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Thursday, December 11 2014

A lot of people don't know this little "fun fact" about me but...I get coal in my stocking. And yes, I get coal every year.

How can this be?

Well, many of you know that I have a 6-year-old daughter and, of course, I go way overboard getting her Christmas gifts each year.  (She's an only child so "spoiled" is an understatement.)  Since I don't want to deal with the "fuss and muss" of wrapping my own gifts to put under the tree, I just get some coal and throw it into my stocking for a couple of reasons:  (1) it's easy to do; no buying, wrapping, and wasting time on my own gifts for meto unwrap, and (2) I use it as a tool to keep my daughter in line as in..."See what happens when you're not a good girl all year?"

Every year the material in which the "coal" comes in varies.  One year it was some kind of licorice.  (I absolutely detest licorice, by the way.)  One time it was gum that looked like coal.  The year before, it was plastic.  Last year it was real coal in a bag.  This year I've already secured my "coal" purchase for my stocking.  It's a "coal" stress ball, which I can actually make use of unlike all the other "coal" I've received in year's past.

But this whole "coal" thing got me thinking about a couple of very important key elements:

1)  Why am I putting coal in my own stocking?  How hard would it really be to buy myself a couple of things I really want, wrap it up, and put it under the tree so my daughter can see that I'm worthy of actually getting something??

2)  How many of us are subconsciously putting "coal" in our own "stockings" in life by not seeing the good we deserve??  (Answer: all of us are doing this daily to ourselves!)

So, I promised myself that this will be the very last year I'll be putting coal in my own stocking.  Next year?  Maybe I'll buy a new Land Rover and have it delivered with a big red bow on it...and I'll throw the keys in my stocking instead of coal.

Or maybe I'll put an envelope with a trip to the Cayman Islands in my stocking.

Or maybe I'll stuff a new man in there.  Okay.  Maybe I'm getting out of hand here.

My point is: you can put whatever you want in your "stocking" of life.  At any time.  No exceptions.  I don't care what anyone says.
I know this lifetime may have thrown more than enough challenges your way.  One of the biggest challenges for most people is the money part of life.  The economics don't seem to flow as well as you'd like them to.

And guess what?  All that started in your head.  You somehow, somewhere during your life travels believed it when someone said "making money is hard."  When really, it isn't. In fact, I know of fewer things that are easier than making money.

To me, relationships are hard.  Marriage, impossible.  Dealing with people, for me, is difficult.  Having family is arduous, most times.  (Or shall I say, "What family??") Friends...almost impossible to make and keep.  But I guess those are my personal issues/challenges for this lifetime.

Making money?  Super freaking easy.  Having "things"?  As simple as snapping your fingers together.

How?  I don't know.  I wish I could describe how it works but it's sort of like this: I have this laser focus when it comes to the things I want.  And once I focus on it, I block out the lip-flapping from the "chatter bugs" in my head that tend to tell me I can't do it.  I not only block them out but I call out the pest control company and spray them out.  And they become silent...forever.  Never to speak another lick of negativity again.

Once I start working toward a goal (i.e. "action") then any and all doubt quickly subsides. Usually I'm shown other pathways and I remain flexible in the new pathways that I'm shown as I'm moving along.  I enjoy my journey and I never really reach a destination because reaching the "end goal" means depression for me.  (It's the moment when I say, "Is this it?" and that's never a good place for me to get to.)  So, my life (and my projects) are constantly an ever-changing work of art.  And that's what makes my life exciting.
Do you want to know why making money is so easy for me?  Because there are tested and tried "rules" that never fail once you put them into action.  It's like a mathematical equation that never fails.  I use this when doing both Aggressive and Passive Income Strategies.  I use tried and true equations.  They never fail!

People fail.  Equations never fail.  And that's why I think I make them work so well.  Math never lies.  Math never cheats.  Math is consistent as long as you follow through with the equation!

Here are a few tips for you:

1)  Never do something just for the money without having a passion for it.  If you do something "just for the money" then you won't make money at it.  Pure and simple.

2)  Guaranteed, anything you have a passion for, there is a way to make money with it.  I don't care what anyone says.

3)  Your biggest enemy is...(ready for it?) YOURSELF!  You have to damper (or completely kill) that negative chatter in your head otherwise you'll psyche yourself out of every opportunity that life has afforded to you.

And finally...

Stop putting "coal" in your own "stocking," if you know what I mean.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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