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Monday, March 23 2015

I'm actually a little ecstatic right now.  You see, this is the last time (for awhile anyway) that I'll be talking about Aggressive Income Strategies in relation to starting a business to get cash for Passive Income...or to quit that sucky job that's extracting the last bit of life out of you.

Why is it the last time?

Because my plan is to focus on Passive Income Strategies as well as other real estate related training.  This, of course, includes everything credit related, raising capital, and even partnership opportunities coming your way.  Exciting stuff, I know!

Many of you know that I'm a serial entrepreneur and I've been working both Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies since 1995.  Yes, it's been 20 years this year.  I first started with a simple mail order business earlier that year.  By the fall of that same year, I bought my first piece of property that kicked off a long career in real estate investing.

Although my initial real estate investing was either very low or no money down, I found that I had much more leverage in the real estate market when I was able to inject more money into a deal whether it be for the down payment, rehab, or both.  At the time, I was focusing mostly on real estate flipping.  This was way before us investors had access to something called "wet" funds or transactional funding for flips.  Back then, we had to finance the deal ourselves as well as come up with the cash to rehab the properties.  This was also way before business credit was readily accessible to "average" business people who didn't have a Fortune 500 company.

Yes, things were much harder back then.

What helped me build my flipping business after I got rolling and when the market started getting really competitive (into the thick of the Clinton era when the economy started flowing), I was really fortunate during this time to have a successful cash flowing business to help me maximize my success on the real estate front.

I was also lucky that I didn't have to succumb to a brain-draining dead-end job where I would have to waste my life away trading hours for paltry dollars.  This alone allowed me to excel as an entrepreneur and investor because I didn't have anybody's office cubicle walls reminding me daily of my real-world limitations...because I didn't have any limitations.  I wrote my own check through life.  And I haven't stopped writing those checks ever since.

I've been in the entrepreneur game for 20 years.  I've learned a lot about marketing and I'm considered one of the top copywriters in the entire country.  To consolidate 20 years of knowledge into an easy-to-use compact format while injecting all of the most cutting edge Internet marketing strategies that I've learned in the past couple of years was very difficult.

But I did it.  And I won't do it again.

Having an Aggressive Income Business isn't for everyone.  But it DOES make life a whole hell of a lot easier.  It allows you to quit that energy-sucking job that's killing your very life force.  It allows you to have cash to inject into property deals so you can start getting that Passive Income cash flow right away.

And if anything, it alleviates that intense ultra-heavy stress that dictates how you feel in every cell of your being because when you're suffering financially, you're unnecessarily taxing your body, mind, and spirit at the same time.

Time to make some changes.

And talking about doing it "someday," well...there is no someday.  Someday is now.  Right now!  Because if you think about it, how fast does a year go by?  Five years?  A decade? All too fast!  Just think, the year just started and I'm already planning my dates for the fall. Then it'll be Christmas.  A New Year.  Another year gone.  Just like that.

The main problem with Aggressive Income (and why I don't want to teach it anymore) is that it changes a lot in a short period of time because of the way things are online.  It's not difficult for me to keep up with the changes; it's difficult to teach it.  Unfortunately, most of what I taught my students in my last 2-day seminar will be obsolete in the next couple of years.

What I want to see my students do is get in and get out.  Start a business, make money like gangbusters, sink the cash into real estate, then get out of your Aggressive Business...enjoying the Passive Income your real estate will bring to you for the rest of your life.

And that's it.

Yes, it's really that simple.

So, if you want to take advantage of this short-lived yet highly powerful Aggressive Income Strategy then you have one shot left.  Here it is:

The deal on these videos ends tomorrow.  If you have questions, call my office after 9am Pacific Time at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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