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Monday, February 02 2015
Somehow I ended up getting a customer service email sent to my email inbox this past Friday.  This would be, of course, only hours after I had a lengthy conversation with my attorney about how people seem to only be getting dumber as time progresses and how he thought is was "sad."  He noticed this when he read blog comments on Yahoo! articles and he couldn't believe how stupid, uncompassionate, and just plain pathetic people have become.
My response:  "I think it's freaking fantastic that 90% (or more) of the population are dumber than a box of rocks.  It presents much less competition for me.  It means I can go out there and accomplish anything with much less vigor and 'work' than, perhaps, it would have taken me only a decade ago!"
So...back to the email that popped up in my email box by a seemingly "brilliant" customer of mine by the name of Richard B.
Here it is:
"hey, are you brain dead or just what?  I just got your course about to open it maybe in a few minutes, or do you have two disabled kids yourself that you are trying to make a difference in their lives?"
And that was it.  Nothing  before or after the statement above.
Hmmmmmm...I'm guessing the only one who is "brain dead" here would be Richard.  Not me, clearly, since I've actually never personally had any communication with this guy before this email came in.  Is it me or is he making absolutely NO SENSE in his completely grammatically incorrect sentence above?
Again...there is no competition, folks.  No competition at all here in America.  Because the likes of Richard B. is all you got to compete against and...well, we can obviously see that this guy probably barely rolls out of bed just to...who knows?  To fall face first onto the floor to then drool and piss on himself before heaving his heavy body off the floor several hours later?  I'm thinking Homer Simpson would be a bigger go-getter than this mentally challenged sloth.  And since Homer is a cartoon character, you don't have any real competition to speak of.
What concerns me about people like this: basic brain scruples are required to be successful in business and investing.  You have to have common sense, which I don't have the ability to "teach" people.  You have to communicate well, which I also cannot show people how to do.  So, if you're somebody like Richard B. above, I hate to be a Negative Nelly here but give up now while you're ahead.  Go back to your assembly line job gluing the arms on Punch and Judy puppets and forget about any venture into entrepreneurship because you simply won't make it in my world.
Am I being harsh?  No, not at all.  Those who are in the real business world will chew you up and spit you out without any warning or reason as to why they're doing it.  I always tell people who have "issues" with me being as direct, honest, and "real" as I am:  If you can't handle me, Bubba, then you won't be able to handle a commercial real estate agent or anyone else in business who will hurt your feeling much more than I could ever do.
And they do hurt your feelings.
This is why I have a "liaison" between myself and any commercial listing agent; typically a verbal "dog fight" ends up happening on the phone whenever I call on a prospective property that I want to invest in.  I simply won't tolerate stupidity anymore.  While I understand that you get more with honey instead of vinegar, my fuse has burned out years ago and along with that went my tolerance for manipulation, lying, cheating, and especially men who like to talk down to women...all because they have a 3-inch pecker and a sock stuffed in their underwear.  (Hey, but I have bigger balls.  That's all that matters in thisgame.)
So, how does this all fit into your world?
I have thousands of students and they fall into different categories.  I want you to see which category you fall into:
The Smarties:  These are my doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers and other professionals (or just people who are smart) who want to get involved in a home-based business or real estate investing.  The problem with this very small segregated portion of my student database is that they talk themselves out of doing most everything due to "informational paralysis."  They read and watch and study...yet find that maybe some of this stuff is "too good to be true" or they lack the confidence in moving forward.  So...they do nothing. Thus, they fail.
The Busy Bees:  These are the students who are working more than 40 hours a week, usually hate their jobs to the core, and they find that at the end of the week they are too exhausted (mentally and/or physically) to commit to doing something else.  They rationalize with themselves with the end-of-the-week internal bargaining they do which is that they need a break to "recharge" and that they'll commit to working on their business or real estate deals in a few hours, tomorrow, or next week.  Or even this summer or next year or [fill in the blank].  Yet they never seem to get around to it.
