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Friday, January 23 2015

All within the last 48 hours, I've had to deal with a variety of pissy, whiny, "pussy" boys who are starting to make me wonder where the real men have gone.  (I know you're out there, guys!  Raise your hands, okay?)

Now, this is going to be a "politically incorrect" discussion and probably not something for the "pussy" boys to be reading so, if you're one of "them," stop reading now and go back to complaining about how life is so unfair for you and how it's always somebody else's fault as to why both you and your life sucks so bad.
Here's what happened to me within the last 48 hours which has literally pushed me over the edge...and I get dangerous when I'm angry; I'm probably about to say some things Ishouldn't say too but, oh well.  I gotta get it out there to keep my insanity so here it is:
1)  The "stalker" from the Detroit event is continuing to call my office this week.  This time he's "whining" about how it's "unfair" because he can't get a listing agent or broker or somebody to call him back with numbers on a property so he can't turn in a deal for The $9,000,000 Opportunity before next Friday's deadline.'s not "fair" that he can't participate and because of his personal inability to participate, I should do something.  He thinks I should give him a refund on the event he attended because he's an idiot.
By the way, the "stalker" is a white guy, presumably in his 30s, and he doesn't have asingle freaking excuse as to why he can't do anything except for what the demons in his mind are saying to him in the middle of the night.  After all, I've received about 300 deals from different Detroit seminar attendees of all ages, sexes, races, creeds, and backgrounds yet we have this young "white guy" with every advantage you can possibly freaking get in this business and he's going to COMPLAIN that he can't get a broker to call him back.  So, why doesn't everyone else have the same excuse, psychopath?  Oh wait, maybe people aren't calling you back because you...well, sound like a psycho on the phone perhaps?  Just a theory.  Try sounding normal and somebody will probably call you back!
2)  Rose clicked on something and ended up getting a virus in her computer.  So, I did what I absolutely hate doing which is calling this "computer guy" who is probably one of the worst people to deal with; it's like listening to nails on a chalkboard when he talks. (He's one of these people that make you want to throw up in your mouth.)  He's ridiculously condescending to women like you wouldn't believe and then he wonders why he's got a permanent account on because he can't get a date to save his life...for the past solid 5 years that I've known this fruitcake.  (But it's all the women's fault; it's certainly not his fault that every woman on the planet finds him utterly repulsive, right?)
Oh, by the way, the "computer guy" is also a white guy who, presumably has the "upper hand" in society as well yet he thinks that all women are stupid and that he's God.  He got very irritated about us having to call him back to actually do his job correctly since he screwed up some kind of configuration with our office Internet connection; he was actually offended that we turned the tables on him, making him feel like the inadequate piece of shit that he is. 
Needless to say, I'll be looking for a new computer guy -- even desperately flipping through the Yellow Pages if necessary -- the next time my computers break down because I'll be damned if I put up with one more second of his crappy attitude about life and how he's smarter than everyone else, all the while blaming everyone else (but himself) as to why he's a perpetually lonely and dateless loser.
3)  Yesterday morning I had a friend of mine text me really early in the morning to tell me that some loser posted a rather disrespectful comment on my Facebook page about myThe 18-Month Millionaire kindle book.  He basically said my 70+ reviews are "fake."  Hmmmm...70+ "fake reviews," two of which were ONE stars.  Like I have that kind of time or interest to post "fake reviews" over the course of a 2-month period, tardo.  So, he got blocked and his comments were deleted instantly thereafter.
What really bothered me wasn't the negative comment about my book (which he didn't even read) but that he made a comment on a picture about my daughter.  That's what sent me over the edge.
And I don't know the race of this guy nor do I care, but I do know it was a guy (unless people are naming girls "Duane" these days).  Anyone who makes comments from the anonymity of their computer with an Internet connection -- saying things that they probably wouldn't say to my face -- is a man who has no balls at all.  (Maybe grow a pairalready?!)
And finally, the best one yet...
4)  Most of you know about the frivolous lawsuit going on with one student who attended the Detroit event.  (I have NEVER had a student file a lawsuit against me for ANYTHING since I started teaching real estate in 2001.)  So, let me tell you what this ball-less piece of crap had the nerve to email me the other day:
He has a listing of "demands" that he wants including that I am to allow him to come to my next 3 seminars as a Platinum VIP without him paying for it.  And I guess I'm supposed to apologize for...well, telling everyone the truth about how he couldn't send me an Excel spreadsheet AS INSTRUCTED and how he thought he was exonerated from having to follow directions like everyone else who showed up to the event.  He had the audacity to demand that I send out an email blast, telling all of you what an awesome chum he really is.  (He's asking me to lie, basically.)
Yeah, okay!  Like that's going to happen!  I don't negotiate with "terrorists," bullies, or men who have no freaking balls because they want to be whiny pussies who refuse to takepersonal responsibility for why their life is so freaking pitiful.
By the way, in the state of California, there's a little felonious act called "blackmail" and "extortion."  Look it up:  California Codes 518-527.
