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Tuesday, February 24 2015

About a month ago a student of mine brought to my attention that he was receiving emails from me about some type of MLM binary profit sham...and asked me if I really had something to do with such a sham.

Answer:  NO!  Or rather [BLEEP] NO!!

For those of you who know me well enough, you'd know that I've uncovered the full thrust of the "network marketing" or MLM scam about a decade ago and that I do NOT recommend anything MLM related anymore.  So no, the email about some type of "binary paycheck deal" is NOT from me.

This would have been about the same time that I learned that people are copying and reselling my products online as downloads, on eBay, and in many other places that I can't even fathom right now.

Unfortunately, I can't control people ripping off my materials and reselling it.  Years ago I caught several people doing this on eBay and had their listings removed while having their eBay accounts permanently banned because of it.  But...well, who has that kind of time to be the "Internet police" these days?  I certainly don't.

And if they want to sell my old outdated stuff from be it.  Very little of it has any relevance in today's marketplace anyway.  I just feel bad for the sap suckers who are actually buying these outdated materials because a lot has changed in only 5 years, if you know what I mean.

Then I get this email only last week from this "pastor" or "archbishop" out of Chicago going under the name of Archbishop Dr. Allwell A.L. Ezekiel who is selling stuff on real estate investing.  Hmmmm...sounds weird to me.

Now, at the risk of offending a bunch of people here (not that THAT has ever stopped me before) but this isn't going to sound good for SOME of you who are deeply religious and part of the church.  However, based on my personal experience ONLY (and not referring to ANYTHING that anyone else may or may not have experienced), I have always had "issues" with those who put themselves blatantly out there as being religious "leaders" or even avid church-goers while then trying to sell you something else.  To me it's been a Trojan Horse ploy to gain someone's trust and then to ultimately crush that trust sometime along the way, usually in the near future.

Sorry, this has just been my experience and may not reflect your experience but...that's just how the ball bounces, I guess.

(One of my former employees didn't trust the church or anyone who "outed" themselves as a Christian or Catholic; come to find out that she was molested as a child by a church Bishop for years and her mother never believed her.  Unfortunately, stories like that don't surprise me.  My former mother-in-law tells everyone who will listen that she is a Christian but she'll take any opportunity she can to stab someone in the back the moment they're not looking, will lie in court as she has on many occassions, has stolen money from me, and will probably lie to God Himself when she ends up at the Pearly Gates of Heaven in a few years... or hopefully sooner.  That will be seconds before she's sent to hell, no doubt.  Maybe then she can write me to tell me how Hilter is holding up.)

So...I'm not sure how to process all of this except that, upon further research, we've determined that there is no Dr. Allwell A.L. Ezekiel in Chicago but there is someone with the same name running under a bogus Nevada-formed corporation who has had numerous arrests under his belt and now he's contacting me (and others who know me) as if he's part of my personal "inner circle" because...well, this would be that Trojan Horse I was just telling you about.  The red flag for me, of course, is when any "pastor" comes at me with...a real estate course?  Really??  And, no, pastor.  If you contact me as you state you will in your email, I will NOT be endorsing you!  (So don't ask!)

To be clear, I don't endorse anybody anymore.  I used to endorse a couple of people's commercial real estate courses many years ago but I don't do that anymore, as I've come to the market with much more real and usable information that nobody can hold a match to me.  (Hey, that's reality and I call it as I see it.)

So there you have it.  I'm a one-woman show with no room for anybody else on my stage.  I do this so that I can make sure that I have full control over the knowledge and information that is poured into my students' heads because it's my duty to make sure that what you receive is 100% accurate and applicable.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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