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Tuesday, May 19 2015

Let's officially put today in the "Don't F*** with Monica Day."  The Vegas event has put me into a near-coma where I feel like I haven't slept at all in a week.  On top of that, when I got back into LA on Sunday, my daughter had a bad stomach flu which disallowed me ANY rest since before my Vegas event started.

So then...why is it that I'll have an idiot of a student start in on me right before I get to Vegas, continue while I'm IN Vegas, and won't let up while I'm pretty freaking close to my physical, mental, and emotional breaking point?

And, of course, it's some guy.  Many of them seem to be the bitchiest of them all.

To give you a brief recap of who this dummy is and how he places in my life right now (at least till he gets the boot for good, which will be by the end of this email), he's in my Multifamily Mentorship Group.

Now, I'm not really one to be a dream killer.  After all, some of my most mentally challenged students have done some amazing things in the past several years because, theory is they are too stupid to second-guess anything and they just go for it. (This is actually a benefit, by the way.  A benefit that many of my smarter and more logical students simply don't have.)

But...when it comes to this one particular student...yes, damn it!  I'm going to be a dream killer.  Because it's pretty freaking clear that he's not cut out for this or anything else of value out there in the real world.

First off, his name is Enrique so I can automatically assume that there is an English-as-a-second-language barrier that we're dealing with.  If not...he's double screwed because he doesn't have a hope and a prayer of every doing anything of value in the years to come.

The email starts as follows:

I think my disappointment is growing every day.  Here's what I've encountered so far...

And then there is a listing of things that he clearly cannot understand or is "confused about" (by only Assignment #3!) because he can't read and has no mental capacity to retain a single drop of basic step-by-step information.  One of his complaints was about a website link that wouldn't work for him.  Strangely, that link works for EVERYONE ELSE (including myself) when I click on the link so, again, we're having some major mental obstacles that we're dealing with here with Enrique.  (Enrique, perhaps you should have just STAYED on that banana boat that brought you here.)

As I was laboring on over and over again in Vegas...YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!

And as tired as I am right now, even my magical powers have sputtered out for the time being to where I have no interest in even telling Enrique that he has no hope in making it in the real business world.

To exist and do extremely well in the business world, you need to be able to think, first and foremost.  You need to be able to do simple things on the computer, including being able to click on links.  You need to be able to put some time and effort into the course materials provided, which he clearly refuses to do.

After all, he signed up for one-on-one training...which he somehow confused the online training with me personally showing up to his house for 8 weeks.  Yes, that's what Enrique thinks one-on-one training is.  This is why he won't read the course materials; because it wasn't written specifically FOR him with the name "Enrique" injected in the contents of the course here and here.  It's not considered one-on-one because other students are also receiving the same course materials too.  And, holy sh**!  I didn't create Enrique's individual audio seminars that included his name in it saying things like, "Enrique, welcome to the mentorship group!  The first thing you have to do Enrique is..." find your freaking brain AND balls!

The business world is tough.  Nobody has ANY time for a bitchy, whiny guy with no balls or brains.  Nobody does.  Including me.

What is he going to ask of a real estate agent or a money broker or a lawyer?  "Why aren't you giving me one-on-one attention by coming to my house to...basically do everything for me since I'm too stupid to do it for myself?  I'm just so disappointed, Real Estate Agent Bob, because you're not doing the entire deal for me.  And I'm disappointed in you, Money Man Larry, because you didn't simply write a check for 100% of the LTV for the property deal that Bob is working on for me and deposit it directly into my bank account for me. After all, going to the bank myself...well, that's just simply not in my schedule.  Dr. Phil is on right now and by the time it's over, the bank will be closed."

Sorry, Enrique.  Yes, you do fall into the category of a cry-baby tire-kicker who is too lazy to do anything for yourself including doing the basic reading that is required for the course. I'll bet $1,000 that you never read through, listened to, and watched the course materials in totality that were given to you when starting the group which is why you're "lost in space." (I have other theories as to why you're "lost in space," Enrique, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt...which you don't even deserve because it's pretty clear why everyone else "gets it" and you don't.)

In case anyone doesn't understand what a one-on-one mentorship means it's that you are given course materials and assignments that the ENTIRE CLASS gets but I will look at and respond to your homework accordingly.  No, it doesn't mean I DO the homework FOR you.  It means that I help you along when you have questions.

No, I don't go to your house.  No, I don't create a personalized course with your name injected in every other sentence.  No, I don't go buy your properties for you.  So, if that's what you think this is about, then...keep watching TV all day and leave the real world alone for those of us who are productive and can put 2 and 2 together without the need of stick figures in the form of diagrams on a chalk board.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little unfair here.  And not to Enrique but to the rest of my students who are awesome.

Vegas turned out to be one amazing event.  And yes, the majority of those students in that Vegas group have not only taken my mentorship groups in the past but they've been students of mine for MANY YEARS.

And, I should mention, that by the show of hands, at least 1/3 of my attendees in Vegas already own apartment buildings, most having acquired their properties since starting as my student.  By far, it's been the largest group of student apartment building owners that I've ever had in a single seminar event.

This is what happens when you decide that some of this has to be your responsibility.  My mentorship groups are amazing because it forces you to do assignments where you reach into the real world of investing which is why they result in so many success stories...even more so than students reading a book or attending an event.  You are forced to do the assignments by talking to real estate agents, submitting real offers, and going through the process step by step.

Of course, you actually have to have some basic things which I can't give you including:

1)  Common sense
2)  Usable brain cells
3)  Strong desire

But if you have all of those things then you are about 90% further than most people living and breathing in society today.  (Pat yourself on the back if you fall into that category.)

I have an interesting group starting tomorrow.  And because I dropped the ball on sending out emails a couple of weeks ago, I'm giving you a never-before-done offer for my new 10-week Raising Capital Mentorship Group.  I'm also throwing in the entire Raising Capital course without paying an extra dime on top of the already drastically-reduced price.

By the way, the majority of my students who completed the last Raising Capital Mentorship Group (to the end) were able to get a minimum of $50,000 in unsecured credit and a couple of my students scored over $250,000.  So, if you're looking for money for real estate deals, business opportunities, or other investments then you definitely need to get on board with this group.

Again, it starts tomorrow and this deal ends tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time.

Here's the link:

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you are the Enrique who is not quite "getting it" in my Multifamily Mentorship, you have till Friday to get your act together or you'll be promptly removed from the group. And if you think I'm messing around, try me!  (I'm a peach compared to who you'll be dealing with in the real world of real estate investing so if I'm "offending" you, too freaking bad.  Your first real estate agent will eat you up and spit you out...over the phone. No apology will follow either.  Just "click.")

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