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Tuesday, December 16 2014

Today has been a very long, weird day...

First off, I'm crashing due to a 10-day graduate obligation I had in Palm Springs that just ended this past Sunday.  And I'm freaking exhausted!

Then I saw Ruth.  She's the one who has cancer.  I hadn't seen her for months as she's been battling the disease.  She informed me that they had to stop treatment.  The subtext of that sentence was that...well, not too hard to figure out.  When I saw her today, I was looking at someone who is not only clearly dying but probably won't make it another year on this earth.  To look in the face of death and then to look at her son who is barely 6 years old, knowing that he's about to lose his mother...tough moment.  Very tough.

And if that wasn't enough, on my way back to the office, I got a call that my dad is in the hospital and has been in the hospital since last Saturday night.  When I called him on the phone at the hospital, he sounded weak but well.  And I also found out that if he wasn't rushed to the hospital last weekend, he would have passed away.  Instead of typing out this email, I would have been making arrangements instead.

So...some heavy moments today.  Very heavy.  And I'm not sure what to think of it all except to say one thing:  you never know when it's going to be over until it's over.

I think about Ruth.  She knows she's dying.  There was a split second of emotional weakness where I saw tears well up in her eyes the moment she told me that they stopped treatment.  It was the moment that revealed that she'd given up hope.

And hope is everything.

My mom died of cancer more than 9 years ago.  The moment she lost hope was the moment that she died.  Actually, it took 6 weeks after she officially gave up for her body to die.

I saw that loss of hope today with Ruth.  And I knew that a part of her had already died; she's just waiting for the body to go now.

What a depressing, sad day.  Top it all off and we're having rain, rain, and more freaking rain.  I know we need it in our drought-devastated state of California but we can only handle so much at a time before the state starts land-sliding and flooding due to the damage from the fires.

A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my young daughter about all the crap that the government is spraying in the skies in a desperate effort to change the climate/weather.  I explained to her that, unfortunately, when you are spraying chemicals, there are adverse effects to such acts including problems with health such as getting cancer, for instance.

You know what this wise young lady told me?

She said, "Well, I don't have cancer now so I'm not going to worry about it."

And I had no rebuttal because...well, what can one say to that?  But I thought...Well said, little one.  Well said.

Now I have to remind myself of that now.  Right now, in fact.

With so many depressing things happening in the world coupled with these shitty commercially-driven "joyous" holidays coming up, I tend to get pulled down into a cesspool equivalent to a saber-tooth tiger sinking into a tar pit, never to see the light of day. the precise time that all this crap is happening, I'm on the verge of a major breakthrough that will not only be life-changing to me but can also be life-changing to the world as well.  (More on this in the weeks to come; it's freaking exciting!!)  Yes, that's right.  

Last Saturday I was contacted by someone (and I won't mention who...yet) about something (and I won't mention what...yet) that will be incredibly huge!!  (I promise to let you in on the secret in a few weeks.  I just don't want to jinx myself here.)

What keeps me going through the holidays is knowing that soon -- very soon -- they'll be OVER!  Yes, that's right, troops.  This crap will blow over before you know it.  If you think about it, we're so close to the finish line.  Two weeks and 2 days away!!
And you can handle 16 more days, right?

What I keep telling my students is that 2015 is going to be an exceptional year for many of you who decide to participate in...well, anything!  Yes, anything that is profit-generating will succeed and in order to not be successful, you'd basically have to be handcuffed to an iron headboard in the basement of Hannibal Lecter's house to miss out.

Even though success has always come "easy" to me (because I'm focused, I go for it, and Idon't accept failure as an option), it'll come even easier.  And it'll come easy for you too IFyou get off your dead ass and do something about it.

That's the key.  You have to zero in on what you want, get this warrior focus thing going, create a simple easy-to-do action plan, and follow the simple steps.  And that's it, folks.  It doesn't get any harder than that.

Now, I should mention that today is the day that I'm also letting my students in on something I'm going to be doing next year (within the first quarter of 2015) that will blow your mind.  And you should check it out here:
Check it out for a short but powerful audio seminar that will get you excited.  It's something my students have been waiting about 7 months for!

By the way, doesn't it take talent to take a message from totally depressing to totally exciting within mere minutes?  I think so.
And that's how easy your success for 2015 is about to get!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  The BOGO deal for the Mentorship Groups in 2015 is going on and some of my groups are getting full.  I can only take a limited number of students for each group so click on this link if you want in on the deal:

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