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Thursday, January 01 2015

Finally, it's here.  It's 2015 and things are about to become super awesome!

I'm excited for this upcoming year since I know the economy is about to take off full force and you stand to benefit with a huge financial windfall if you know how to navigate the economic waters.

Secrets for Lining Yourself for Wealth in 2015

One thing I've always admired about myself is my ability to be able to make money.  Some of my other areas of my life suffer -- mostly those areas having to do with relationships and family -- but I have some comfort in knowing that I can at least take care of myself...and very well at that.

Many of my students ask me about trends and the best ways of making money.  My basic paradigm of Aggressive to Passive Income still is my most solid tried-and-true strategy for the fastest way to financial freedom.  But how does this work in reality and what's the easiest, most efficient way of going out this strategy?

First, you find an Aggressive Income business that interests you the most.  Over the years I've presented many different Aggressive Income options for my students to choose from.  Since each person has a different personality, it's your job to choose which type of Aggressive Income business is most suitable for you.  (There's nothing worse than a student asking ME to choose which Aggressive Income business is best for them.)

So, what types of Aggressive Income business options should you consider?  I've offered training on New Wealth Ninja (Internet and other Aggressive Income options), Distribution Profits, Kindle Cash Flow, Direct Mail Millions, Aggressive Real Estate (Flipping/Wholesaling), and now my latest (and last) of my Aggressive Income Strategies: Internet Cash Flow.

Secret Strategies for Passive Income

The obvious reason for raising cash via Aggressive Income Strategies is to funnel this cash into Passive Income Assets.  It's also for the purposes of quitting your job, especially if you can barely tolerate fighting freeway traffic or clocking in one more day. can start acquiring Passive Income Assets before you have the cash to shovel into these property deals.

Here are some tips in doing this:

1)  Get your personal credit squared away.  You need a mid-FICO of 680 or above to become what's called "A paper" to lenders (or to qualify for the best interest rates.

2)  Start building business credit once you get your personal credit up to par.

3)  Find a specific city/state in the country (and only ONE single area) where you will building your Passive Income Empire.  Yes, this area CAN be 3,000 miles away from where you live and does not have to be local to you.

4)  Raise enough money to be able to cover 1% to 2% of $1,000,000.  (And in case you cannot operate a calculator, this is $10,000 to $20,000.)  This will allow you to participate in the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program.

5)  Start investing in residential-commercial (apartment building) assets.

Yes, it's really as easy as that.

The hardest part about doing any of this is getting your ass out there and just doing it.  It's building confidence and the only way to do that is to start working the steps and seeing success.  They confidence will begin to build slowly but surely.

So...let's both make 2015 our year of super success and prosperity but hitting the ground running and starting now.  Right at this moment!

Happy New Year!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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