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Tuesday, March 31 2015

I'm a little bummed out today.  I just got all my printed mailers in for the Vegas seminar event where I have 2 investor partners who have committed to throwing in $5,000,000 into the down payment pot for deals that my seminar attendees bring.

Except that last night my investor partner who worked with my students from the Detroit seminar last year committed to throwing in $2,000,000 into that pot, swelling it to $7,000,000.  What sucks is that all my mailers say that the pot is only $5,000,000 when it's now bigger than that.

Oh well.  Such is life.

This time, though, I want my students to be marginally prepared so that you can start finding deals BEFORE you attend this upcoming Vegas event so you can hit the ground running the second I officially open the gates to accepting deals (which will officially begin on Monday, May 18th, post seminar event).

Again, the partnership opportunity will only be open to those who pay for and attend the seminar event in Las Vegas on May 15th & 16th.  No exceptions.  Sorry.  I can't add additional people who don't find the time or importance in attending over those who actually do.

There's a reason for that.  In the past when I would open up partnership opportunities to just anyone, I got a lot of bullsh** deals that wasted everyone's time.  They weren't prepared or submitted deals that weren't anywhere near what we were looking for.  And, of course, my worst pet peeve: students submitting deals with NO income or expenses itemized out.

So, I noticed that when I opened up the partnership opportunity to only those who attended the Detroit seminar event last November, the quality of the deals we got were top of the line.  Students listened to my thorough presentation on what my investors were looking for and found what he was looking for.

Of course, as mentioned last week, we didn't make our goal.  So, there's money left over. Yes, he's going through more student deals but informed me that a lot of them are under contract or are no longer available anymore.  This is why he felt confident in committing to $2,000,000 and may throw in another million by the time we get to Vegas.  (I'll know in about a month if this is the case.)

Right now I have 3 investor partners who are funding the now-collective $7,000,000 for down payment funds on property deals.  But, unlike the Detroit event, this isn't going to be as easy as giving a straight-line set of instructions since each of these 3 investors has MAJORLY DIFFERENT criteria in what they are looking for.

So, let me give you a short break-down and the rest of their requirements will be discussed in full detail when you get to Vegas:

Investor #1:  This is my guy from PA.  He's a MHP (mobile home park) guy.  He's putting in $3,000,000 total.  He's looking for MHPs of any size in any area of the country in which you can realistically commit to personally managing the property.  He won't allow you to simply use a management service.  (He never does.)  For many MHP deals, the down payment will be anywhere from 30% to 15% (depending on a WIDE VARIETY of variables including where the property is located, income, etc.)  He has a preference in where he'd like to get more deals.  He's interested in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.  (He has a lot of the MHPs he wants in the Midwest already.)  However, he'll consider deals anywhere provided that he believes they are worthwhile to him.  A tip: look at deals that have 50 pads or above to gain serious consideration, especially with CAPs over 9.5%.

Investor #2:  This investor partner and I go way back.  He's from Texas but goes back and forth between TX and FL.  He is my "small" apartment building guy.  He likes apartment building deals between 5 and 50 units ONLY.  He's looking for anywhere with a strong cash flow and prefers CAPs to be over 9% (but will consider slightly lower CAPs).  He does NOT like Detroit especially (as he's clearly stated to me over and over again).  In fact, he'd prefer to stay completely out of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania altogether.  He'll consider deals in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Florida. (Those are his hot spots.)  No commercial, no MHPs, and nothing over 50 units.  No major rehab.  Nothing majorly under-performing.  You have to be within 60 miles of where the property is located.  This guy is throwing in $2,000,000 which will account for 20% in down payments so we'll be able to leverage $10,000,000 in property deals through this investor.

Investor #3:  This is my investor who invested with my Detroit seminar students.  He's also from Texas.  (I used to do a lot of deals in Texas so I have a lot of financial ties to that state, especially with investor partners.)  He prefers apartment building properties OVER 50 units and will also do MHP deals just about anywhere there's a strong cash flow.  He prefers his CAP rates to be over 9%.  All investors involved with deals with him must provide full management services, no exceptions.  He usually won't consider someone's deal if they reside more than 40 miles away from where the property is located.  He will not consider commercial-commercial but will consider mixed-use (part commercial, part residential) especially with retail at street level.  No major rehab.  Nothing under-performing.  He is putting in $2,000,000 which means we'll also be able to leverage $10,000,000 in property using this cash as the 20% down payment funds.

Each investor is offering my students a 33% stake in the property in both gained equity as well as the monthly cash flow.  You may submit multiple deals.  They may accept more than one deal from you.  Of course, just because you submit a deal doesn't mean they are required to accept it, especially if it doesn't fit their needs/requirements.

More will be discussed on May 15th & 16th in Las Vegas in how you can participate in these deals.  And, as with my investor partnership deals before, it has made some of my students "overnight millionaires" so this is definitely something to consider when working with investor partnerships like this.

The other thing to consider is that when you do a good job with the first property, they will not only invest in additional properties with you but they will increase the stake in each subsequent deal thereafter.  One of my students is on his 6th deal with one of my investor partners he was introduced to when part of my Viper Wealth Group (which ended in late 2013) and he's getting half of each deal (gained equity and monthly cash flow) without putting a single cent into any of these properties.

I tried to get this student to come out to Vegas but he said he's attending a wedding on May 16th.  Maybe I'll get him for the next one...

Okay, so, I have some "bribes" for those of you who register for this upcoming Vegas event (but these "bribes" are going away very soon).

Bribe #1:  You'll get my No-Cash-No-Credit 100% LTV Complete Course when it's available.  I'm still finishing all the legal elements to it.  Because of my requirement to have legal counsel assist me with all the legal nuances, it's taking me longer than anticipated to get it out.  But it will be shipped out and in your hands before the May Vegas event.  It will show you how to acquire any property with the variety of 100% LTV methods I have, including the lease-option using the land trust.  Nobody else teaches this stuff, by the way, because nobody else even knows about it yet!  (This course is a $895 value alone just for all the legal work that's being put into this!)

Bribe #2:  I have my 100% LTV Mentorship Group starting on April 18th.  You'll be fully immersed in how 100% LTVs work before you get to the seminar.  By the time you hit Vegas, you'll be ready for the "advanced" strategies and you won't be lost in space when you are sitting in a room full of 100 people.

Bribe #3:  It's a surprise.  And a good one.  (Actually something that will blow your mind.) But it's only for those who register as Platinum VIP.

I'm having a Spring Blow Out which allows for all the "bribes" above.  But...this deal ends soon.  Very soon!

Here's the link:

If you have questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.

Remember, you can "lock in" all the goodies simply by putting down a $100 deposit.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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