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Sunday, February 15 2015
I love writing controversial emails because then I notice that a bunch of people "opt out" of my email list which allows me to lose the deadbeat tire-kickers who plan on doing nothing with their lives anyway.  Best to get rid of the chaff so I can focus exclusively on those of you who want to do something other than watching television with your lives.
I got this email from one of my long-time students, Mike Z., the other day:
"I am interested in the REO course for 2015 + the 8 week mentorship.
I know you are good to great to getting people off their ass to take action.
Maybe some other people dont appreciate your bluntness & frankness but I do  because I know if you are not blatantly truthful with your self it is not going to happen.
I need to take action.  I am your Dad*s age & need to get off my ass & do it.
I will be in contact by online or calling Lea."
I like Mike but, do I put this "delicately?"  The guy really does need to get off his ass and take some action because I remember Mike back in 2009 taking one of my first initial apartment building mentorship groups.  And that's a really long time to procrastinate without doing anything.  (Mike, I love you so don't hate me but...yes, you need to start DOING some of this stuff you're learning about, okay??)
Now, maybe this is when some of you realize that apartment building investing isn't for you.  That's fine.  It's not for everyone.  I'll be the first to admit that this business isn't for everybody.  (And for those of you who think I'm "rough around the edges," it's because of this business and how I have to be in order to deal with listing agents, brokers, and sellers.  So...for any of you who think I'm a little "too much," if you can't handle me then you won't make it in this business.  Period.)
But what if you really want to do this business but everything else keeps getting in the way?
Here's a VALUABLE tip:  I understand that life itself gets in the way when you're trying to do something else.  I get all that.  So, instead of making superior demands on your time (i.e. trying to spend 10 to 20 hours a week doing this), take "baby steps" instead.  Start working on your real estate business for 15 minutes a day or for 30 minutes twice a week.  Then in a couple of weeks start adding in an hour on Saturdays.  You can get a lot of work done in that little bit of time if you're not drifting to Facebook or trying to watch the news at the same time.
I have a gift to give to you in a couple of days.  (Watch out for it.  It'll come in my next email to you.)  It demonstrates that you can, in fact, sit at your laptop for little bits of time and start your entire real estate empire without doing much else.
Also, if you didn't listen to my audio seminar yet (it's just under 9 minutes) then you probably should at
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  We have a handful of seats left for Gold VIP at the next one-time-only 2-day event in LA.  I believe we're sold out of Platinum VIP.  (Not sure yet, I'll have to confirm.)  Here's the link:
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