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Monday, January 05 2015
Happy New Year, everyone!
And here I was hoping to kick off this New Year with some awesome-ness.  Sorry to report that the first thing I get when I sit down at my desk this morning is a freaking lawsuit.
And from none other than Mr. NYC.
Yes, you read that correctly.  You know, Mr. NYC from my Detroit seminar who refuses to follow the instructions for The $9,000,000 Opportunity by not sending his deal in the form of an Excel spreadsheet?  He's suing me for $10,000 for "blacklisting" him and for "defaming" him because, after all, his legal name is Mr. NYC, right?
Strange.  This whole thing is the weirdest deal I've ever experienced.  First of all, I never blacklisted him.  I simply asked him to send me the file in the CORRECT format so that I could forward the deal onto my investor partner to be looked at.  This is, of course, a requirement that was (1) fully disclosed/discussed at the seminar, and (2) was very clearly outlined in the investor flyer that was given to each student at the event.
And here I am, still waiting for the correct file format from Mr. NYC.  I was even willing to give him a second chance to send me the correct files.  Instead, I get a lawsuit.
So...blacklisted is what he'll be, I guess, since he still refuses to follow instructions as clearly listed on a one-sheet piece of paper that he and everyone else at the seminar received.
Now, let me explain how mentally dilapidated this guy is.  He'll spend money for air travel from New York and to stay in a hotel in LA to file a lawsuit against me.  Then, he'll spend that same money next month to come back out to present his case as the plaintiff.
This is, of course, after he sends me chocolate-covered strawberries for Christmas and asks to meet me for lunch while he was out in LA last week.  Not sure if he's just a manipulating douche or if he's got multiple personality disorder but...who sends someone a Christmas gift and offers to take someone out for lunch while anticipating to file a $10,000 lawsuit against them at the same time?  Weird, I know.  Really weird.
I'll put this experience up there with the stalker I had at this same Detroit event.  This Detroit gig was the shittiest event I've done, I think, just because of all the crap that's come from it from Mr. NYC to the stalker weirdo.  (What next??  Or rather...who next?)  And all because I wanted to present a bona-fide opportunity to my students via my Texas investor partner, this is the thanks I get, I guess!
I've been training students since 2001 and this is the very first time I have ever been sued by a student.  Ever!  This is freaking crazy!  And he thinks he can force his way in doing business with my investor partner with this type of erratic and psycho behavior?  He has to be completely foolish and out of his mind if he thinks he can establish business relationships with people like this.  I swear, I have never seen anything like this before. Never!
Well, between you and I, he's in for a few surprises that I'll reveal to you after the court date next month.
Most of you know how tough I am.  I've been through everything you can think of plus a bag of chips so...a bogus lawsuit is something I can steamroller over in my sleep. Furthermore, I consider myself pretty well-suited for what I call "bulletproof asset protection."  This is why I tell my students -- including you, dear friend -- to choose your battles wisely.  Very wisely. It's not cheap to file a lawsuit against someone, even if it is out of a small claims court.  And, if you happen to win, it's very expensive, and mostly futile, to try to collect.
So, say Mr. NYC actually wins in court.  (Since I cannot reveal the details of the lawsuit for legal reasons before this goes to court, I can't tell you just how unjustifiedridiculous, andfrivolous his lawsuit is just yet...and how winning for him really isn't likely.)  I don't think he realizes that collecting on a lawsuit is the next part of the battle (and the hardest part).  The one that most people end up losing.  How does he actually think he'll collect the money from me? By putting a gun to my head?  (Although as psycho as his displayed behavior has been -- including endlessly harassing me and my staff since the November event in Detroit -- I actually wouldn't put it past him to do something rash that will land his ass in jail for a long time.  He's proven to be mentally unstable as far as I can tell just from his rash and rampant behavior.)
But Mr. NYC won't win because of some gross errors he's made in his lawsuit.  (Again, I can't discuss what that is just yet.  More on this after the court date next month...I have to keep some aces up my sleeve.)  He'll have to make multiple trips out here from New York to LA to get his lawsuit right.  That will cost him a lot of cash, folks.
Here is a basic business lesson for all of you from this:
1)  Choose your battles wisely; lawsuits are expensive and emotionally draining.  They're not worth it unless you were really "wronged" in some way AND you can prove it.  (Judges these days don't take too kindly to wasting taxpayers money with nonsense, especially judges in LA.)
2)  Bulletproof yourself like I have so, even if some numb-skull files a frivolous lawsuit against you and actually wins, they'll be able to collect exactly nothing.
3)  Start a "maximum leverage" business because owning a "regular business" totally sucks.  This includes the kind where you have employees and a specific type of customer. This is part of the reason why I've gone into semi-retirement since about the summer of last year.  (Yes, I've been in semi-retirement.  Bet you've hardly noticed, huh?)
This brings me to something I think you should look into and something I'm doing with my business as we speak.  Over the past couple of years as a boatload of changes have been occurring with the Internet, I've been pushing my business onto what I call my offline-to-online hybrid business model.  This has allowed me to cut my staff and my overhead by about a quarter of what it used to be.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I cut everything down to a quarter which allows me to pocket more in profits while alleviating much of the headache and legal responsibility I was dealing with before.
You have a distinct advantage that I don't have.  If you're starting a business from scratch with tools that I wish had existed when I was beginning to grow my business online, you have the advantage of what I call "maximum leverage" in your business-to-be: maximum profits, minimum liability, and little (or no) stress.
Why can't I just create "maximum leverage" where I'm at now?
It doesn't work that way.  Once you're "in the game" and you have a full-blown operation going, it's hard to "go back" and "reboot" from scratch, if you know what I mean.
But...I am utilizing the strategies from where I stand now.  It's just never going to be as fiscally efficient as what you'll be able to do with a business since you'll be starting from "ground zero" or from scratch.  And that's freaking awesome!
The cool thing I can offer you is this: the exact strategy you need to have a fully thriving and highly profitable Internet business that you can start (and ideally keep) as a home-based business.
To listen to my kick-ass audio seminar telling you all about how this works, click on this link:
As for Mr. NYC, I can only wish him the best of luck in his mental world of delusion and circus fun.  I hope he learns for the next time that when you are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it doesn't pay to screw it up in the worst possible way.  It's like winning the lottery and then suing the lottery commission because you lost the winning ticket.  Who doesthat??  (And for those of you listening carefully, when you are offered an opportunity of this magnitude, don't piss it away.  Okay?)
By the way, as of right now, my investor partner and one of my Detroit students is clear to close on our first deal on Friday, January 9th.  We have a total of 5 more deals under contract to date.  Three more are set to go under contract within the next week or so.  And this opportunity is going to make a handful of students multi-millionaires.
Yes, Mr. NYC, that's what you're missing out on, thanks to yourself and your despicable actions.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Remember, 2015 is set to be a kick-ass year.  I already feel it in my bones.  My overall strategy I teach my students is Aggressive to Passive Income.  My Internet Cash Flow Strategies is about as Aggressive as you can get as quickly as possible with the most minimal start-up cash.  Check it out now:
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