one-stop-shop" to get every morsel of information including materials (such as templates, contracts, forms, etc.) so that you can understand how this business works from basic to advanced with EVERYTHING you need to know to do TRUE no-cash-no-credit deals then THIS is what you need...

The video set from this No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Cash Flow Seminar.

And, I'm offering a few different options:

Option A...a basement-bottom pricing deal on the video set and materials.  I "sneaked" a little upgrade within Option A to add only a few bucks to get the No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Cash Flow System (the full physical version) to your video order.

Option B...the Vegas video set, the No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Real Estate Cash Flow System and the 100% LTV Mentorship Group (starting June 3rd) which will be my last one 'til the very end of this year.  This is one of my most successful mentorship groups, is 100% online, and will take you step-by-step through the process of getting 100% LTV real estate deals done!

Oh, and one more thing: For those who get Option B, you'll get my Verification of Deposit (VOD)/Proof of Funds (POF) letter that you can use to submit with any deal.  For those of you who don't have the cash for your EMD (earnest money deposit) or down payment to show these funds in the form of a REAL VOD then these will usually cost you from $500 and upwards.  This can submit deals without the obstacle of having this VOD or paying for it...or limiting you from getting additional numbers on the property deal.  And it looks like this will be the last time I'll be offering this as a bonus so...take it or leave it!

Click on this link to get the deal:

This deal ends on Friday at 5pm Pacific Time.

If you have any questions, call 661-295-5050 after 9am Pacific Time.

I have to be honest: I'm getting to the point where I realize I don't have to "sell" the idea of financial freedom through passive income real estate investing because...either you're smart enough to "get it" by now're not.  If you are, you're already on board.  If you're not, you're going to be content with working for "the man" forever.  And maybe that's good for you.  But for me, I like my financial freedom better.

Either you get it or you don't.  I'm pretty sure you're one who "gets it" if you're reading this email.

Here's the link again:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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