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Friday, February 20 2015
I had a student call our office last week because he wanted to cancel his personal credit service that he signed up for late last year.
The reason?
He just pulled his credit report and his mid FICO is 778 so...he didn't need us anymore.
And he's freaking thrilled like you wouldn't believe.
For those of you who are (for some weird reason) not seeing the value in beefing up your personal credit score...why?  Unless you have a score like the one I listed above, you really need to consider fixing your credit because, won't get very far doing anything without good credit.
You won't be able to invest in real estate.
You won't be able to build a business using unsecured credit.
You won't be able to tap into some of that down payment cash in the form of BLOCs (business lines of credit) to acquire property for passive income purposes.
In fact, you'll just be like every other Average Joe who continues being a "victim" to the wealthy, the government, and everyone else who wants to use you as a doormat.
And why is this?  Well, it's because you don't know how to use the system to your advantage...or maybe you're not interested in using the system to your advantage.  Maybe you'd rather complain about how unfair life is instead.  (Hey, some people like that.  Misery is company sometimes.)
Banks have really lightened up on the lending purse strings just in the past few months.  I had an issue with a misspelling on my bank account so I went in to waste time sitting at a desk at Bank of America a couple of weeks ago.  While I was sitting there, pissed off that I was wasting away in a crappy rolling chair, and wondering when this banker was going to type a little faster with her Flo-Jo nails, she looked up at me and said, "They're offering your new business a credit card.  Do you want it?"
By "new business" she was referring to a brand new LLC that I had started for a new set of properties I am purchasing in Michigan.  The LLC isn't even a few months old and she was already throwing credit at me.
"How much are we talking about?"
She didn't know.  Whatever they wanted to give me once she clicked the "submit application" button.
I ended up walking out of the bank having been approved for 2 unsecured business credit cards totaling $23,500 that I didn't even need but...well, what the hell?  Right?  Even Icouldn't pass up the $200 cash deposit they'd give me for spending $1,000 on the cards within the first month I got them not to mention the bait of having 0% interest until November of this year.
And this is on a brand new business that has NO CREDIT RATING whatsoever. did I pull this off, you ask?
Because my PERSONAL mid-FICO is in the high 700s.  That's why.
My credit wasn't always fantastic, of course.  I worked many years going through a guessing game on what worked and what didn't for rebuilding and fixing bad credit.  Now I've streamlined my unconventional and highly effective strategies into both a 4-week mentorship group as well as my Personal Credit Building Course for 2015.
Since my 4-week mentorship starts next week (on Wednesday to be exact) and, conveniently, it's Washington's birthday this weekend, I decided..."What the hell?  How about a blow out at such a super low price that it'll make your head spin?"
After all, no more excuses.
The most frequently asked question among students that I get almost daily is, "Monica, where do I start?"
Answer:  Fix and rebuild your personal credit.  That's where you need to start before doing anything.
The good news is that it only takes a few months and then you can have a really solid FICO score.  Get that mid score over 700 and you're golden!
Okay, so here's the deal.  I have a blow out where you can get a super deal on both the mentorship and the 2015 Personal Credit Building Course (on CD-ROM).
But, I know a couple of you have been asking about my Personal Credit Building Service and if you can still get the deal that I offered as the Holiday Blitz for the lowered monthly price.  The answer is...sort of.  If you CALL my office at (661) 295-5050 then I can offer you that Holiday Blitz price of $77 a month (for ever how long you need it, cancel at any time) for us to fix your credit.  But, again, you have to call the office and ask for the deal and you have to call before this blow out ends on Tuesday at 5pm PST.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  We have about 11 spots left for the Internet Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar and, I should mention, the early-bird pricing deal for that event will end next week.  (It was supposed to end today but I dropped the ball on notifying my students so we're extending it another week.)  Here's the link for the event:
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