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Tuesday, January 27 2015
As part of The $9,000,000 Opportunity, we officially closed on a $3.73 Million building in Florida today.  And we are cleared to close on another on Thursday.  I'll let you know when that close happens since we had a couple of "hiccups" with that deal.  (It's overdue on closing by about 2 weeks now because of some due diligence "issues.")
So, congratulations to the students who have closed and to those who are currently under contract right now.
I was sending official acceptance emails yesterday to a couple more students to let them know that we were moving into the next phase and that we were moving forward with their deals in the partnership program.  What a rush!  Nothing feels more exhilarating than sending a life-changing email like that.
On the other hand, I also had to send out a slew of denial emails.  Talk about depressing. (That's the part I hate the most about the partnership program.)
What I do tell my students is that these deals that are "denied" by my investor partner aren't deals that you should let go.  Try to acquire the property via the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program where you don't have to share any of the gained equity or cash flow.  (I personally hate getting funding from investor partners because I like the deal to be 100% mine.  I'd rather have a much smaller property that's all mine than a 200+ unit apartment building that I have to share half of everything with an investor partner.  But that's just me.)
To me, a "denial" is just the beginning of thinking outside of the box and finding analternative way to make the deal work.
One of the strategies I use in getting new investor partners into my "pipeline" is by posting a loose description of my deal on the Big Board.  This description includes the asset type (i.e. apartment building, MHP, etc.), the number of units and where it's located.  Then I include a very simple description of the amount of funding that's needed and what the investor prospectively stands to make in the deal for a 3-year period.  And that's it.  They can contact me if they want further details.
When they contact you, simply have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you send them a mini-business plan.  Once they do that, send them the plan.
Of course, if you already have the deal under contract then you won't need them to return an NDA to you since they can't likely "steal" the deal from you.  You'd already have it locked up.
I typically get about 70 responses from a 30-day Big Board ad.  Of the 70 responses, about 7 to 10 of them are legitimate investors who can help you finance your deal with the needed down payment money.
Right now the deal with my investor partner in Texas on The $9,000,000 Opportunityrequires him to take 67% of the deal while my student only gets 33%.  In most deals where you set up the investment opportunity, you can usually get 50/50, giving you more bottom-line profits in your pocket.
Now, why would other investors be okay with a 50/50 split?
Simple.  They want to get into real estate but don't have the time or experience (or both). They are what I call the "mass wealthy" where you have a ton of professionals out there who work 60 hours a week and have no time for anything else.  Many want to get involved in real estate investing but can't because they have no time.
I had a student of mine recently send a mailing to a local list of lawyers (since he's a former attorney) based on my recommendation that he target a specific profession.  He knows how attorney's think and he was able to write an honest letter to them about the amazing financial upside to owning multifamily assets yet clearly addressed their problem: lack of time and know-how.  The letter was 4 pages and the response was overwhelming.
Out of 2,500 mailers he sent, he had 33 attorney's call him and want to invest in multifamily property with him.  That's over 1% response which is typical in direct mail marketing but he didn't honestly expect to get that many that were ready and willing to write a check to him for a property deal.  To date, he's had a total of 4 of those lawyer investors successfully invest with him and he didn't start doing any of this till last summer. That's how fast you can change your own lives, folks.  (As quick as when you decide to, that's how fast!)
I have a surprise coming up for you guys and gals in May.  I won't be announcing it till March-ish but it'll blow your mind on what I'm going to do.  (I can't wait!!)
The other thing I teach my students is MY most preferred capital-raising strategy which is making my own money from scratch.
It's my Aggressive-to-Passive-Income Strategy.  This is when you create your own cash by setting up a very simple straightforward home-based business that can make at least $20,000 in profits a month.  This allows you to pay your bills and then funnel the rest of the cash into your Passive Income Assets (namely multifamily apartment building real estate).
This is my favorite methods because I don't like to share.  I'm like the kid in the sandbox who will deck the other kid who wants to "borrow" my Tonka truck for a "minute."  It's my sandbox.  My truck.  My stuff.  And I want 100% of it.
Hell, if I'm doing all the work, I want all the proceeds.  Right?
I have a way for you to accomplish this.  It's through my most Aggressive Income Strategy that I've presented so far.
Back in 2012 I started teaching my students what I call my New Wealth Ninja Strategies. This was a strategy to help my students create Aggressive-Income-Generating home-businesses from scratch and using very little money.
The trainings that I did were much more successful than I ever dreamed or anticipated including my "graduated" student "Alumni" who have built some impressive home businesses.  One student makes over $85,000 a month using the Internet.  He was part of both a training and a mentorship group back then.  Several other students from that same group are making between $35,000 and $65,000 a month.  All online.
But what disturbed me about the trainings I did back then were that there were too many "options" for my students to select from as far as different Aggressive Income Business models went.  This created confusion among the students who really need very focused-driven action plans in one main direction rather than being given a choice.
Fast forward to 2015...
This is when I decided to create my most narrowly focused Aggressive Income Business model of all:  The Internet Cash Flow System.  What I like about this training is that it leaves very little to the imagination because you are given a very specific set of instructions and almost no "options" to divert off the path.
I only WISH I had that type of training when I was starting to build my first home-based business.  (Of course, that was in a time way before the Internet but you know what I mean.)  Having this direct of a step-by-step path is actually BETTER than having a winning lottery ticket in your hands because...well, at least you know you'd win with this. The lottery is kind of up in the air.  Having a step-by-step treasure map to the gold is more of what you need and probably want because you can use this same map over and over again each time you want to make a small fortune in a short period of time.
I decided that it's best to "spell it all out" for a small group of students who want to make the commitment to themselves to do this.  Not many people actually think they're worth $20,000 to $50,000 or they don't think it's possible for themselves to rake in this kind of income.
But maybe you're tired of the way things are financially for yourself.  Maybe you're sick of your job or your business.  Maybe you want to get over that "struggling hump" and start living life.  And you realistically can't live life when 50 hours of each week is being drained on the freeway, clocking in, sitting in a cubicle taking other people's orders, and having the eyeball juice get sucked out by the florescent light bulbs in the ceiling.  That's no freedom.  That's jail.  That's worse than Pinocchio being in the salt mines (because at least he got out!)
I have a 4-page report that I think you should read.  It explains the major changes that have happened in Internet marketing and exactly what happened within my business.  These are things I never talked about before.  The report is under the Hollywood sign as a GREENlink on this web page:
The deal for the early-bird registration on this event ends on Friday at 5pm PST.
Don't you deserve to do this for yourself?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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