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Sunday, December 14 2014

I thought I was going to be fine with all this holiday madness, unlike every other holiday season.  I was getting myself in the mood, singing corny Christmas tunes, and even telling my daughter how this year will be "different" because I'm embracing the holidays now.

Yeah...okay.  So that was soooooo yesterday.

Today is a different story.  Very different story

Let's start off with me catching Sometimey Bitch's dog crapping in my yard today.  And how she didn't clean it up because she figured no one was looking...the fake ass phony bitch that she is.

But that really isn't my issue.  People are people and that's the least "sinful" you could possibly get, especially after you hear what I have to tell you next.

I just found out (by my dad) that my brother was almost killed on Thanksgiving night.

Yep.  Almost murdered.

Let me remind you that my brother is a single parent of 2 teenagers (who were with him when all this went down) and his daughter (who just turned 14) is disabled.  (She hasmuscular distrophy and is also mentally challenged). it is during a "happy" holiday season and we have a couple of gang-bangers who decide to ram the back-end off my brother's Ford Explorer as he's driving home...somewhere in the time frame of slightly after 11pm the night of Thanksgiving. They hit his Explorer so hard that the bumper instantly came off.  And one of his break/tail lights cracked into a million pieces.

They then tried knocking him off the road by side-swiping him.  They indicated that they wanted him to pull over.

One thing about my brother -- even though he's not the brightest upstairs -- is incredibly street smart.  And he knew not to pull over or succumb to being bumped off the road.  The good news is that his vehicle was bigger than theirs so...bumping him off the road wasn't an option.

My brother decided to slam on the breaks and fell back in traffic, losing the gang-bangers in the crowd.  (The good thing about LA traffic is that there are always lots of cars on the road.)

If he would have been forced off the road, I'm guessing that these crazy lunatics would have probably opened fire on my brother and his 2 kids.  Anybody that insane to start hitting people's cars at full speed with their own vehicle is doing it to go the entire distance, if you know what I mean.  It's not like shooting someone with a paintball gun or throwing a can of soda on someone's windshield.  By the time you're taking your own vehicle and ramming it up the ass of someone else's at over 70 miles per're looking for some major physical altercation, more than likely resulting in someone's death.

Maybe it's just me but, quite honestly, I'm getting tired of people being so hateful and violent.  It's getting old.  I guess I'm not understanding why people don't choose to be respectful to their fellow human beings because all we have is each other.  If you don't like other people, great.  Just keep to yourself.  How difficult is that??

Maybe that's part of my depression now...or part of my depression that I always seem to have that never seems to go away, lingering like the black cloud that it is for as long as I can remember.  Too many people are mean, ruthless, and dangerous to others.  I thinkeveryone gets to the point where we've all had enough.

So...even though I predict that 2015 will be a prosperous year for many, I also predict that some violent things may come to a head here in the United States.  And maybe that's the way it needs to be.  After unrest comes rest.  When things have been coming to a head for so long, something has to give.  When it does, things may be a disaster for awhile but at least everyone will know where they stand.  And maybe some boundaries will be set in place, in the very least.

The best you can do as a respectable higher-level spiritual being is to try sending love when you can while avoiding catastrophe at the same time.

Maybe driving on the freeway through LA at midnight isn't the most brilliant plan, which is probably why my dad had to tell me what happened instead of my brother telling me himself.  (Because he'd know that I'd ream his ass out!)
Maybe staying at home to watch Dancing with the Stars may be a more prudent idea than showing up to some kind of potentially violent protest somewhere.

Maybe staying focused while learning something new is a better blueprint for unraveling a positive future than hanging out with people who just aren't servicing your life anymore. 

I have a unique belief and that is this: it seems that as time moves forward even faster than ever (thanks to technology and other advancements), people either need to step into the light or then need to recess into the dark.  Whichever you choose is where you'll remain.  

If you notice lately, things are becoming more and more transparent.  You can't dupe people anymore if you're a politician, rapist, or criminal.  You can't hide in the shadows or behind a high-pedestal title/ranking anymore without the light shining on you to reveal all of your secrets for all to see.

And the nice part about exercising free will is that you can choose at any time whether you want to be on the light side or the dark side.  Having experienced both sides, I can tell you that the side of light is where you want to end up.  Having seen the dark side, I will mention that -- for most who end up in such a place -- there is no escape.  And last time I checked, eternity is a very long time.
The only way to end up in the light is to be the light.  And you can't do that by being violent and spewing hatred throughout the world. You can only end up in the light by doing right by yourself and, perhaps most importantly, by others.

I'm grateful my brother and his 2 kids are okay.  I've always known that he has a pretty powerful guardian angel alongside of my mom who is always watching out for him from "up there."  But it still saddens me that these incidences are part of this disturbing place we call the earth plane of existence.

As we enter this holiday season (Christmas is next week already...hello) maybe instead of it being all about what gifts we can buy and what gifts we hope other people will give to us...maybe giving a smile to someone is enough.  Or holding the door open for someone. Or giving a few bucks to a destitute bum on the street corner who doesn't believe there's a single human being that's in his corner.

Just making a difference, even in a small way.  You don't have to be rich to make this world a better place for other people other than just being nice to your fellow man and woman.  Just be nice, for crying out loud.  That, in and of itself, will make all the difference!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you want to send a card/letter in the mail for those of us rallying to get Lea back for the first week of January, tomorrow will be the last chance you'll have to get that in the mail for me to get it on time!

P.P.S.  Thank you for!  ;-)

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