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Tuesday, May 12 2015

I guess I'm used to getting MORE than my fair share of stupidity and ridiculousness in my email inbox, during IM sessions, and even on mentorship phone calls with students. However, this past week and up until about 5 seconds ago was a doozy flurry of student stupidity and nonsense.

Of course, I'm used to this and I've gotten numb to it for the most part. you know, some of these questions and comments exceed the normal level of dumb, bordering on what I'd like to coin as "extreme stupidity" that I'm finding harder and harder to tolerate as the days tick on.

(And by the way, most of you know how bitchy I get right before a seminar so adding stupid questions and comments to the mix is usually not a very smart strategy for you to use right now.)

So, what set me off this time?

Well, it would seem that I have a student of mine who wants me to give her a list of my investor students who have money to put into deals so that they can invest in her deals. And she has been bugging me and my office about it since an IM session last week.

And no, she isn't willing to come to the seminar to network with these students and investor partners.  Instead, I'm supposed to simply photocopy my Rolodex and mail it to least that's what she's expecting.  (Could a tad of dementia be setting in?)

Strangely, this person is a licensed real estate agent and yet doesn't know what the basic definition of confidentiality is.  Apparently I'm supposed to merely hand over this listing of my students with money, including their full names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails because, after all, this is perfectly legal and fine for me to divulge people's private information to her without their consent.

On top of this, she made a snotty comment about the newest 60-40 Loan Program by stating that sellers won't "give their equity away."  Well, that is true.  As you know, the 60-40 Loan Program is when the lender will offer a 60% LTV and will allow the seller to hold a private second at 40%.

Again, it's strange that this woman proclaims to have a real estate license because everybody in "the business" of real estate knows what it means for someone to "hold paper" or "hold a second" on a deal.  It means that they are HOLDING A F****** LOAN. So, how is the seller "giving away" his or her equity when they are getting paid monthly installments on a loan AND getting interest above and beyond what they expected to receive on the sale of the property?  Sounds like a win-win deal for them!  Right??

I have a friend of mine -- bless his heart -- who is relentlessly prying me out of the business of teaching and training.  At least once a week (and lately a lot more), he's been making me analyze why I'm really doing this.  This conversation of "why are you doing this" started back up again when he took a look at the IM transcripts from last week's Business Credit Mentorship when a student was insisting that he couldn't get a virtual office address because he'd call and nobody would answer the phone...for ANY of the virtual office services that he called on.

Of course, I didn't believe the guy because this is not only NOT probable but is actually in the realm of IMPOSSIBILITY.  But, during this dumb-ass IM session, I was also doing the 100% LTV Mentorship IM where I was already highly agitated at my real estate agent student who lives to rub me the wrong way while making herself look foolish in the process.  (This could be, perhaps, why she's not hooking up with the right resources in real estate.  I hate to be the one to break the bad news but nobody wants to work with a bitter bitch.)

I can teach real estate investing.  I can teach Aggressive Business Strategies.  I can guide people in changing their lives.

But I can't teach common sense and I can't inject brain cells into a brain that doesn't exist. That's where the Magic of Monica Main ends.

And just like the likes of that guy Jim -- who I blasted a couple of weeks ago for being a lazy ass -- and now this student who wants me to merely mail her the confidential and private student investor information, I gotta one one does my job end and when does the student realize that he or she has to put in a little of their own elbow grease to make things happen for themselves??


I'll agree on one point, though.  Resources are needed to move forward in the business of real estate.  It's an OPM business or a business built on Other People's Money.  It's not what you know but who you know, if you think about it.

So...good news.  I'm offering the Motherload Resource Directory 2016.  And it's at such a ridiculously low price that I'll never repeat this deal ever again.

More good news...I'm including a special bonus that everyone has been hounding me about; check it out at

And...the bad news.  You won't be getting my student investor's personal contact information unless you want to attend a seminar event and get it yourself.  I don't have the legal ability to send anyone my student investor database.  Sorry.

More bad news...this Motherload Resource Directory 2016 deal ends tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time.

Please note that these Million-Dollar Resources are powerful.  You create and establish relationships with these lenders, brokers, investors and resources.  It's not a toll-free number that you dial up, ask for a certain amount of money, then receive a check for in 2 to 3 business days.  You have to have at least one deal that you need funding for.  You have to be able to speak and communicate well.  You have to be willing to work for your real estate including finding and analyzing the deals.

And I can't do all this for you.

So, if you really want it then I got the resources for you.  If you want to be like Lazy Jim...give up now while you're ahead.

Here's the link for the deal:

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  This is literally your last chance to sign up for the Vegas event which starts on Friday morning.  Click here for more information:

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