The Fearless Puppies:  This is my group of students who jump the gun.  They get my course or come to a seminar event.  Without doing quite enough study -- even by a couple of days -- they're running out there to work whatever steps have stuck in their heads that they remember.  The problem is that they don't work out all the details, didn't spend enough time building their own step-by-step action plan, and then they wonder why they're never quite able to get their business or investing activities off the groups.  It's because they're missing some serious steps that they never took the extra time to absorb and understand.
The Excuse Makers:  This could be a "hybrid" of those who fall into the above Busy Bee category.  These people put off starting for one reason or another.  However, the key difference between Busy Bees and Excuse Makers is that time really isn't the biggest issue. Confidence is the issue.  They don't believe they have the ability to do this and they don't want to see themselves fail so they use excuses as a ruse to never begin.  Or they may begin on some minimal level but they never continue to any meaningful and required level to test whether they can be successful or not.
The Just Plain Dummies:  Now, I'd like to assume that this actually encompasses a smaller percentage of my student database than sometimes it seems.  These would be the people like Richard B. above.  They simply don't have the required amount of brain cells in their head to mentally navigate through the required steps to success (no matter how basic and "dumbed down" the instructions are).  They have no common sense.  Their IQ is much, much lower than the nationwide average or they suffered from some brain-eating amoeba. Any hope they would have to follow basic instructions or be able to make any type of business or investing strategy work simply isn't possible by genetic and DNA design.  (Hey, they can blame their parents for that one!)
Which category do you fit in?
With the exception of the very last category, you can do something about the other categories.  For example, my Smarties can just keep moving forward, gaining more education, until they feel comfortable enough to pull the trigger.  I had this issue with my engineer out of Vermont, Paul S., who is one of my smartest students yet would over-analyze everything to death.  Then do nothing for fear of making the wrong decision.  All of a sudden, he started investing in apartment buildings and he's pretty damn close to retirement at this point.
If you're a Busy Bee, make the time.  Even if it's 15 minutes a day or 3 hours on a Saturday.  MAKE THE TIME!  If you don't realize now that everything in your life you're experiencing right now will be exactly the same 5 years from now.  And if that's okay with you then...that's okay.  Right?  But if it's NOT okay then you need to start chiseling away at your new dream little by little till you get there.
My Fearless Puppies need to think more like my Smarties and put a little more time, effort, and energy into understanding what's required to start their business or to invest.  You can't leave steps out even if you're raring to go now.  You have to take the extra time to understand the entire process otherwise if you miss steps, you won't find the success you're looking for.
My Excuse Makers...easy.  Stop making freaking excuses.  Confidence will build as you successfully pass each of your action steps and especially after you make your first deal happen.  However, if you keep wanting to make the leap and you never do, unfortunately you'll never experience anything one way or the other (positive or negative).  You can't adjust your "flight pattern" if you don't take flight to begin with.  Just take flight and you'll figure the rest out in the sky.
So, that leaves a couple of things:
1)  Just understand one very simple concept: unless you find a way to get yourself some checks each month by winning a very large insurance settlement or winning the lottery, you're going to have to find a way to get a stream of monthly passive income in otherwise you're on the treadmill till you drop dead.  (What a depressing thought that is!)  So, you have to decide on a means of Passive Income that can not only sustain your current lifestyle requirements but that actually grows as the years roll on.  I recommend multifamily residential-commercial (apartment building) real estate investing.
2)  In order to gain access to these multifamily assets, I recommend that you find an Aggressive Income Strategy that can help you do 2 important life-changing things: (1) allow you to break free from that vampire-sucking job or business that you're in right now while, (2) allowing you to put some cash into these Passive Income property deals so you can line yourself up for a lifetime of financial freedom.
Right now I have something that can help you with #2.
Click on this link to find out more:
I also give you a kick-ass audio presentation that will blow your mind.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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