So, I hope this ball-less frivolous-lawsuit-filing student of mine has bail money because he's going to need it when he comes back to California for the charges that are about to be filed against him.
Oh yeah, and this guy is an older white guy.
Am I pounding down the white men in this country?
Well, I do have an awesome solid base of students including some white men who have been incredibly amazing.  So, this isn't directed to everyone, obviously.  (Just the few "pains" in my side that have been mentioned above.)
What I find very sad is that the white male is supposed to be the "majority" in this country.  They're the ones that get all the opportunities over women and minorities.  Yet time and time again, these are the ONLY people in my groups and student base whocomplain about how direct and straightforward I am...and how I'm no nonsense and no bullshit.  Yes, they are the ones who actually complain about that.
Yet not one woman has ever complained about how straightforward and no nonsense I am.  Every race (other than white men...but NOT ALL white men, I'll remind you) seem to absolutely love who I am, what I stand for, and how I don't bullshit around.
What I love about women and minorities is that we have thicker skin than the "majority" because we've been knocked around a lot pretty much all of our lives.  We've been told we can't do things, we can't participate, we aren't any good, we're not smart enough, we've been called name it.  We've all heard it and been through it.  That's made usall stronger for it.  It's something we should be proud of, something we should embraceand ultimately use to our advantage; we are A LOT tougher than the "majority" which makes us have a much easier ability (easier than you think) to be successful in business. Very successful, in fact, if that's what you want.
This is why a woman never sends me an email to tell me to "tone it down" or why an African-American never complains about how bold and straightforward I am.  (If anything, women and minorities tell me to "keep it up" and don't change.)
Because you guys and gals are tough!  Rock solid tough!!  You have thick skin.  You've been beaten up and knocked around by society.  And I love you for it because this "societal abuse" has given you something that you don't realize you have yet: power and strength!
So, why is it that I have the hardest time from some of these white guys?  What bothers me really isn't that they take offense to how straightforward and "rough around the edges" that I am but that they are lacking personal responsibility (i.e. "having balls") when they haveevery advantage that women and minorities have never had in this country!
Case in point:  A few years ago I had this seminar and this white guy there was complaining that (a) I didn't have a big enough t-shirt for his 600-lb. whale-like body because my XXL shirt wouldn't fit him, and (b) that somebody "took" the seat he was sitting in the day before...and he "thought" that everyone would naturally sit in the same seats as on Day One of the event.  Even worse, he came to me to cry about this bullshit.
My response:  "Suck it up and grow a pair."  And my censored private thoughts at that moment were, Maybe you need to give Jenny Craig a call.
I'm already on my daughter about taking personal responsibility for anything andeverything you can realistically control.  Personal responsibility is very important to me because it is, in effect, everything.  When you take personal responsibility for what you do, you also can direct your personal successes in life, too.
It's the difference between thinking that success is about "luck" vs. something you have the power to create.  Luck is bullshit.  And yes, you do have the power to create anything and everything you want in life!
So, let's talk about "balls" for a minute.
"Balls" doesn't mean hiding behind your keyboard while posting malicious comments about others online...comments you'd never say to someone's face.  It's not being a grown man to whine like a crybaby about how it's somebody else's fault because, in reality, youcouldn't do this or get that.  It's also not about trying to make someone else responsible foryour personal inadequacies.  All of this means having no "balls" but rather being "ball-less" for burdening such pittance on others.
Having "balls" means that you essentially "steamroll" through life, allowing the pesky mosquitoes (problems) that show up to not phase you one little bit.  You keep driving forward with ferocious warrior-like focus.  You take full responsibility for what you cancontrol and for what could be an "effect" of your "cause."  And you do what you have to do to get to where you want to be, whatever it takes and however long it takes.  That's having balls, folks.
So, the point in all this?
The first thing you have to do to become successful is stop blaming other people for why you are where you are in life.  You are the one who got you to this point.  So, take somepersonal responsibility and simply decide that you're ready for something else, somethingbetter now.
Deciding to be something else and to go into a different direction in your life is the first part, perhaps the hardest.  Once that happens, you build a plan and stick to the plan.
It's no more difficult than that.  Really, it's not!
In the meantime, I guess I'll either (a) ignore these "pussy" boys until their attention is diverted by a butterfly or some sporting event on TV and they leave me alone for good, or (b) make them the men that their mommies apparently failed to do.  It will start with telling them to shut the f*** up, stop crying and blaming everybody else, grow a pair of balls, and start doing things to follow their goals and dreams.
But somehow I just don't think they're ready for that.  Whining, complaining and blaming others is just too easy and comforting for them, like sucking on their pacifier and crying in their blankies all day long.
Forget about them.  All that matters is that YOU have a pair and that YOU go after your goals and dreams!  Who cares about everyone else at this phase in the game?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  One week left before the early-bird promo for the Internet Cash Flow Boot CampSeminar (March 14th & 15th in Los Angeles) ends.  Here's the link:
This event will be life-changing for some of you.  It truly is a game-changer!
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